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OOC Pros and Cons

Here's my LinkUSA ISideWith Test and LinkUK ISideWith Test Results just to give you an idea where I stand.

Pro: Capitalism, Classical Liberalism, Neo-Libertarianism, Compatibilism, Pragmatism, Principled Practical Knowledge, Individualism, Fiscal Conservatism, Drug Decriminalization/Legalization, Atheism, Secularism, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ronald Reagan, Non-interventionism/Soft Neo-conservatism, Free Market Economics, Capital Punishment, Second Amendment, Privatization, Self-Defense, Freedom of Speech, "Pro-Choice", Pro-Abortion, LGBTQI Rights, Regulated Borders, Free Market Healthcare, Separation of Church and State, Peaceful Religious People, School Choice, Public Education, Voucher System, Increasing the Social Security Cap to $250,000+, Welfare Reform, Negative Income Tax, Israel, Two-State Solution, Partial Social Security Privatization, Miranda Rights, Habeas Corpus, Free Trade, Campaign Finance Reform, Equal Pay (After Variables Are Determined), Private Pension, Citizenship For Illegals, Moderate Environmentalism, Land Value Tax, Peshmerga, Kurdistan, Barry Goldwater, Mutual Credit, Balance Budgets.

Neutral: Singapore/Japanese Healthcare System, Minimum Wage, Scott Walker, Palestine, Egyptian Military, Fully Privatized Social Security, Joe Manchin, Immigration Tariff, Bailouts, Low Tariffs, Private Unions, Chris Christie, Gold Standard, Fiat Currency, The Federal Reserve, Progressive Taxes, Turkey, Medicaid Expansion, Sales Tax, VAT (Value Added Tax).

Con: Communism, Socialism, Censorship, Fascism, Nazism, Democratic Party (USA), Republican Party (USA), Political Correctness, Racism, Ignorance, Arrogance, Common Core, Isolationism, Neo-conservatism, Donald Trump, Monarchism, Corporate Welfare, Open/Closed Borders, Protectionism, Eminem Domain, Radical Islam (or Any Religion), Sharia Law, Bloated Government Budgets, Large Social Programs, Universal Healthcare, One-State Solution, Affirmative Action, Protectionism, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Public/Trade Unions, Living Wage, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Flat Taxes, Iran Nuclear Deal, ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda.

Political Compass Score:

Right: 5.25
Libertarian: -6.82

Political Spectrum: I am a Right Social Libertarian.

Right: 6.25
Libertarian: 7.89
Non-interventionist: -1.24
Cultural Liberal: -4.53

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