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The Random Tap News ( Updated Sometimes!! )

[center] Welcome to The Random Tape News! 
Updated randomly, this gives weather, forecast, and random events very little care about!
Scroll to the bottom to see the latest news![/center]
[center] [b]May 19th 2022[/b]
Today we have a high of 73F (22.7C) and a low of 65F (18.3C). It's all clear skies so no need to worry about any rain.
Today a man named [i]Ernest Smith[/i] tried to rob the Tapetopia City Art Museum, the weird part, he tried to put the stolen artwork in a see-through bag. He was arrested and was put into jail for six years.
The HTH foundation ( Help The Homeless ) has started building an apartment in Bloy Tape City for homeless people to stay in!
That's all for today see you tomorrow![/center]
[center] [b]May 20th 2022[/b]
Today we have a High of 65F (18.3C) all around the nation. It's partly cloudy today with some rain in the southern area.
The TCM ( Tape card ministry ) building has finally finished and their business will start soon. 
Nothing else interesting today so see you guys tomorrow![/center]
[center] [b]May 31, 2022[/b]
Today, we have changed our name to the "[i]The Random Tape News[/i]" because we sometimes forget, anyways to the important things,
Today we have a high of 82F (27.8C) and a low of 72F (22.2C). Clear skies in the tapetopian region and northern/eastern regions. In the southern region it is partly cloudy until 6pm, then it's sunny. In the western region expect 7cm of rain until 5pm, then it's partly cloudy.
Tapian aircraft carrier "Roller 8th" has sunken in the sticky snake bay leaving 310 confirmed deaths and 429 missing and 392 injuries. 
Blue tape day is tomorrow and many cities are preparing parades and city events for the holidays.
That's all for the news today, see you whenever the next Random Tape News happens![/center]
[center] [b]June 1st 2022[/b]
Today is blue tape day, join us in two hours to see the taptopia parade!
The current tap(e) government has passed the right to construct a building where the tap government will have people from around the country to make decisions for the government.
Many countries are currently opposing the new tap government and are spreading "Anti-tap propaganda" to bring the new government back.
Time for the forecast today, we have a high of 87F (30.5C) and a low of 72F (22.2C). Partly cloudy in most of the country and in the west has possible thunderstorms, please remain safe.
That's all for the Random tap news and have a great blue tape day! [/center]