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The Local Cluster Z-Day Battle Plan

Hello, all! Feazanthia here. Kyrusia went on holiday right as all hell broke loose, so it falls to me to coordinate our defenses.

Now, some of you have no doubt been saying "Feaz! There are zombie hordes running loose in The Local Cluster! Stop them!"

Ky and I talked it over, and we're not going to do that. For one, it's a pain in the ass as kicks stay in place after the event is over, while the closed borders are temporary. Secondly, we agreed that this makes things a bit more interesting. Sure, we'd like to be in the top 100 for survivors, but...meh. Let's add some excitement and not be in a situation like some of us were last year when we cleansed the region by noon and had nothing else to do the rest of the day.

SO! How are we to defend ourselves against the undead hordes?

I'm glad you asked.

IF YOU HAVE ELECTED TO KILL ZOMBIES, you are our soldiers. Hunt down nations that are embracing the horde and actively attacking your region mates. Coordinate with others in the region to exterminate the hordes within these aggressor nations. Defend your medics!

IF YOU HAVE ELECTED TO CURE ZOMBIES, you are our medics. Find our soldiers and keep their survivor/infected ratio high. You are targets for the hordes, so watch your back and coordinate with the soldiers!

IF YOU HAVE ELECTED TO EMBRACE THE ZOMBIES, you are the enemy. Just keep doing what you're doing, you crazy zacks.

Thank you all for your time.