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Zurk File #2: Geography of the Empire

Zurkerx has an unique climate despite all of the "business actions" in the Empire. Though most of the climate has been taken over by houses, new cities, government/military project, factories, and logging, there are still some parts that have survived.

The Teal Aqua Mist Mountains
These mountains are in the Northwest part of Zurkerx where in the Winters, it can get as low as -56 degrees F to the single digits with snow as deep as 25 to even 40 feet. In the Spring and fall, the temperature is in its 40s to low 70s. In the summer, the temperature is in its low 60s to low 80s. These mountains get their name because of the Teal Borgis Moss (discovered by Timothy Borgis who also discovered these mountains), all of its flowing streams and high up lakes, which makes the climate very damp, and when the temperature changes slightly, condensation occurs which happens 365 days a year. There are many elbarate narrow pathways, caves that could end in minutes or in days, and height ranging from 8,000-23,464 feet. It is one of the best to visit in Zurkerx and prehaps one of the best in Zentari. This is because of the snow cover Winters for sporting and hiking in the spring, summer, and fall to admired the beauty of the mountains.

Dinler Desert
This desert was discovered by Jonas Dinler, an explorer that explored the entire desert until he died at the age of 28 from heat stroke. A city, Dinler (Only place other than Huntsov which is by the sea. There is three military bases in the desert too)was named after him. It is located in the low southern part of Zurkerx. Temperatures can get as hot as 125 degrees during the day as low as 40 degrees at night. A breeze of 5 mph is allows there but winds can reach as fast as 110 mph. The land is very flat with very small hills which are created by the sand storms that come every so often. There is a little rain, from .6 to 2.8 inches a year, however, a small stream runs thourgh the city and out to the ocean. The stream comes from the mountains far away and other storms far away. It is a popular site to visit because of its history. It has a nickname, The Experiment, because of tests that supposely occured there. Don't get lost, very few survive what is "Hell" in the empire.

Schwarz Felsigen Penisula
The penisula is located to the far East of the Empire. It was one of the first things the Empire saw when they arrived in Zentari. It got its name because the rocks were black but very sharp and jagged edges. It was named by a German named Albert Koch Färber, who was a sailor and Captain of the ship, Pollo Pot. Because of the jagged edges of the penisula, it almost destroyed the ship and it was only saved because of a small beach only a hundred feet wide in the middle of the black rock(Paradise Beach). There is a small path that is only 3 feet wide that not has rocks poking from the wall, but the path is very slippery. This is not the case today but is still dangerous as the waves can reach that high or go over the edge. The path also provides a military advance for the Empire's military. A small town, Albeerok, the first town there, is popular town to visit when it comes to tourism. It is beautiful to look from the windows from the small town to see the rocks and the sun rise. Towards the end of the rocks, is a 15 foot tall statue of Färber looking out to sea as he was buried at sea when he died.