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Zurk File #6: Zurk-Osepera War

Zurkerx has been in four wars in its history of 1500 years. This is one of them.

Zurk-Osepera War: Dec. 1, 770-Oct. 4, 771 AD

This was the first war Zurkerx was ever in. It all began when the Empire met the Osepera Tribe on the Ospear Islands that consist of eight islands in 538 AD, in Zentari. There, Zurkerx's first president, James Volk Cooke, made peace with the chief of the islands, Zuh Ma Dar. For the next 230 years, these two friends traded with each other for spices, raw materials, and food. But like in all relationships, there were tensions. The first began on September 2, 768 AD when the Osepera Tribe announced that slaves would be on sale for the empire. Instead of liking the idea, Zurkerx condemned the tribe for having slaves because it goes against the rights of people. To make it worse, the slaves were their own people for which they taken away from their families. This act was approved by the Chief of the tribe, Gant Kioo. Zurkerx decided on September 8 to cut half of Zurk goods off from the tribe. In response, the tribe cut all of its goods off of the Empire. This hurt the Empire's economy but only slightly because Zurkerx was a power. Then on May 7, 769 AD, Zurkerx cut off all trade to the tribe. This crippled the Osepera's economy and they were anger from this act. The next day, Chief Kioo banned tourism between each other and kicked out all of the Zurks. Both sides were now enemies and each planned to attack but this was done secretly. Zurkerx decided that they needed to invade first before the Osepera did. So, on December 1, 770 AD, the Empire declared war on the Osepera tribe and invaded the islands.

The Empire and islands were only 23 miles away for the closest and 34 for the farthest. The Empire had a population of about 1.9 million to the Osepera's 2 million. Zurkerx had an army of 38,000 to the Osepera's 60,000. The numbers favored the Osepera but Zurkerx had the technology. A Zurk was equipped a 30 inch iron sword (Osgad), bow and arrow (iron heads), and or 5ft iron spear, two iron daggers, a stone knife, chain mill armor around their chest, a round shield which was 20x20 inches, and some water and food. Each soldier was well trained and can run with equipment, 3 miles without stopping. The Osepera however did not have such new technology. They were equipped with a spear with flint on it and or bow and arrow, a wooden shield that was 3ft tall and 16 inches wide, a stone dagger, and thick cotton armor. Though not as well high tech, they had speed. The Osepera were unaware of this new technology because it was invented after trade was fully cut off.

By midnight, 800 Zurks landed on the closest island. At first, the Empire was winning as the 800 went up against 1200 surprise Oseperans. The fighting lasted all night and by dawn, 678 Zurks stilled stand to just 233 Oseperans. However, things went sour by about 7 AM when 3000 enemy troops charged at the tired Zurks. The morning was a slaughter fest and by 10 AM, only 26 Zurks were left to 1788 enemies. The other 26 ran to the boats to try to escape but all were killed with a fury of arrows raining down on them. On that day, the Osepera won but this was only the beginning. When this reached Zurkerx, everyone was shocked. How can a well advanced nation loose to such an old age tribe? The new president, Samuel Hunlugs (#13), was furious too. "Why did they all die?" He asked his general, Kurt Zurk, this. The general replied," The chain mill didn't protect the men on their sides." The president slammed a fist on his desk and ordered a new chain mill to be made to protect the men. Before this could happen though, disaster strikes. On January 8, 771 AD, the Osepera invaded with 10,000 troops. The fighting began at sea when 22 zurk ships went up against 138 enemy ships. For the next few days, ships were sunk or set a blaze. More Zurk ships were scrabbled to the battlefield but it was too late. On January 11, 10,000 enemy troops landed on the beach. For the next two months, an additional 26,000 landed to assist the first wave. The Empire was not as prepared as they thought and by March 19, half of their country was under the enemy's control. During the invasion, Pres. Hunlugs was captured and killed, along with his cabinet members. Only his Treasury, Marcus Korv, was alive and was named the 14th president.

Pres. Korv was inexperience for this new position but had to be brave. He decided to do guerrilla warfare on the enemy at the times of 12 AM and 3AM. The first was on March 30, where 13 Zurks, led by Korv himself killed a camp of 128 without making a sound. These hit-n-run attacks paid off. It weaken the Osepera and even made the enemy soldiers weak because of the fear of having their throats slit at night. But the tided of the war changed when 1,500 Zurks charged into the occupied town of Bluu which had 8,000 enemy soldiers on April 14. The enemy was taken by surprise as this attack began at dawn. Fighting lasted for 2 days but the Zurks won. The reason was the new chain mill which covered the soldiers more and was slightly stronger too. Zurkerx lost only 321 to the Osepera's 6,791. By June 12, the Zurks have pushed the Osepera out of the Empire. Now Korv wanted to invade but it was a gamble. Zurkerx has lost 9,800 but the Oseperans have lost 25,750. Korv decided to do it even though General Zurk advised not to. Unknown to Zurkex at the time, the Oseperans were weak. Not only did they lose many troops but also, the slaves rebelled, 5,600 on March 31. This distracted the tribe until the Empire invaded. So on June 22 at midnight, 4,000 Zurks invaded the same island that they lost just 6 months ago.

It took the enemy once again off guard as the Empire walked in without a problem until they reached the chief's village. The 4,000 Zurks, led by General Zurk, were surprise what they saw next. They saw that 455 of the 1000 slaves in that village, have killed the chief and all in the village. From that point on, the slaves and Zurkerx marched into all of the islands. By August, 3,400 Zurks have arrived to assist the troops. By August 28, 6 of the 8 islands were under the Empire's hand. The new chief, Kark Hungs, was very desperate. He decided to attack a Zurk camp on the seventh island. That camp was name Blue Stone. On September 13, Chief Hungs led 2,340 troops into the camp of 1,900 at night. At first, they were winning. They caught the Zurks off guard and killed 600 by dawn. However, by 8 AM, the chief was wounded by an arrow and he was taken away. What happen next would make him sad and angry. The 500 new Zurks surrounded with the remaining 1,070 enemies and were assisted by the remaining 459 Zurks. They slaughtered the 1,070 Oseperans and only lost 134 Zurks. This became the Battle of Blue Stone. By September 27, the seventh island has fallen along with half of the eighth. 2,600 Zurks were on the island which they went against 4,500 Oseperans. By October 2, almost all except the last village, Quark, was taken. In Quark, that's where the ailing chief was. On the 3rd, 2,152 Zurks and 344 slaves invaded the village of the remaining 1,800 enemy troops. By 6 PM, about 85% of the village was taken. At 7:30, Chief Hungs picks up a knife and cuts his own wrists in fear of being killed. The next morning, a small boy can be seen waiving a white flag, the war was over.

On October 5, a speech by General Zurk was given to a crowd of 1,567 Zurks and 666 slaves. His words are still remembered by all of Zurkerx:

"Yesterday on October 4, the Osepera Tribe surrendered to the Empire. The 10 month bloody war has killed about 17,694 Zurk Soldiers and 91,088 civilians, bring a death toll of 108,782. These people must never be forgotten. The young, the old, the brave, have died to protect their beloved Empire and believed in their Empire. For the slaves that have rebelled against their masters and leaders, though 3,489 have died they have taken on the tyranny of the Osepera Tribe. Their names shall also never be forgotten. I am here to say now that the Ospear Islands now belong to the Empire of Zurkerx. Along with this new gift comes even a better gift. Slaves of Osepera, you are hereby freed and are citizens of the Empire. The rebuilding will be hard but happiness will come to light beyond your belief. Let the rebuilding begin."

Zurkerx on October 4, 771 AD, is not only an Empire, but is now an Imperial one. A memory was built for those that fought for the Empire known as the First Memorial. It stands in the Capital city of Moskova, right in the center. The Osepera lost a combined total of 544,664 people.