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Zurk File #10: Special Forces

[box]In the Constitutional Empire, there are only two special forces now after the passing of the Military Re-Organization Act. These two special forces are the Secret Commando Service and the Samurai.

[color=blue][b]Secret Commando Service (SCS): [I]In Light, There is Good. In Dark, There is Bad. For Us, We Come From the Darkest Shadows Anywhere, Anytime to Shine a Light of Truth, and Blind Our Enemies to Their Demise[/I]:[/b][/color] 

(The SCS Building)

An intelligence agency originally founded in Omericoa, they serve for intelligence ops on not just the nations of Zentari, but their home country, Zurkerx as well. Fleeing from Omericoa when the Red Mist, an Ebola Virus by Tur Galnos hit, the agency fled to Zurkerx before they could be trapped. They took some of the Ebola and experimented with it. To get into this agency, one must be very loyal and recommended by several top superiors, including one from the President. Training is brutal like the Red Skulls and most members of the SCS are former Red Skulls. They serve as a Spy Agency and a military one as well. 

Extra: Though Omericoa in its fallen self believes this organization has fallen, it still stands without their knowing for the few remaining survivors. They went rogue and fled their own country during the Jekarian-Omericoa Crisis as Tur Galnos unleashed their deadly biological weapon. They are also responsible for the random confusing messages that played during the war. Like some of the scientists, they also took samples of the biological weapon with them. The acts they did were treason as no Omericoan was allowed to leave but fight. However, they got out without a problem and went to the Empire as there backup home nation in case their country fell (which it did). All of this remains unknown to the public and Zentari as whole though the Empire believes some nations are aware of their research into that war. They are one of the most secretive agencies of [region]Zentari[/region].

[color=gold][b]Samurai (S): [I]With Thoughts Come Dreams. Dreams Lead to Many Paths. All Paths offered an Opportunity. A Chosen Opportunity Brings an Uncertain Journey. That Journey Becomes the One That Defines a Person That Stands to Be Recognized in Their History and to Be Recorded by History Itself[/I]:[/b][/color]  

(Ignore the Life Saber Part)

This branch of elite warriors takes their heritage from Zurk traditional and modern fighting techniques and the way of the Saamuryuu, which in Zurk language translates to "A warrior through their heart". Over time, the word accidently became "Samurai", hence the reasoning they are called that today. Unlike most military personnel, these warriors are given steroids, vaccines, and other genetic drugs to improve performance ten fold on all levels. Very few are selected each year and they go through 10 years of training with some never becoming a Samurai. They incorporate education to enhance intelligences in the battlefield to fight strategically. The Samurai go through training even more brutal then the Red Skulls; the Samurai are a force to be reckoned with.   

The Samurai's armor of today is a mixture of titanium, steel, chromium, aluminum, carbon, depleted uranium, Kevlar, and Graphene; they are covered from head to toe to have maximum protection against high caliber rounds and explosives. Underneath, they wear the Warrior Suit. They can withstand high caliber rounds and even explosive ones. Their armed gloves have an integrated brass knuckles, a thousand volt shocker, and a magnetic attracter that can attract anything with metal from 12 feet away (such as their Katana). Their armed shoes have a metal detector that can detect explosives 5 feet away and four feet under. 

A helmet and mask made of the same alloys, covers them. A heating and cooling system is install to either keep them warm or cool depending on conditions. Their mask is designed to not only protect them from the enemy soldiers, but also from a NBC Environment. This mask has night vision, infrared, X-Ray vision, Friend-Foe Identifier, a zoom feature, and a holograph feature to bring up schematics and such. They have a satellite antenna to communicate with other Samurai/troops, have system of hydration, and are immune to an EMP. They also have an air thrust pack on their back that has four angled holes, which releases a concentrated stream of air that can make them go up and down, side to side, and forward and back.

Their entire suit is powered by electricity, generated through kinetic means. This means that the Samurai could simply walk and generate the power he needs to power their equipment. This kinetic energy gives the Samurai so extra needed strength to his already experimented body. It also gives him a slight speed increase. The same antenna and small knobbed spikes on their armor can channel excess amounts of electricity outward to prevent overload. This antenna also helps enhance their hearing with the ear muffs they have, allowing them to hear up to twice the distance. 

They are a equipped with a 40 inch "Ultimate Imperial" Katana. This Katana has a 32 inch straight blade (Ninjato) and 8 inch handle. The handle has magnets in it so the Samurai can grab it from a distance away (20 feet). The blade is made of titanium, steel, carbon, chromium, cobalt, diamonds, obsidian, and gold dust; it is hammered and made by some of the finest blacksmiths as only the best are given to the Samurai. Sharpen with Diamond, Obsidian, and steel, this Katana is said to be able to cut through several men; with body armor and machines without a hitch. Within their armor is two Ultimate Imperial Knifes that have a 12 inch blade and 4 inch handle. They have four hidden blades with one in each wrist and shoe (blade goes out to 10 inches). In their elbows, a hidden four inch spike is used as a defensive purpose. These blades could have a paralyzing poison coated on them. They can carry two pistols of any kind. Also, the Samurai can carry two Tomahawk Axes made of the same material and a compound bow with a draw force of 300 pounds. 

Despite all of this weight, they are surprisingly fast and maneuverable. During air raids, they are equipped with gliders to glide down. In the amphibious assaults, they are given marine equipment to breathe underwater and swim as well. They are considered the "Predators" and royalty of the Empire.[/box]