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Zurkerx's Voting Guide

Well, everyone else has been doing one, why can't I?

I got the idea from Atlanticatia, who got it from Collatis, who got it from The Liberated Territories, and finally from Liberty and linguistics. Let's make this a bit interesting now shall we? To be "different" and "unique", I will be showing the Republican and Democrat candidates and who will most likely (and least likely) to win the nomination of their party. This is subject to change.

Now, I am a "Neo-Libertarian" here so I consider myself flexible on some issues. Sometimes, we have to make a sacrifice here. Finding some parties were difficult to do here and listing all was as well. I likely missed some so if anyone wants to ask any questions or inform me on these parties, Telegram me.

Argentina: Liberal Libertarian Party
Australia: Liberal Democratic Party or The Coalition
Austria: Just go see the mountains
Belgium: Libertarian Party
Brazil: Libertarians
Calaverde: Free Democratic Party or Reform
Canada: Libertarian Party
Chile: Liberal Party
Czech Republic: Free Citizens Party
Denmark: Liberal Alliance or Venstre
Estonia: Reform Party
Finland: Patrick? Are You Okay? FINLAND!
France: Liberal Democratic Party
Germany: Party of Reason or Free Democratic Party
Greece: I heard it was beautiful, the flames surely help.
Hungary: Modern Hungary Movement or Fidesz
Iceland: Independence Party
Ireland: Just get some Guinness and have fun.
Israel: Likud
Italy: Italian Radicals
Lithuania: Civic Democratic Party or Liberal Movement
Luxembourg: Democratic Party
Macedonia: Just keep searching.
Netherlands: Libertarian Party
New Zealand: National Party or ACT
Norway: Capitalist Party, Free Democrats, or Liberal People's Party
Poland: How many Polkas does it take to vote? Well a lot.
Portugal: Social Democratic Party
Romania: National Liberal Party or New Republic
Russia: Libertarian Party, down with Putin
Singapore: Make it a tourist destination.
South Africa: Libertarian Party
Spain: Individual Freedom Party
Sweden: Liberala partiet
Switzerland: FDP. The Liberals
Turkey: Is it Turkey season already?
United Kingdom: Libertarian Party or, eh, Conservative Party
Uruguay: Another tourist destination for you.
United States: Libertarian Party
Ukraine: Libertarian Movement
Zurkerx: Libertarian Party