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Feudal Religion of the Duchy is politheism. Freedom of thought and religion


The Feudal Council adopts politheism as Feudal Religion. Freedom of thought and religion for the citizens.
Duchess Isabeau of Este follows the teachings of Athena Linda the Goddness

Old Federation religion and politheism.

The Federal Council approved a law to support scientific and technological activities. The law was approved to support confrontation and discussion, to support pantheistic cults. Many Gods, so many points of view deserve mutual respect. No one thinks you have truths revealed.

Religions of the citizens
Nordhpadhan is divided into 11 Sovereign Cantons. The Cantons along the Plateau tend to be the most populous, industrial and religiously Heathenistic.

The cantons in the Alps and in the Gulf of the Padhanian Sea tend to be less populous, religiously Hellenistic and have an agrarian or tourism-based economy.

Odin and Athena defend our Federation.
Not so many people profess monotheistic religions.

Totem animals
National Totem animals are raven, owl, deer, lion, sow and wolf.

National Tree

The Two Sacred Ashes of Neu Mittleland

Athena the Godness and the scientific reason against the fool Hierophant'
The Federal Council declared as terrorist attacks the actions of Hierophant' who brandishes his pseudo holy book at the Government crying that the religion is to be compulsory and other stuffs like that as the ground shalt quake, the sky shalt turn blood-red, and the fields shalt turn to offal.
Cantonal Police is invited to arrest this fool person.
The Federal Court shall rapidly judge the so called Hierophant' and shall demonstrate scientifically that all the words the fool said are stuffs.
Nordhpadhan has a multitude of Gods and Godness protecting our Country from that stuff.
Athena the Godness will protect our minds by means of the scientific reason.

Violetism is outlaw
19/1/2018 Violetists are outlaw. We cannot permit human sacrifices.
The Federal Court shall rapidly judges those lunatics who would sacrifice humans.
Federal Council pours millions of francs into rehabilitation programs annually.