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Beliefs and Traditions


Furby is highly pacifist and spends more on diplomacy than on the military. Furbians are known to be pacifist and have a really negative view on war, often declaring it as horrifying. Because of this, unless completely necessary, Furby stays out of wars, often taking a neutral stance. The only time Furby gets involved is if it could endanger Furby or its residents in some way (a planned invasion of Furby, someone trying to take over the world or Yalgac Ahane, etc). Another situation in which Furby would get involved is if our residents are outraged and want us to partake in the war (a rare occurrence).


The people of Furby revere nature, always treating it with almost respect. Many celebrations in Furby revolve around the changing of the seasons and harvest. For this reason, the environment must be taken care for at all times. Indeed, the Furbish flora and fauna is magnificent. Pollution/contamination is and will always be low. Our natural environment is what attracts so many tourists to us. And just like so, tourists must also follow our rules regarding preserving the environment or else be punished. For example, purposely loitering can lead to a sentence of up to 5 years depending on the circumstances.

Furbys in Tradition

Many traditional celebrations involve Furbies in some way, often having them running around or playing with the kids. Furbys enjoy to dance, so they are often invited to dance too. Furbys are seen as sacred, so no celebration or other tradition involves harming furbies.