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Zurkerx: The True Me


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Name: Dmitri Covasku

Aliases: Zurk, The Pragmatic Libertarian,
Silent Speaker, The Atheistic Preacher

Date of Birth: March 6, 1995

Alternative Date of Birth: March 22, 1998

Gender: Male

Main Interests: History, Politics,
Fishing, Hunting, Economics, Science


LinkSecular Humanist

Influences: John Locke, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater,
Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Family/Friends, Ron Paul,
Calvin Coolidge, George Washington, Friedrich Hayek,
Boris Johnson, Winston Churchill, George S. Patton, Thomas Paine,
Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela

Influenced: Nada Way!

Dmitri Covasku, also known as Zurkerx is a Neo-Libertarian that values family and friends over politics. A player on NationStates, he enjoys Role Playing, particularly in the NSG Senate. A philosophical man, Dmitri is a pragmatic person as well despite viewing the world in "Black or White" and barely "Grey". While he is an atheist, he has a the morals of what a religious person would have. Not to be under estimated, he has proven others time and time again that he can do it and has shown the will to never give up, though this has led to him being annoying. An avid player of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Minecraft, Dmitri plays on the PC believing it to be the master race of all gaming consoles. Dmitri also understands people and how they were brought up even if he himself never lived in that situation; he has the ability to connect to people's pain. He tends to keep that to himself though and is quiet on that issue.

Dmitri has wild ambitions as well. He is currently majoring in Accounting and wishes to obtain his Masters as such. He wants to be a business owner to help others around and make a difference in the ever changing world. He also wants to become Governor of New Jersey and President of the United States, believing that the State and the country as a whole needs to become more free and prosperous. While his chances are small to non-existent, he believes anything is possible and can be done if one is committed, hard working, and is inspired to do so. He does however, fanaticizes that he is the leader of a fictional country called Zurkerx.

Dmitri is currently in the process of writing a book called Zurkerx and hopes for it to be success. If it does succeed, he plans on writing other books such as Krukan, Vincra, Tur Galnos, Haluskopolis, etc.

Early Life

Dmitri Covasku (aka Zurk) was born in New Jersey's Capital City of Trenton on March 6, 1995. He is considered a European Mutt; making up of Polish, German, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, Irish (Scottish, it's one of the two), and according to his family, Native American. Born with PDD-NOS (LinkPervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), it is a form of Autism that he was diagnosis with around the age of two or three. Since his diagnosis, Dmitri has gone to special education schools and programs to improve his social skills in a very communicating society. Over the years, this has shown success and he has overcome the challenges and obstacles though some remain to this day.

Since Dmitri has a mild form of Autism, he is proficient in some fields while lacking in others. He has a lack of social skills (gradually improving), reading/writing skills, and tends to be irritated at times. What he lacks in the social realm he makes up for his intelligence in politics, history, math, and science. When he became interested in politics, he briefly supported Barack Obama. That changed when he changed his support to John McCain. For several years, Dmitri was a Republican until sometime in 2012, he discovered he was a Libertarian. Since then, he has been a Libertarian but, forever changing one. Once a Minarchist, he is now a Neo-Libertarian; embracing Libertarian ideas while finding ways to reform some government ideas.

Political Views (See more at Pros/Cons)

Dmitri is an interesting Libertarian when it comes to economic and social issues. He believes in Abortion and supports LGBTQI Rights. He is against censorship of any kind and opposes political correctness, believing it to be a violation of freedom of speech though he does condemn racism and bigotry. He is for the legalization of all drugs and they should be tax, regulated, and sold. He supports the legalization of prostitution and the right for one to do whatever they want to do to their body. He believes that government should have a common sense involvement in the economy and should minimally not interfere with the personal lives of its people. Government should stay out of the people's private lives and would need a warrant to for searches and seizures. He opposes the Patriot Act, and believes that there needs to be common sense rules written against government surveillance. He believes people have the right to end their life through euthanasia. He is opposed to double taxation on anyone and has vowed to reform the tax code.

Dmitri supports the Second amendment and his guns right supporter, believing he would get an "A" from the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America though believes that people on the no fly list should not get a gun. Government budgets, such as the Defense Budget, should be cut along with other budgets and that a Wealth Sovereign Fund and government savings accounts be established for said departments. Free Trade, he believes can lead to prosperity and peace between nations and the world, making the world a better place for all though accepts some regulation is needed. He now supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership even though he has some qualms with it. He believes in a LinkNegative Income Tax (NIT) with no loopholes in placed. This NIT would combine and replace the many of the current social programs with a tax credit system should in place as well. He supports a LinkLand Value Tax (LVT) to go along with this as well. When it comes to foreign policy issues, he believes that we shouldn't get involve in every issue unless it revolves around the threat to national security. Dmitri believes in abolishing the Electoral System and replacing with a popular vote, seeing that technology today can easily count votes.

Dmitri believes that the government should not be in the business of giving loans out to people, believing it to be not only more government involvement, but also another pain to deal with. He opposes spying on international leaders but, knows they do it to the United States as well. While he supports equal pay for the same work, he understands that there is too many variables such as tenure, education, etc. to determine a fair wage. He believes that Healthcare is best held in private hands and that tax credits should be given to those to those that can't afford private Healthcare although he believes in reforming medicate. He also believes a NIT can help with the Healthcare issue. He supports allowing the government to have public healthcare option that competes with the Free Market. The government to him, should have a role in healthcare in terms of regulation as well. When it comes to immigration, Dmitri believes in a path to citizenship for the non-violent illegals that reside in the United States. He believes illegal immigrants should be deported if they convicted of a violent crime. He supports an E-Verification system and wants to give children born from illegal immigrants citizenship. He believes that illegal immigrants should pay the same in-state tuition like everyone else that resides. He wants to loosen the rules and regulations of becoming a citizen and supports a "fee" for those that want to buy their citizenship.

He supports the death penalty in the most of heinous of crimes. He supports the federal government's involvement of education through grants for the poor. He would send a small amount of troops to fight ISIS along with his allies while at the same time, promoting education and economic forms to help the Middle East. He supports mandatory vaccination programs for all, including new coming immigrants. Despite being a military moderate, he would not treat the enemy kindly, believing them to be a danger to not only his fellow people but, to everyone else around. He favors the use of drones though this shouldn't target his own people unless they are traitors. He favors Campaign Finance Reform and believes individuals, not businesses nor unions, should donate to campaigns. He supports reclassifying Corporations from "living entities" to actual businesses. He supports the idea of regulated borders and that they should be secured. He also believes that immigrants should be required to learn English though the government should provide free language classes. While he supports auditing the Federal Reserve, he believes that independent organizations such as the Government Accountability Office should be auditing the Fed and that the Fed should remain independent from Congress Oversight.

Philosophical Overlook

Dmitri is a Neo-Libertarian, a sub branch within the Libertarianism Ideology. This new Libertarian idea, known as Neo-Libertarianism, is considered rightwing on economics and left-far on social issues. Neo-Libertarianism takes the ideas of accounting, banking, finance, statistics, six sigma, and other ideas to make government run efficiently. There are to kinds of Neo-Libertarians: one is the Militarized Libertarian and then there is the Pragmatic Libertarian. The Militarized Libertarian is basically a Neo-Conservative with Libertarian ideals, believing war and spreading Democracy is better overall and that we should retain our World Police status.

Neo-Libertarians embrace and support equal rights for all. They are Pro-Choice when it comes to abortion, support LGBTQI rights though wishes to establish private marriage, and embraces the notion of Separation of Church and State. The Neo-Libertarian believes in First Amendment rights, opposes censorship, and stands against political correctness. They support gun rights and the right to self-defense but, believe that there needs to be some laws on guns. They can tolerate background check though the Neo-Libertarian knows they don't always work. They believe that someone on the no fly list shouldn't get a gun but, believes the system needs more accuracy as well as due process to prove that the person needs to be on such a list. The Fourth Amendment is important as they believe in probable cause but, understand that some surveillance is needed as long as the Fourth Amendment can coincided with it. They believe in legalizing and taxing drugs, which the revenues that are raised are then sent to rehabilitation clinics to help people overcome their drug addiction.

This Pragmatic (Neo-) Libertarian is a Libertarian that is willing to compromise and achieve a society that's practical, functional, and within reason. There view on the Welfare State is quite simply: they don't oppose it nor wish to dismantle it; instead they want to improve it and minimize its effects on society while providing cushion for those disadvantaged. They seek to eliminate its waste and improve its efficiency. They believe that a Negative Income Tax, a Land Value Tax and simple tax credit system that provides healthcare and food credits can achieve this goal and replace welfare, food stamps, social security, etc. The Neo-Libertarian would not seek to replace the minimum wage, believing it will help new workers though this wage should be decided by the "States". They would have separate tax laws and forms for individuals, families, and businesses. The Neo-Libertarian understands that the current system of taxes needs to be reform and changed through a period of time. However, they can accept the fact that some taxes are here to stay if they can't be abolished. This kind of Libertarian wishes to have the necessary revenues to cover the expenditures that government has.

When it comes to the government, these kind of Libertarians want fiscal responsibility. While they support balance budgets, they recognize that there will be deficits at times. The Neo-Libertarian though wishes to avoid these deficits as much as possible. Simply put it, they want the government to bring in the revenues that can cover government expenditures. Hence, with a NIT, LVT, and Tax Credit System they believe this can be achieved. They also believe they need to gradually eliminate redundant laws, failed policies, unnecessary regulations, and ineffective taxes in place. They want to repeal laws that are useless while improving existing laws that maybe out of date. As stated in the above passage though, they know that eliminating unneeded taxes too quickly could mean that the government can't fund itself; meaning it must borrow more. Even the notion of cutting/increasing spending must be balance as well. They reject the Republican's hypocritical view on fiscal responsibility, which is cut public spending and taxes but, increase spending in defense, etc.

Neo-Libertarianism, unlike Libertarianism, is less philosophical and focuses on reality. It is for this reason why the Libertarian movement has been only making modest gains and has slowed due to its philosophical approach. Neo-Libertarians look at the situation that is present to them and look for ideas that will help the nation and the world in the long term rather then the short. They take into account the pros and cons of every issue and idea, which they try to combine them. Neo-Libertarians experiment with new ideas and old ones to combat problems and find solutions to them. This allows the Neo-Libertarian to not only be flexible, but also have an understanding of the issues around and keeps an open mind. The Neo-Libertarian embraces not only the idea pragmatism; they also support Principled Practical Knowledge (PPK). They believed one can be principled but, without practicality and knowledge, they are just like everyone else: lost, confused, and talk. By being Principled, Practical, and Knowledgeable, the Neo-Libertarian can have the flexibility, strength, logic, and courage needed to tackle the problems that faced not only people and a nation; but the world too.

Religious Beliefs

Dmitri is a Humanist or an Objectivist; he's not sure which one. Despite being one of these two though, he has the moral guide of what a religious person might have. He doesn't smoke, he barely drinks, follows the good in his heart, follows the rules, and respects others. Despite being an atheist, he is for freedom of religion and separation of church and state. He believes that businesses shouldn't be able to turn away people based on a religious reason though, he is apathetic on the issue.

Dmitri values his friends and families the most. He believes politics is an evil that envies friendship and family, wishing to divide and conquer them; forming a polar environment of hate and despair. That is why he does not discuss politics much, especially with friends with different or similar views. While he is sure he has broken the "Golden Rule", he has a tendency to follow the rules even when he disagrees with them half of the time.

Theoretical Versus Practical

Dmitri believes that everyone has their practical views but also have their theoretical views. He breaks it down by saying that your theoretical views are what you desire in the form of a utopia. It's your dream paradise and that little to nothing can go wrong. Then there is your practical views, which are the views that you can actually implement. It contrasts to your theoretical views for the fact that these are your realistic views, views that can be achieved more easily. He summarizes that while people desire their theoretical views, some people know it's inherently impossible to achieve and therefore must adopt to ever changing world; to compromise just a little bit. This is usually associated with people's economic views, and economic views can be sometimes controversial though social issues tend to be more controversial.

Political Compass Score:

Right: 5.25
Libertarian: -6.82

Political Spectrum: I am a Right Social Libertarian.

Right: 6.25
Libertarian: 7.89

Non-interventionist: -1.24
Cultural Liberal: -4.53

While still on the Right, Dmitri holds incredible compromising skills despite being a Libertarian. He views that a stigma of Libertarians not being compromising has stick to pragmatic Libertarians. He has vowed to prove this wrong.

When it comes to the 2016 Presidential Election, Dmitri aligns with the Libertarian Party the most. However, because of the two party system the United States has to offer, Dmitri will vote Republican if they are acceptable. It is rare that Dmitri will ever vote for a Democrat. In this LinkISideWith Test, Dmitri agrees with Marco Rubio and Gary Johnson. Dmitri is willing to sacrifice some ideals in order to support a candidate. He is willing to support some candidates for the nomination despite having some stark differences. The list below shows who he is willing to support.

The list as it follows:
1. Rand Paul
2. Marco Rubio
3. John Kasich
4. Jeb Bush
5. George Pataki
6. Ben Carson
7. Chris Christie

Wondering why their will be 17 candidates on the Republican side, Dmitri bangs his head against the wall constantly. He used to believe that the Republican was divided between the Establishment, Social Conservatives, and Libertarians. Now, not only does he believe that; he also believes that there is arrogance and ignorance in the field. Theoretically, he would like Rand Paul to win however, this is a far shot and unlikely to happen. Realistically, he knows that either Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or John Kasich will win the nomination. He will gladly support one of these candidates as he has mentioned before. The fight for 2016 has begun.

Dmitri has two predictions for the 2016 Election on who the nominees will be (subject to change):

Prediction Now:

Republicans: Marco Rubio/John Kasich

Democrats: Hillary Clinton/Julian Castro

Alternative Life: Leadership of the Empire

In Dmitri's imagination, he fanaticizes that he leads a nation that adheres to his principles and his Neo-Libertarian beliefs. Born in the Capital City of Moskova on March 22, 1998, Dmitri was born to one of the wealthiest families in the Empire, with an estimated 1.2 trillion Zurkxs at the time (today it is 15 trillion). His Mother, Susana O'Malley Covasku, was the owner of a Restaurant Chain business called O'Malley's House, a business that grosses four billion Zurkxs annually. His father, Robert Tasquas Covasku, was also a business owner who owned an Automotive company called Uber Steele, which grosses 1.45 trillion Zurkxs annually. Growing up in the outskirts of Moskova, Dmitri was not the most social person; preferring to be by himself.

During his time in school and college, he was exceptionally a smart man, particularly in the subjects of Math, History, and Science. However, his writing skills were well, alright. Despite having difficulty writing, he constantly read books, magazines, and newspapers. He took interest in Science Fiction, Biographies, and Politics. Around the age of 15, he became interested in Politics and began working with the Libertarian Party, a much disarray to his apolitical father and mother who were both Royal Party Supporters. Despite his views, his parents respected them. He attended one of the most elitist universities in the Empire: Richard Brickens University where he majored in Finance and minored in Political Science. At the age of 24, Dmitri decided to run for the Mayor of Moskova. He won and got 48% of the vote, narrowly beating the Royal candidate by 1% point. He would become the youngest mayor ever elected in the Capital City of Moskova, a record that still holds today.

As Mayor, he reduced the already low regulated city to bring even more enterprises to the city. He cut the city's Sales Tax Rate from 14% to 11% and cut spending by 12%. He reorganized the police of Moskova by removing some of their military equipment and modifying their uniform.

As a member of the Libertarian Party of Zurkerx, Dmitri was an outspoken charismatic guy despite his attempts to sway away from social interactions. As with many politicians in the Empire, Dmitri is in the bottom right corner on the political spectrum as shown below:

Right: 8.38
Libertarian: -5.49

Elected with 55% of the vote, Dmitri won in a landslide. Perhaps one of the most popular Presidents of the Empire, he has enacted some significant laws and legislation that has helped the Empire moved forward. He has signed in three Amendments to the Constitution, which were the Twelve, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth (see Constitution). He ran higher surpluses for the government's expenditures, re-organized and re-manage government budgets, and cut spending in useless programs. He decreased the Sales Tax rate from 12% to 10%. He extended and improved alliances with other nations of Zentari and open up more trade agreements.



I took this idea from The union of the west, who took it from The Liberated Territories, who, in turn, took this idea from Liberty and linguistics/Fortschritte who took the idea from MERIZoC who took the idea from Arkolon. Will the next person please continue this chain?


~ Dmitri is a fan of sushi but, used to distrust it because of its potential harm and its raw nature.

~ Dmitri's favorite word is "Indubitably".

~ During the 2008 US Election, Dmitri first supported Barack Obama because he thought it would be cool to have a black president.

~ Even though he likes to read, he only does so when he is told to.

~ Dmitri has a negative attitude to himself and cares for others more then himself though he wishes to change that.

~ Dmitri helped Co-Found the Reform Party of Calaverde.

~ Dmitri, like every New Jersey Driver, has a road rage problem.

~ Dmitri is a fan of music from the 60s to the 80s though he will listen to some modern music.

~ Dmitri got interested in NationStates by friend and he joined on January 20, 2011.

~ Dmitri was a horticulturist and sold plants for three years as a kid.

See the rest of my Factbook for more details.

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