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Jafazia Armed Forces (JAF)

Join the Jafazia Armed Forces (JAF)!

The Organization Jafaziatics of Nations calls on all nations to dedicate themselves to the security and prosperity of our region and allies. This is best achieved with a large, active and responsible army.

The JAF as a military body has several functions and if you wish to join, you can choose what sort of role you wish to take:

    Raid Captain: He is in command of a group of nations that is in charge of invading a region and taking it by force. The Raid Captain must prepare moments before the update to add endorsements and achieve the position of WA Delegate, thus taking control of the invaded region.

    Raiders: group of puppet nations in charge of endorsing their captain to gain control of the region.

Note that by being a member of the JAF, you will be required to create additional nations (puppets), transfer your WA membership from your main nation to those puppets, and move the puppets to other regions.

All of this may seem a bit complicated and overwhelming, but feel free to send JAF Lieutenant General Innery a private telegram if you have any concerns or questions about what this all means.

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