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Direct Democracy and Federalism

Direct democracy and federalism are hallmarks of the Northpadhanian political system. 
The Federal Constitution is the legal foundation of the modern Federal State. It outlines basic and political rights of individuals and citizen participation in public affairs, divides the powers between the Federation, the 11 Cantons and defines federal jurisdiction and authority. 

There are 7 Native lands which constitute the Native Canton, one of the 11 Cantons

Humans and Artificial Intelligences are Nordhpadhanian citizens. 

Nordhpadhanian citizens are subject to three legal jurisdictions: the Municipality, Canton and Federal levels. There are three main governing bodies on the Federal level, the Bicameral Parliament (legislative), the Federal Council (executive, the Government) and the Federal Court (judicial, the Supreme Court).
Cantonal judges are directly elected by the citizens of the cantons. 

Federal Court Judges were elected by the Federal Assembly since November 11th, 2017 when Federal Assembly changed the Federal Constitution to improve direct democracy. Now Federal Court Judges are directly elected by all the citizens of the Confederation. 

Federal Assembly in Medhelan

The President of the Federation is one of the Federal Councilors. Each one of the Federal Councilors holds in turn the role of the President. 

Lists of Presidents:
Althaus Puigdemont,               human,         July-August 2017
General Francesco Sforza,       human,         September 2017 during Nuclear War II
Althaus Puidgemont,               human,         October 2017-December 2017
Eto Demerzel,              artificial intelligence, January-March 2018
Marcantonio Bragadin,             human,        April-August 2018
General Marcantonio Bragadin, human,        August 2018 at the tidings of war
Henry Dandolo,                       human,        since September 2018 
General Ludovico Sforza, robotic transhuman, Fall of September 2018 during Nuclear War III

The Most Serene Federal Republic of Nordhpadhan ceased to exist after the Atomic Holocaust.

Federal Councillor Isabeau of Este, human, after the Atomic Apocalipse of September 2018

Federal Duchy of Nordhpadhan is proclaimed by the City Councils of the old 11 Cantons.

Duchess Isabeau of Este, human, since October 2018

President of the Federal Parliament
Prince Francis Gonzaga, human, son of the Duchess since October 2018