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[Napoleonic RP] Spezian League (Stolen Factbook Edition)

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[box][size=150][b]Table of Contents[/b][/size]
[url=#Ovr]1. Overview[/url]
[url=#Dip]2. Diplomacy[/url]
[url=#Gov]3. Government[/url]
[url=#Eco]4. Economy[/url]
[url=#Cul]5. Culture[/url]
[url=#MN]6. Military Organization[/url]
[url=#ME]7. Military Equipment[/url]




[/centre][i]Past Wars:[/i]
Scanso-Duristani Wars
Inter-Spezian Patriarchal insurgencies (on-going)
War of the First Containment Coalition
War of the Second Containment Coalition

[i]Foreign Relations:[/i]
Nizhkian Empire: Hostile, violently nizhkophobic
Jaffaristan: Hostile
Holy Vedigothic Empire: Sceptical, no official diplomatic exchange

Government type: Tribal Confederacy

Capital: Hrodsk/Ghrtobts'a

Population: 183.000

Leader: K'van Distmindrats' Ghmert'anuri
([i]The Spezian chieftain and his spouse[/i], painting by János Nagy-Lazarföldy, oil on canvas)

Currency: The Spezian Ktrav
Ressources and Manufacturing: Wine (Southern Heartland), Coal, Iron ore, Bazâg

Official court language: K'vandari
Clerical language: Old K'vandari
Common languages: Vernacular K'vandari, Spezo-Montealban, German (Mnitschau)
Religion: Ozbekhism, minor Vedulist exclaves

[anchor=MN][/anchor][box][centre][size=150][b]Military Organization[/b][/size][/centre]

The [i]Kaq'bartunisar[/i] ("those atop the mountain") are a type of light infantry mainly made up from the male members of the ruling K'vandari mountain clans. They are specially tasked with the defense of the rough mountain range encompassing Spezian territory. Small groups of Kaq'bartunisar can effectively and independently operate in the harsh mountainous climate, and by extension also snowy or arid terrain.

The [i]Tujugvarisar[/i] ("those carrying rifles") are simple light infantry, recruited from the general population of the tribes making up the Spezian league. There is nothing special about them. The name particle [i]"-gvar-"[/i] is a loanword from Vedurgothic, as the K'vandari had to resort to need-based borrowings regarding explosive firearms.

The [i]Dobts'artunisar[/i] ("those on horseback") make up the entirety of Spezian cavalry and exclusively operate in the wide plains of the Southern Heartlands. This peculiarity can be explained that, apart from the wide valley roads, most regions of Spezian core territory is not suited for warfare on horseback. While most K'vandari riders are native to the Southern Heartland region, a decent number Dobts'artunisar are expierenced mercenaries from Kara-Uzbekia.

[anchor=ME][/anchor][box][centre][size=150][b]Military Equipment[/b][/size][/centre]
[b][u]The Bits'ikaĩ[/u][/b]
The [i]Bits'iakĩ[/i] (literally "[i]little sword[/i]") is a dagger whose form is typical for the secondary hand weaponry used by the Montealban mountain people. Both the handle and sheath are usually decorated with gold or silver designs, and sometimes even include embedded gemstones. Following the ancient Spezian proverb [i]"What kind of K'vandari is the one who does not even posess a bits'iakĩ?"[/i], every recruit is expected to carry his own into military service as a part of basic equipment.