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Aelythium's Guide to Arkonos

Aelythium's Guide
To Nation Making

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The world of Arkonos....It spans over thousands of years of prehistory, and has been in development for years. After hundreds of years underneath the boot of Kostua, nations have risen, some small and centralized, others, Super Powers in the making. If you play the cards right, you could establish a nation to last for the centuries, or, fall into obscurity.

Arkonos is a fantasy world, with many different creatures, potions, and magic (magics slightly limited, of course). Of course, the main part of the region is to roleplay as a fantasy nation, as will every other nation in the region. Some key nations are Rolais, the Super Power in the south, Aelythium, the Super Power in the North, who's made up of many Traders and ships, and Kostua sol, a fallen empire from centuries ago.

The Basics
Now, lets begin with simple steps. you want your nation to not only succeed like other nations, but also have a certain flare that makes them unique. We'll assume you have already came up with a name for your nation. Now, I'll be using Braitia, as a sort of Example for you to follow along.
1. A flag
For the Flag, its generally believed that you should come up with your own flag, as it makes your nation unique. However, Any type of Fantasy / Medieval flag that fits in with other flags in the region, can work. Most of flags go off a simple 2-3 color scheme, which doesn't overly crowd the flag.

As you can see with the Braition flag, it's made up of two colors, with a rather simple design. Most Flags will be similar to this, if having different colors/ shapes/ design/ etc. Make sure to have the flag be unique and not like any other flag, It'll help nations Identify you.

2. A basic idea for your nation

I.Now, for most people in Arkonos, they have a basis in reality with that of real world cultures, with some major twists here and there. For Instance, Aelythium Is based off the Byzantines, however, they have a Braizen Population (similar to celts), as well as Elves. Now, you don't have to be overtly unique, just have something other nations can identify with rather easily.

Braitia will have a basis on Ancient Celts, though with a resentment and Isolation of other Cultures around them. They'll try to go out and raid their neighboring tribes via land, to gain the spoils of looting.

II. Included with this basic Idea, finding out what species you want to use is also important. Humans are the most Common, Yet Elves, Dsen, and Dahakrians (Lizardmen), Exist. You can find the list here.

You can not create your own Species without permission from the Admins. To gain permission, you need a VALID reason for wanting to use them. If they are only slightly different from the basic species (Like Humans with Cat Ears), your Chances of getting permission is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. That is all.

Braitians will just be common humans with brown and black hair colors being the most common part of their race. you don't need to go into hair colors if you don't want to.

3. Basic History

Following your idea, you should get a basic idea of the history you want your nation to have. History of Arkonos can go back thousands of years. However, keep in mind that Kostua once ruled the entire continent for almost a thousand years, so don't mess up by making your history completely different to established lore.

Braitia's history, due to not being under the boot of Kostua, can go back as far as they want. around 1,000 years BTF, Braitians had covered all of the Peninsula to the South. However, ancestors of Aelythium came to control most of the Continent. Braitia split off from their Braizen counterparts, and have formed themselves as an isolated land of Tribes.

4. Basic Government

Following your History, Figuring out your Government is the next Logical step. For most nations, a Monarchy (King or Queen) tend to rule the state of Affairs in the nation. Different types of Monarchies can exist, like ones who are more Feudal, more Centralized, or have an Elective Monarchy.

Of Course, there is also different types of Governments besides Monarchies. Segh for instance, has a form of Republic. Theocracies and Republics are well and truly allowed (as long as you realize that most Republics aren't in a similar basis to that of The United States or France). Tribal governments are also allowed, as long as you know that Tribes generally are a lot less organized than the other 3 mentioned.

Braitia will be a Tribal Government, in which multiple clans rule and try to gain power over all the other clans. The Chieftain will try to strike out against neighboring tribes to gain back worthwhile loot for the motherland, and all the prestige that comes with it.

5. Finishing Touches

After a Basic government, all you need to figure out are some minor details, like who's your leader, How long has their family ruled (or how long they've been in politics if a Republic). Once you've added enough and put thought into it, it'll be time to finally get on the map and start RPing with others.

Getting on the Map

Now that you've finished working out all the details of your nation, it's now time to finally get it added on the map. The Map of Arkonos can be found here. with it, you can see all the Available counties, which are pale in color. those that are colored are claimed by someone already on the map. To get on the map, you'll need to do a Founding post.

1. Founding
Now, to get on the map, you'll need to write. all founding/expanding posts require a minimum (with unlimited maximum) of 300 words.
You are allowed to expand to a maximum of 5 counties every week.
Each county after the first one will have an extra 100 words minimum per county added (1=300, 2=400, 3=500, etc.)

All the rules can be found on the thread Here. It is also able to be found just below the maps of the Region. please refer to the main page to get the links, as they are far easier to find than buried in an FB.

Now, you may have a hard time figuring out "well, what exactly do I have to write about my founding?" While there is no "what must I do" Rules besides it being about your nation, I can give you a few pointers:

-Have it be a summary about your Nation and its culture (founding only)
-Have it be about Characters of your Nation (Founding and mostly every other Expanding post, as well as RP posts in general)
-Have it be about conquest (Expansion most of the time)

Please do keep in mind these are very generalized steps, and your writing ability will only really depend on you and writing tips out there or acquirable by other Arkonos members.

You can write the posts directly on the RMB, or, use something like Google Docs or Word. I recommend using those instead, as writing out on the RMB will not auto save the work, making it hard to write posts more than 1,000 words over a period of time. And remember, these words counts for expansions are in no way limitations, and you can write as much as you want over the word count.

Here is what Braitia did: region=arkonos/page=display_region_rmb?postid=30801178#p30801178

It is rather short and compact, and over the word count. you can have it be as long as you wish, so long as its interesting. It wouldn't be hard to notice if you copy pasted large sections, for example.

please keep in mind, we do not accept copy and pastes of previous posts you may've done

now that you've made your post, you must post the link of it, as well as a picture of the 2 counties you want, on the Map Thread that's on the main RMB. it should also provide a handy tutorial if needed.

Here's an image example:

As you can see, with two expansions, Braitia was able to expand two times. This is the rule for all expansion based posts. images should include all the counties you are claiming, and should match the amount of posts too.