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Facts on the Furbish Population


In Furby, witchcraft has been a popular practice for generations. It is estimated that a quarter of civilians practice it to this day. Although witchcraft had decreased steadily in importance and prevalence over the last two centuries, the new Furbish generation seems to have a rekindled interest in witchcraft.


As of May 21th, 2022, religions in Furby are largely unheard of and disliked. Overall, followers of world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism) are practically nonexistent, with followers of all five only making up 1% of the population. In other words, these followers are about 70,000. Pagan religions are more prevalent, making up 4% of the population. Pagans amount to around 280,000 people. People who identify as other amounted to 3% of the population or around 210,000 people. Everyone else marked the atheist, secular, non-religious, unknown/questioning, or “wish to not say” box.


Interestingly enough, Furby has a way higher deaf/HoH populace than other countries. Furby also has more generationally Deaf families than the average country. In fact, certain Furbish cities and towns have populations in which 50% or more are deaf/HoH. In general, a quarter of the population is d/Deaf while another 10% is HoH.

This higher prevalence of d/Deafness in Furby is thought to have contributed to the spread and the now prevalence of FSL.