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The Local Cluster: List of Advisers

While most role players within the Future Technology community are more than willing to provide assistance to players in the Advice and Assistance Thread, the Regional Message Board of The Local Cluster, and within appropriate Internet Relay Chat channels, the below list contains individuals whom have desired to go above and beyond the status quo. The accounts listed below are of players whom are willing to accept otherwise unsolicited telegrams requesting assistance or advisement from players both new and old.

If you wish to telegram or otherwise contact any of the individuals listed below, feel free to do so. These individuals may be within this region, they may not be at any given time; even so, they have requested themselves to be added to the list in order to provide a neat and collected directory for individuals seeking assistance. If you would like to be added to the list below, please send a telegram to The Local Cluster Administrator.

  • (Mentor) Primary Account (Alternate, Names, and, Accounts) "IRC Handle"
    Other pertinent information.

    Mentors are indicated for ease of identification and transparency only. Users are under no obligation to seek Mentor assistance in preference to non-Mentor assistance. Each individual here has demonstrated a degree of willingness to provide assistance in a respectable and helpful manner; users should feel free to seek such advisement from any of the below at their choosing. All that matters is that users feel comfortable with whomever they seek for assistance.

List of Advisers: