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A Normal Day in Nimaric

by: A Bored Nimarican 
created in: 5/22/2022

Hello People!
It a nice to be alive don't you think?
It is not every day that you see the world for what it is!
All the little details hint at something great!

Tracy Dean is probably going to war!
Yeah, You Heard Me.
Oh, feck we need to nuke those rocks!


A day to look upon the sky of Nimaric!
An Agricultural Crisis on our doorstep!
The beautiful goddang trees that live in every corner!
There is a fish in every body of water except what we drink!
A healthy body and economy over here!
You can say we are the land of freedom and opportunities!
The sun is always there unless Anyone from Renea comes along!
Oh, it's something great, isn't it?

There comes a day when something is not meant to be!
When the sun just set on us randomly!
A furry on the way and some people in hell!
Oh my, they are sapient! How in cheese?

We are compassionate and inclusive but consider yourself dead!
We shall purify everyone that stands in our way!
Do we really have something called god on the horizon?
When all you need is cheese! Nimaricans, Sing With Me!

Trust me I don't have a problem!

Oh, Tracy Dean fixed the god dang cheese deficit!
A day to be a patriot for Nimaric!
I already signed up for the Military before I was born!
To be fair, I was made for war.
Is there really something to ask? When my body has been enhanced by Science!
I guess we should end this short little poem.

Oh, wait it's not? Well since you said it,
O! Nimaric, a day to celebrate!
Let me tell you why!!

I won't bore you will all the details.
I know you want to read something else.
Perhaps I might continue on tomorrow!
Don't count on it tho.