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This page is for recording the RP for the WWIII RP Event, so as to have an easy to access page to see what has happened so far. The official RP is still on the regional message board.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

City: Tselįonya-Is

Province: Sti R'choios Hmendil'įoth (Capital Territory of Hmendil)

Kingdom: Hmendil

Seven have died and thirty-four are injured after a confrontation between protesters and fringe militia in the Hmendil'ia capital of Tselįonya-Is. The protesters were assembled on the anniversary of the annexation of the Vlyn'st peninsula (OOC Istria) by Hmendil'ia forces in 1813, overcoming the Oruzian population and imposing a government dominated by the imported Sula minority. Oruzians were treated initially as second-class citizens until Hmendil joined the R'aldor Sulasburgįoth (Sula Federation, the name until 1892) in 1857. Well things are better now, there remains a large prejudice from both sides and it came to a head yesterday. The picketers were gathered on the plaza outside the Hmendil'ia parliament, carrying signs and waving the flags of Oruzia and the proposed Istro-Oruzian Free State. After around ten minutes others in black clothing began gathering on the corners of the square, some bearing the symbols of the notoriously violent anarcho-xenophobic militia groups Aldorįoth Sulasburg (Our Sulasburg) and Al'įoth St' (My Way). They stared down the peaceful activists for around half an hour more before one of them opened fire on the crowd, joined quickly by another. Police arrived within minutes but by that point three had already died with four more passing away in hospital (all were ethnic Oruzians). The militia were quickly rounded up and incarcerated under the V'rulidil'lesta Aeiela Hy Caras (Provision for Action During War) which was declared for a total of five hours in Sti R'choios Hmendil'įoth. Possessing a gun is illegal under Sula law, but many of those in the reserves (after conscription citizens are reservists until the age of 30) choose to keep possession of their weapons and many end up sold illegally. Further investigation will follow, and the Sula government expressly condemns the groups involved in the attack and offers sincere condolences to the families affected by this tragic event.

- Sfįa Aidil'l, Press Secretary for the Sula Ministry of The Interior

Oruzia wrote:RP

(Note, during this event prime minister Connor is a nationalistic right wing politician, unlike the non event moderate social Democrat he is.)

Reichstag (parlament), Capital Naissus

A parlament meeting in the response of the violent protests in Sulasburg

Connor: "My fellow Oruzians *he calmly takes a sip of water before continuing*
Connor: "For long our continent stood as the beacon of democracy and freedom, I'm sure I don't need to remind you that the concept of democracy was created on our home the Balkans.
Then why? Why did this tragedy happen!?!
Why did our neighbours that claim to follow the concept of freedom allow this tragedy to take place?
Oruzians weren't the greatest people in the history, yes we committed atrocities but our generation has done everything it could to repent for the past and yet a protest of self governance, a protest for freedom has been met with gunfire and our people bleeding on the streets. Let me remind you that the people that died weren't invading soldiers but common civilians with hopes and dreams!
I ask again why did it happen? Il tell you...
The oppression of Hmendil is still alive and well and is protected in the walls of our neighbors!
Our brothers and sisters can hardly find a well payed job there because of their last name God damnit! This example of eugenics is still present and is being used against the people that wish to the world no harm!
The Sula Government has to take full responsibility for this crime and punish the perpetrators if they wish for peace in our lands!
This tragedy wasn't a fight of mad tirants or a clash of ideologies... This my people was a fight for freedom! But those monsters didn't shoot at us because we wanted freedom! They shot at us because we're Oruzians! They still view us as a second class people and in a self proclaimed democracy to let those things happen! That's Hipocrisy! The Oruzian people demand retribution! We demand our freedom! And for our brothers and sisters across the world that are fighting the fight do not forget that there is nothing to fear... One of the strongest militaries of our time will protect you and will not stand silent in your moments of oppression! Oruzians remember! Oruzians fight for the right thing! And Oruzians cheer for we all know the motto of our people! Alles Gegrt Oruzia!"

*The parlament moved by the words starts cheering and yelling "All Hail Oruzia". The cheering turns into a song, in unison they sing the anthem of Oruzia for all world to hear*

Connor: "Our demands are clear, Sulasburg... give our people freedom!"

Cruenterra wrote:RP
This is outrageous! Those were militia, not the Sula government! Your goevnment has made themselves and enemy of King Patiemur.

Tuthar wrote:RP
Tuthar stands with Cruenterra's choice. Well Tuthar does not hope for war if war breaks out Tuthar will be firmly against Oruzia and all nations that defend them

Sulasburg wrote:RP

Your anguish is of course understandable, and we greatly value our relationship with your great nation, but with respect to you this is an internal matter and your intervention is not welcome. For the safety of Sula citizens the military presence in Hmendil will be increased and investigations will continue. We are willing to discuss the matter in a mature way through proper political channels, but your reactionary provocatism is not appreciated. Thank you.

- Sfįa Aidil'l, Press Secretary for the Sula Ministry of The Interior

Oruzia wrote:RP

YouTube channel of the Oruzian Movement in Sula owned by their representative Stephan Luxemburg (yes Luxemburg is his last name I'm so original)

Stephan: "Good day my viewers, first of I should thank Mister Connor and our brothers in Oruzia for standing with us in this time of need. I should also thank the Sula authorities for arresting the terrorists who attacked our protest and took the lifes of our brethren, we pray that their punishment is fair and according to the law.
Our people have been attacked for speaking their mind and to add salt on the wound the Sula military has now moved to our regions so that they can "protect the peace"... as if there ever was peace in where I live.
To get to the point, this Sula extremists are the greatest threat to us. Not because they use barbaric methods to silence our cries but because they are among us!
They can be our neighbors, our teachers, a young guy walking his dog in the local park... they all might have a desire to silence our voices because of their toxic pride. The actions of those Barbarians has now frozen the relations between the two leading Adriatic Powers.
My people... I want to tell you that those Barbarians will not go away.... they won't go until we learn to fight for ourselves!
If we don't fight then this harassment will never end! We should not let them take our freedom away! We will march in unison on the streets and we will protest... we will fight against barbarianism! My people don't let your voices be silenced without a fight. We all remember the Slave Queen Oruzia that led the largest slave revolt in the Roman Empire!
(read it in my history for more info) She fought so that our oppression would end... and it did! That's why I call you to protest, we need to prove to the world that the message we are fighting for is Noble and just! People... together we can do this... we can bring freedom to ourselves and live the lives that have been promised to us by the Sula constitution! Our fight will not end until our demands are met... And remember All Hail Oruzia!"

The video cuts to the end. It now has over two million views but ironically the comments, likes and dislikes are disabled.

Kingdom of the Indus wrote:RP
With tensions rapidly rising, the government has decided to send war preparation leaflets to every home in the country. A digital version also exists at www.warpreparation.gov.iu.

Kingdom of the Indus wrote:RP
The government's new war preparation leaflet is facing a harsh wave of criticism.
Many on the internet have decided to mock the new leaflets by setting up parodies
of the official War Preparation website. One parody site even gives information on what
to do in the event of an alien invasion.

Usoniy wrote:RP
Usoniy will embargo Filipinn for No Prisons
Donald Trump say he will only end it if Filipinn get prisons

Tuthar wrote:RP
Tonight in Vergesdor Joseph McCain gave his first official press conference regarding the rapidly increasing political tensions around the globe.
"my fellow citizens as I'm sure any of you know Sulasburg and Oruzia are pushing the world to the brink of war through alliances. I'm sure many of you wish to know where Tuthar stands on the matter. Our side in this conflict was decided far before this conference. The position of Tuthar is with Sulasburg. Oruzia is a nation with the ambition to create a empire. To grow and expand. They have waited in peace studying the fabric of the world for any imperfection to use as a excuse to justify their greedy conquest. This is why Tuthar stands with Sulasburg in the event of war which Tuthar know should see as sadly unpreventable . I encourage all Tutharians to sleep with one eye open and one bullet loaded".

TLDR: Oruzia is using the conflict as a excuse to become an empire and Tuthar stands with Sulasburg

Oruzia wrote:Minister of Foreign Affairs Sasha Blitz

We are sorry if we presented ourselves as violent savege imperialists. We'd like you to hear our point of view. No, Oruzia is not building an empire. For example our controversial takeover of the Suez canal. We put it under our protection because of the instability in the middle east, the world economy would suffer greatly if the Suez fell under a oppressive regime or be turned into a battleground. That's why we took it under our protection. As for the situation in Sulasburg we where only protecting our people from the extreme right that threatend our freedom, I'm sure that Tuthar would do the same if it found itself in our position.
We hope that we cleared this misconseption of Oruzian interests to both Tuthar and the World. Oruzia wants only peace but it also wants the interests of the world and of the Oruzian people safe and protected.

Cruenterra wrote:RP
King Patiemur declares the government of Usoniy a suspectum imperium (suspicious government).

Oruzia wrote:Minister of Defence Ludwig Alexien

With the growing tension in Hmendil and an increased presence of Sulasburg's military in the region and on our border, the Oruzian Government will move it's troops closer to the border of Sulsaburg.
Additionally the Oruzian Royal Navy will start patrolling the Adriatic for any suspicious activities.
Protection of peace in the world is important but if our sovereignty is threatened in any way then we will respond and protect our people.

Usoniy wrote:RP
Usoniy will begin Mobilization bc of Cruenterra trying Usoniy

Sjevre wrote:RP

Prime-Minister Solvein Piivo Morchands on television, on the rising tensions at the border of Sulasburg and the great nation of Oruzia.

~ Solvein Piivo Morchands = We can't go around the tensions rising. *swallows* I am sure the great nation of Oruzia will take the right decision. And we will follow them, we will follow them as a true comrade. A comrade, If I can say those words after the Communist invasion of 1939. But who saved us? Who was it? It was none different then forces of Germany and Oruzia. *Gets angry*
I can not care about helping other nations right now. As long as we help our great allies Oruzia when a conflict starts out. We aren't sure it is going to be a conflict. But it looks like it....

If we where ready for WWII, we would be ready for WWIII. If we'd win WWII, we'd win WWIII.

~ Newsreader = Now on the the other news of the day. There is a man been attacked by a moose in northern Sjevre. The man would be severly injured. Now he is laying in the hospital. The moose was shot down by the forrestwatcher.

Wizlandia wrote:RP
Executive of State Palmer wishes to warn Oruzia that further military mobilisation could be interpreted as planning to carry out an act of aggression against our ally Sulasburg, and advises the Oruzian government to remove the new troops near the Sula border. Should Oruzia refuse to comply, the Executive Council of Wizlandia shall consider sending military aid to Sulasburg to help deter and/or thwart a military attack.

Executive Palmer calls on members of the Intercontinental Entente to an emergency summit to discuss the increased military mobilisation along the Sula-Oruzia border.

Thuoye wrote:RP
Thuoye stands in solidarity with the Oruzians in Sulasburg against the far-right Sula extremists and the oppressive Sula government. Thuoye urges Sulasburg to abandon it's imperialist domination of the native Oruzian people by allowing a free and fair vote on the issue of Hmendil secession. Only outside the imperialistic grasp of the Sula's can the downtrodden Oruzians, treated by the Sula's as second-class citizens, exercise their rights to self-determination.

Potenzia wrote:RP:

12:26PM - This just in, hundreds have began gathering outside of the Sulasburg Embassy in the Potenzian capital of Len to protest the Sula Government after seven Oruzians were killed and many more were injured during a confrontation between Oruzian freedom protesters and fringe Sula militia in the Sula Kingdom of Hmendil.

Protestors outside of the embassy have been heard chanting and holding signs that read, All Hail Oruzia and Oruzian Lives Matter.

Tuthar wrote:RP
"the nation of Thuoye calls for better treatment on a foreign island yet since they have taken control Thuoye Island they have attempted to crack down on civil rights and political freedom in violation of the treaty. Now if war breaks out Tuthar will not attack a non involved nation but if Thuoye joins the war Tuthar will have no choice but to defend itself"

Tuthar wrote:BREAKING NEWS
Tuthar's ambassador to Europe has been killed outside of the Tutharian embassy in Oruzia. The ambassador arrived with a offer of negotiation. The offer of negotiation was accepted but when the ambassador returned to the embassy to write the first attempted treaty 2 gun men with assault rifles fired from the nearby apartment windows. 16 shots were fired , 10 of which hit the ambassador. The ambassador was rushed inside the embassy but died in under a hour. The attackers are still unknown. " the government of Tuthar does not in policy consider the government of Oruzia to be responsible but we are unsure if a citizens may think the sane"

Cruenterra wrote:RP
We stand with Tuthar's decision. Thuoye has also been declared a suspectum imperium.

Libermocracy wrote:If I can change to Global Co-Prosperity Sphere:
LiberMocracy expresses concern about the shooting of peaceful protesters in Sulasburg, demands an investigation and an end to the military buildup on the border of Oruzia. If Sulasburg starts a military conflict, which the military buildup on the border hints at, we will end trade and diplomatic relations.

Thuoye wrote:RP
Unification has long been the cherished dream of the Thuoyean people. We ask that Tuthar refrain from meddling in Thuoye's internal affairs and to stop amplifying the voices of a fringe minority of radical and violent separatist.

Moreover, Thuoye has no interest in engaging in armed conflict, and we urge Tuthar to reconsider its support of Sula imperialism.

Tuthar wrote:RP
"well it is undeniable that many in the government may want to claim Thuoye Island I can assure you it is not a agenda of the high office. The government is acting based on the conditions of the treaty signed during the first international tour of Mr.McCain. The clauses have been violated and without a enforcement a treaty is nothing but a sheet of paper. Tuthar wants peace but peace through silence is not a way to pursue it. You may label them fringe groups but does anyone expect a brutal dictatorship to reveal the true membership of group being cracked down on and hunted. Further more every attack on Sulasburg can be applied to Thuoye aswell. "

Wizlandia wrote:RP

Wizlandian Broadcasting Channel

Thousands of protestors, many of whom are Oruzian immigrants, have gathered outside the Sulasburg Embassy in Lorenvia to protest the Lavelle's administrations response to the shootings by Aldorįoth Sulasburg and Al'įoth St' militia groups. Many protestors can be heard chanting Oruzian Lives Matter and other pro-Oruzia slogans.

We talk to Mojsije Jelic, noted critic of the Sula government, and one of the organisers of this protest.

Mr. Jelic, we've all seen the tragic footage of the gunfire at Tselįonya-Is. But in light of the Sula government arrest of the militia members, could you explain exactly what has brought you and thousands of others here today.

Mr. Jelic
Right. We thank the Sula government for rightfully arresting the far-right militia members, but that is the bare minimum that should be done. There is still massive amount of anti-Oruzian prejudice in Sulasburg, and the Sula government has been too willing to tolerate this extremism. Oruzians lives matter. Their ability to feel safe in their own homes matter. And the Sulasburg government needs to do more to tackle anti-Oruzian bigotry.

Looking around, we see many signs not only critical of Sulasburg, but also of the Lavelle administration. What I'm wondering is what does the current Wizlandian government have to do with the Tselįonya-Is shooting, and if it bears responsibility what should it do moving forward.

Mr. Jelic
Most Wizlandian's don't realise this, but despite all the lip service towards human rights and liberal democracy, the Wizlandian political establishment cares only about two things: trade deals and maintaining their military alliances. I mean look at their response to the shootings. A short press statement condemning the political violence, yet multiple statements, including a lengthy speech, ATTACKING the Oruzian government. And still no statement on the Sula government's increased military presence in Hmendil, something coming out of LITERAL FASCIST playbook.

So we're here not only to protest Sulasburg, but also to tell our politicians that Human Rights Matter. Oruzian Lives Matter. That militarism in Hmendil should not be tolerated, and the administration can no longer be complicit in allowing bigotry and human rights violations overseas.

Specifically, what would you like to see the current government do going forward.

Mr. Jelic
First, it's important to recognise the problem. To recognise the deep anti-Oruzian bigotry embedded in Sula society, and that our government has an obligation to support human rights abroad, and to call on its allies to do better.

Second, their needs to be a strong condemnation of Sulasburg's militaristic response to the shooting. Because from the outside, it almost seems that the Sula government is attempting to punish Oruzians for being shot at.

And third, our government cannot continue to put issues of trade and military alliances above our foundational moral values. We must be willing to actually sanction countries like Sulasburg should they continue to fail to protect their Oruzian citizens.

Thank you for your time.

That is all from me, back to you in the studio.

Thuoye wrote:RP
Thuoye warns Cruenterra that it is playing with fire. Declaring our glorious nation suspectum imperium is both insulting and counter-productive to our shared goal of world peace.

Tuthar wrote:RP
"If Thuoye really wanted world peace they would not engage in such a needless threat. Cruenterra is not putting troops on the border, not imposing sanctions on Thuoye , not even trying to outpace them in military size. They are simply changing the diplomatic status of them which effects nothing but a internal view of Thuoye in Cruenterra. If Thuoye truly wanted peace they would not light a candle over such a minor innocent. World peace is just a international cover for their prideful pursuit of domination. This is all about pride, the downfall of man"
- statement by interviewed diplomat

Sjevre wrote:RP
Elections are coming in Sjevre

One time in 5 years all of the people come to a locket. A locket to vote. In their small town or in a large city. It doesn't matter all of the 21 Million Savraan will go voting in the next 3 days.

The major parties are:

Utega > Major candidate is Solvein Piivo Morchands (Current Prime-Minister)

-> Is current party with biggest chance to win.
--> If wwIII will break out they will join Oruzia's side. (since his own grandmother was part Oruzian)
-> (rest not really important for rp)

Green party > Major candidate is Katharina Sanaumustas (Current Secretery of Home affairs)
-> Biggest current party
--> Want to improve relations with Intercontinental entente
-> (rest not really important for rp)

Liberals > Vjesjtseslav Hakunin (Current leader of biggest opposition party)
-> Won't join wwIII when it is launched

Socialists > Katene Mbellani (Current mayor of Helsaukas (Helsinki))
-> Big support for Oruzia in this party

---- Rest of the parties aren't going to win ----

Campalia wrote:RP
The Campalian government is watching developments on the continent with concern. We expressly warn against a violent escalation of the situation. Parliament sees the need to act to avoid incidents like the one in Tselįonya-Is in the future, but sees the responsibility for this with the government of The Nine Kingdoms of Sulasburg and not the international community. The Campalian government also wishes to express its condolences to the families of the deceased protesters and the Tutharian ambassador.
We will remain neutral for now.

Neyo Tel, Prime Minister of Campalia

Cruenterra wrote:RP
King Patiemur agrees.

Lochak wrote:RP

Statement from the Lochakian Комитет по иностранным заявлениям ( Forgein Statement Committe ) ​

Lochak is officially siding with the Oruzia

Lochak wrote:RP

Statement from the Lochakian Комитет по иностранным заявлениям ( Forgein Statement Committe ) ​

Lochak is officially siding with the Oruzia government and will actively provide resources and troops for the Nation. Lochak recognizes Sulasburg as an enemy and will cease all existing trade. Allies of Sulasburg will be viewed as possible threats.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

Just Breaking

Three pipe bombs have been found in and around various Tselįonya-Is government buildings, all bearing markings associated with the OfOI (Organization for Oruzian Independence). It is not known when they were set to explode. This is being treated as a criminal investigation, and several prominent OfOI members have been apprehended for questioning. Mi'jailov Steflavic, well known as one of the more radical members of the group, is unaccounted for and thought to be on the run. More updates will follow.

Sulasburg wrote:RP


Fifteen have died and thirty-six more are unaccounted for after a fourth undiscovered bomb exploded under the Regional Archives building. The military has been dispatched immediately in large numbers, and in the interests of national security sanctions will be placed immediately on Oruzia.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

Oruzia tell your state-sponsored vigilantes to stand down or we will make them.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
Sulasburg talks a lot, but doesn't provide a single piece of evidence. Where is the evidence that OfOI was involved, even more so, where is the evidence that Oruzia was involved? Or maybe the government of Sulasburg planted the bombs themselves in order to have an excuse and justification for sanctions and escalation of the conflict? I hope we are wrong. We should not forget that the first step to the border was taken by the soldiers of Sulasburg.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

This is an active investigation and such details may not yet be revealed to the public. We do not want war but our duty is to our people, ethnic background notwithstanding.

Oruzia wrote:RP

Sasha Blitz Press conference

Sasha: "First off I should start by paying my respects to the people that died in that grousome extremist attack, and would also like to apologise for allowing the Tuthar's ambassador be assassinated by terrorists. We will allow the Tuthar authorities and will help them capture the perpetrators of that horrendous attack.
As for the Sulsaburg situation, I can only fathom how their government is desperate in starting an armed conflict. With no proof of Our involment they blame us for allegedly "supporting" the Oruzian separatists. And to add salt on the wound they militarize the border and put sanctions and travel restrictions on us.
This act has been demeed by us as unprofessional and inpolitisan like.
We understand the severity of the attack but is it all a reason to put sanctions on us?
We didn't do that to Sulsaburg when the fascists attacked our people even though there where many who wanted it.
We demand that this sanctions on Oruzia be lifted and that this outrageous allocations that our government supports terrorist organizations be lifted.

Libermocracy wrote:RP

And how OfOI connected to Oruzia, why sanctions on Oruzia? It's an internal matter, no?

Sulasburg wrote:RP

Circumstances not yet revealed have led to this, it's a temporary measure. And they have mobilized as well. It is no longer purely internal.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

In light of recent aggressions, we have now closed all passages between Oruzia and Sulasburg and are keeping said passages under surveillance. Again, this is an internal matter. We have also created a temporary tertiary government panel to which the protesters have begun to explain their grievances, and investigations are ongoing.

- Sfįa Aidil'l, Press Secretary for the Sula Ministry of The Interior

Sulasburg wrote:RP

We will consider the lifting of sanctions, but when a neighbouring country mobilizes in response to an external event it engenders some degree of distrust. We are a society that values peace greatly, and we are attempting to stifle war.

Oruzia wrote:RP

"The Boiling Pot of Europe"

Breaking news: "Today this morning at 08:30 EET the Armed Forces of both Oruzia and Sulasburg have engaged in a violent confortasion that has hospitalised 3 Oruzian and two Sula soldiers and has claimed the lives of 2 Oruzian and two Sula soldiers.

On the border of Sulasburg and Oruzia the armies stationed there started to thount one another. What started like an argument turned into a all out anarchy where both Oruzian and Sula soldiers started shouting nationalistic and racist remarks at one another. Oruzians started throwing hand signs of the old WW2 Oruzian regime whilst Sulas started singing anti Oruzian war songs, one which had the controversial line saying "Adriatic we will march through and Oruzia we will burn through"

Whit border control to weak to stop the two sides, they fled the situation allowing Sulas and Oruzians to get closer. Not long after they started pushing each other around. Pushing turned into fighting and with some new troops showing up to the sight got scared that the war has started and started shooting at each other. It is still not know which side started shooting first but both claim that the other side started first. This tragedy has costed both nation lives and will without a doubt frese the relations between two nation's.

have to do this, i dont want this post be drowned in the sea of posts.

Lochak wrote:RP

International News

Lochakian Ships have been spotted moving across the Pacific towards the conflict between Sulasburg & Oruzia carryinh large amounts of aircraft, troops, explosives, and vehicles. It is feared that these supplies may be used to aid the Oruzian forces in a possible attack on Sulasburg, and international committes have ordered Lochak to stop their advance and to not aid Oruzia with these weapons. Lochak has yet to give a response.

Usoniy wrote:RP
Donald Trump say he will Make a colony in Antarctica
Trump move 1000 man to Antarctica

Lochak wrote:RP
A Statement from the Служба государственных СМИ ( Public Media Service )

Glorious Leader Lochak stands up onto a podium adorned with gold & silver roses. He lifts his hands, and a loud roar of applause sounds. as he lowers his hands, the applause fades. "My People!" His voice booms over the speakers. "The filthy capitalist we all know as 'Trump' has sent a band of heretics to the sacred lands of Arjkes, or in their pitiful words, 'Antarctica.' this only goes to show that these scum known as the Usoniyons must be destroyed for desecrating these holy lands with their unclean, capitalist feet! DEATH TO USONIY!" He screams - he does sound kind of insane. The croud yells along, chanting of 'Death to Usoniy' sounds all throughout the crowd.

yeesh, probably isnt good.


Lochak wrote:RP

is it not known to you that ships and planes exist? Or are you too focused on getting so much money from exploiting the poor to realize that, you filthy, thick-skulled capitalist scum?

( hehe, this is fun. )

Tuthar wrote:RP
Tuthar's elections start tomorrow. Were here at the first debate of the election season.
current candidate: current president, Joseph McCain
stance: Embracing the war and siding with Sulasburg

current candidate: Farmer, union leader, Day Loa
stance: Embracing the war but cutting alliance ties

current candidate: son of the CEO of Aries Industry, Hyunh Turat
stance: ignoring the war and keeping passive.

Usoniy wrote:RP
Trump say he will land on king George Island and Nelson Island in 3 days RP time
how long is 3 days in LDU RP time?

Kingdom of the Indus wrote:RP
New evidence has come to light that suggests
that the nation of Oruzia is funneling money
towards the Socialist Republic of the Indus (SRI),
a Marxist terror group that was responsible for the
arson attack on Parliament and the bombing of the
Indusian embassy in Erimea.

The government may issue an official declaration
of war on Oruzia.

Wizlandia wrote:RP
"Wizlandia is concerned that the situation at the Sula-Oruzia border is spiralling out of control, and asks both sides to take steps to de-escalate tensions, including demilitarisation at the border. Further, Wizlandia requests Lochak to refrain from sending troops and military supplies to Oruzia, as this will just result in further escalation and increased possibility of a full-on war."
- Executive of State Palmer

In other news, a small Wizlandian fleet of one aircraft carrier, four destroyers, and eight smaller support vessels have been spotted in the Mediterranean. Executive of Defence Polis assures the international community that this is just routine patrol fleet to ensure the safety of international trade.

Thuoye wrote:RP
The known imperialists Usoniy are now trying to conquer Antarctica. Thuoye joins Lochak in their condemnation of Usoniy, and urge other nations to do the same. Should Usoniy not withdraw its troops from Antartica and continue its attempt of world domination, we may have to consider military action.

Tuthar wrote:BREAKING NEWS
The Tuthar department of the military(TDM) has announced the killing of the 2 gun men and the capture of their safehouse in Italy. The two men have been confirmed as members of the MACF(militarized anti colonist front). Well one of the gunmen was a member of the old regime guerrillas that were recently wiped out, the other gunman was Thuoye solider. In addition several weapons made in Thuoye including machine guns, artillery, helicopters and even a tank have been found. Tensions are at all time high between the two nations


Libermocracy wrote:RP
Because of this situation, we call on Sulasburg and Oruzia to remove troops from the borders and not escalate the conflict, because neither country was to blame for the shooting on the border, the military was to blame. We call for an investigation into the shooting and punishment of those responsible. We also call on Lochak to stop the worsening of the conflict and call on Usoniy not to go to Antarctica. Or there will be sanctions.

Wizlandia wrote:RP

Wizlandian Broadcasting Channel - BREAKING NEWS

Breaking News. A bombshell report by The Lorenvia Times has revealed that senior members of the Wizlandian government, including members of the cabinet, the Foreign Intelligence Service, and the Office of Cyber-Security and Signals Intelligence, have been discreetly transferring funds and providing opposition research for the Sjevre Green Party in Katharina Sanaumustas bid to become the next Prime Minister of Sjevre. Political commentators speculate that the administration fears that Morchands re-election would result in closer relations between Sjevre and the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere, and that the Lavelle administration would prefer the more pro-Intercontinental Entente Green Party to win big in the election and form the government in Sjevre.

Chief Executive Lavelle and Executive of Intelligence Walker are expected to appear before the House of Commons Intelligence Committee tomorrow to address the charges of budget misappropriation, acting beyond parliamentary authority, and trying to interfere in the election of a democratic ally. Donald Cook, a senior member of the Social Democratic Party, has said that depending on the results of the parliamentary inquiry, all those who had involvement or knowledge of the actions supporting the Sjevre Green Party should be removed from cabinet, and that Parliament should form a new government.

All this is happening in the backdrop of increased tensions and militarisation along the Sula-Oruzia border, and the Sjevre election and the future of the Wizlandian government will likely have a big impact should a war between Sulasburg and Oruzia break out.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
Due to the statement of the Usonian government, our country decided to impose an embargo on the country and sever economic, trade and political relations as much as possible. We will remove the sanctions as soon as the Usonian government decides to abandon its decision to annex Antarctica. We recommend that they do so right now. We believe that the other countries should also impose sanctions on Usoniy.

Filipinn wrote:RP:
Due to the recent actions of Usoniy on Antartica and Libermocracy, Filipinn has chosen to follow Libermocracy, and impose sanctions on Usoniy until their Antarctic troops retreat from Antartica.

Sjevre wrote:RP

~newsreader: Today is a great day in Savraan history. For the 55th time in history of Sjevre people have been voting on their favorite candidate, their most beloved. They've tried to install a new Prime-minister. Today their have been some news from Wizlandia whether they've interfiered in our elections. It could be possible. And maybe all votes will be counted again, maybe we'll need to vote again. We shall see.

*some hours pass by*

~Newsreader: Today is a greater day then before, the votes have been re-counted and the results are in. Our beloved King Josev-Aszrymop III will read the results for us from his palace in Lelies.

~ King Josev-Aszrymop III: My fellow Savraan, today you'll all have been voting. And I am happy the elections went on witout protests and violence. All politicians have stayed quiet the last hours, as there have been allegations of a foreign nation interfiering. We shall recount, told the speaker of parliament. This are the results of the recount:

Election results
Altough there are allegations which are proven. The green pary hasn't won the election.

Utega party 41% of the votes

Green party 32% of the votes went to this party, altough the wizlandian government has helped the party, it still lost to the popular party of Solvein P. Morchands

Socialists party 14%

Liberal party 3%

~ Newsreader: That was our glorious and beloved King from Podsburg castle in Lelies.
The biggest chance is that the Utega party will form an alliance with the socialists or the green party!

We know for sure that Prime-minister Solvein Piivo Morchands will be re-elected cause his party has won 41% of the votes which has never been hit before by a party in Savraan history after the establishiment of parliament in 1744

Thank you for listening, thank you for waiting, thank you for voting. And we'll see you tomorrow. When the future Prime-Minister Solvein Piivo Morchands will be telling with who he will form a coalition.

(And for sure Sjevre will soon officialy join the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere.)

Lochak wrote:RP


UNLDU informants have discovered that Lochakian politican bodies have decided to ignore Wizlandia's warnings and continue their travel across the Pacific towards the ongoing conflict between Oruzia & Sulasburg. Furthermore, the informants have discovered huge amounts of ships & aircraft being readied for the long haul to Antarctica to deter Usoniy's forces. It is believed that Lochak has been waiting for a conflict like this to arise to have an excuse to keep the well known, almost psychotic dictator 'Glorious Leader Akje' in power.


Libermocracy wrote: RP
For some reason, the Lochak government is trying to "help" Oruzia, but no one has asked for help. And there is no need for it, because there is no war. His strange attempts will only contribute to a worsening of the situation on the border, which will make things worse for Oruzia, Sulasburg, and Lochak. I don't think it's in the best interest of the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere. I think they better turn around before it's too late and bad for everyone. And a country that sends military forces to the border of two countries without any request looks suspicious to both countries. It would be better for Oruzia to remain vigilant.

Terragroup labs wrote:RP

Hm. Perhaps Lochak really isn't interested in helping Oruzia? It could be a cover up for invading either country at a time when their both distracted. Usoniy simply sent a small force of troops to Antarctica, and Lochak responded by declaring war. Seems like Lochak is jumping at any reason to declare war and try to gain more land.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
Our country has decided to impose the same sanctions on Lochak as it did on Usoniy, because what it's doing is too dangerous for both countries he's headed to. The sanctions will be removed if the Lochak government turns back its ships. Likewise, we would like them to try to negotiate with Usoniy first, rather than attack.

Usoniy wrote:RP
in 2021, Donald Trump sent 100 men/settlers to Buchanan, africa

first time citizen from Usoniy will live in the colony of africa

Kingdom of the Indus wrote:RP
The Kingdom of the Indus has placed a trade embargo on Usoniy.

Campalia wrote:RP
The Campalian News

After long and complicated negotiations, the Prime Minister of Luetopia, Luke Rith, announced today that an agreement has been reached for the unification of Luetopia and Ireland. Ireland will join Luetopia. Rith said this was an important step in preserving the nations' independence from other larger nations on the European continent.

Furthermore, our esteemed Prime Minister convened an important press conference at which he announced several things. First, Campalia will establish two small colonies on the Galapagos Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The purpose of these colonies is to study and preserve the local flora and fauna, as well as to study the effects of climate change on them. In addition, Neyo Tel announced the purchase of the following Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, Prience Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Furthermore St. Pierre and Miquelon Campalia joins. This came after there had been repeated riots in the Canadian provinces, which the Canadian government could not bring under control. With the sale, both nations hope for peace in the border region between Usoniy and Campalia.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
"The TV in the room comes on. The face of the "leader of the nation" in the bunker-palace appears."
Right now, the countries around us are putting on a show, but don't believe them: they're lying. We are in a ring of enemies, we are surrounded. But they will not succeed in deceiving us. They betrayed us and our common ideals. We will not let our guard down. This ridiculous spectacle has been planned to get the troops together and attack us. They won't succeed. Our country will hit them back soon, and they won't be able to respond. That's why we're imposing an embargo on Cruenterra, Kai ry, Filipinn, Kingdom of the Indus, Sulasburg, Tuthar, Wizlandia, Hizue, LiberMocracy, Lochak, Oruzia, SNR and Thuoye. Citizens, be ready to take up arms if these fascists come for us and our families. We will fight until the end, until victory!
"The screen turns off."

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
The NewKazakhBy government is starting to accept refugees from other countries, telling them that it will send them to developed countries where there are no wars and that everything is legal.This is a lie, in fact it plans to start spamming foreign countries' borders with migrants.

Potenzia wrote:Potenzia has just issued a Level 3 travel advisory for both Sulasburg and Oruzia.

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions
Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution
Level 3: Reconsider Travel
Level 4: Do Not Travel

Jacqueline Bouvier
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
Putler announces that Sjevre will be sanctioned like the rest of enemies of the world.

Lochak wrote:RP

UNLDU informants have confirmed reports of Lochakian ships landing in the Suez canal. This may prove a problem for international economies - if Lochak decides to block trade through the canal, global trade could be slowed. Furthermore, the arrival of Lochakian forces may escalate the ongoing conflict between Sulasburg & Orzuia.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NewKazakhBy removes sanctions from Lochak.

Potenzia wrote:With Oruzias permission, Potenzia will begin moving ships to the Oruzian-owned Suez Canal as Lochaks presence there could become detrimental to the Potenzian economy, as well as other international economies.

Potenzia will continue to remain non-aligned in the affairs between Oruzia & Sulasburg, but will agree to protect all European nations from outside forces such as Lochak and Usoniy.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NewKazakhBy begins taking migrants to the borders of Oruzia and Sulasburg.

Oruzia wrote:RP

We would like to alert both Potenzia and Lochak that the Suez canal is under rghtfull ownership of the Oruzian State. It will not allow any foreign blocade or let the suez be a battleground of foreign powers.

Potenzia wrote:Potenzia has always recognized Oruzias ownership of the Suez Canal. We only offer our assistance as Lochak is known to have a very powerful army.

As long as Oruzian forces can defend the canal and prevent Lochak from entering the Mediterranean, Potenzia has no desire to interfere.

Oruzia wrote:RP

As the Middle East is an unstable place we can assure you that there are many profesionaly trained soldiers that would render the blocade of the Suez suicidal to anyone who tries to do so.

But we appretiate your consern with the situation.

Lochak wrote:RP

Per Potenzia's statement about moving ships into the Suez canal, Lochak will let it be known that any Potenzian ships entering the canal will be identifided as hostile. Lochak does not wish to block trade through the canal, nor start a conflict with Potenzia, nor desires to enter the Mediterranian Sea.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NewKazakhBy sanctioned Potenzia for openly threatening other countries.

Oruzia wrote:RP

A foreign nation doesn't have permition to accept or deny the enterence to the Suez canal.
Only the government of Oruzia can and has the power to do so, besides Potenzia has been a good ally to Oruzia and we have no interests in blocking them their enterence.

Potenzia wrote:Is the Lochakian government claiming that these reports are false?

What exactly are Lochaks intentions? 🤔

Potenzia wrote:Openly offering assistance to protect other countries from dictatorial regimes*

The nation of Potenzia has threatened no one, and while we have no intention to interfere, we will if absolutely necessary.

Campalia wrote:RP

Campalia will do the same to Potenzia and issue travel warnings for Sulasburg and Oruzia. The Campalian government would like to remind the civilizations involved once again that further escalation could lead to war, which would not be beneficial for either side.
Furthermore, the Campalian government warns Lochak against a blockade of the Suez Canal. This would be seen by Campalia as a declaration of war on all nations of Europe, and the Campalian government would take the subsequent steps necessary to ensure the economic integrity of those nations.

Nevertheless, Campalia is open to diplomatic talks with all nations.

Cien Fall, Speaker of Parliament

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NewKazakhBy sanctions Campalia for openly threatening other true democratic countries.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
Prime minister Alexey Navalny:
...And now we come to a very important topic. Today the dictator of NewKazakhBy held a broadcast. He told that the country was supposedly in the circle of enemies, that the conflict between Sulasburg and Oruzia was invented to attack NewKazakhBy, Putler promised to strike back. We are sure that this is just a made-up reason to do any unfavorable actions to other countries, we impose retaliatory sanctions and recommend the dictator not to strike back. No matter how strong they think their defence forces are, we are sure that if the dictatorship starts any military action, it will not be able to withstand the onslaught of all countries. Now I would like to talk about the conflict between...

Filipinn wrote:RP

As per Lochak's statement about any Potenzian ship being considered hostile, we will offer our assistance to both Potenzia and Oruzia in defending the Suez Canal, as Filipinn does have a strong navy. If Lochak ever decides to declare war on either Potenzia or its allies, we will immediately retaliate and declare war on Lochak.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:RP
As tensions rise around the world, the government is forced to comment. However, it seems different figures have very different opinions. The prime minister, Severinus Sevso, announced that he believed that the Oruzians were over-reacting, as the killings (according to him) had nothing to do with the Sula government, while Emperor Augustus IV stated that "Rome has stood with Oruzia for centuries, and we are not turning our back on them in a time of crisis!". Many predict a split in the government soon.

Sjevre wrote:RP

Today the new coalition has been made

Utega 41% and Green party 32%.
It is strange that these two should work together thanks to their opposing view on the Oruzia-Sulasi conflict.
Altough they've a lot of similar ideas as it comes to Savraan inland.

Prime-minister Solvein Piivo Morchands and his cabinet members have taken their oath this morning in the Podsburg palace in Lelies. The Gray-Green coalition will start next week their new cabinet.

Prime-minister S. P. Morchands has already posted his meaning on Threans (Savraan facebook' or actually 'Meta') he is delighted with his new coalition and he'll be soon on a meating with the Co-Prosperity sphere's leaders. In Naisus (Oruzia)

This was the Sjevrean news of the day.

Cruenterra wrote:RP
Emperor August's government was declared suspectum imperium by king Patiemur today

The united free market states wrote:RP
"The Republic of free market states has announced its attention to remain non involved but will use it's intelligence service to disrupt anything that threatens it."
end report

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NewKazakhBy delivered 186 migrants to the Oruzian border.

Wizlandia wrote:RP
Wizlandia warns Lochak not to block any trade through the canal, and that any disruption to Wizlandian ships or foreign ships engaging in trade with Wizlandia could serve as casus belli.

Wizlandia urges Newkazakhby to retract their aggressive remarks, and warns NewKazakhBy that any attack on a nation in the Intercontinental Entente will be met with retaliation by the alliance.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NurOgon Vladimir Putler warns Wizlandia that he will require Wizlandia's demands to be written on toilet paper.

Wizlandia wrote:RP
The parliamentary inquiry has implicated Chief Executive Ashley Lavelle, Lieutenant Executive James Ward, Executive of State Lillian Palmer, Executive of Intelligence Stuart Walker guilty of budget misappropriation, acting beyond parliamentary authority, and trying to interfere in the election of a democratic ally when the administration funnelled funds and provided opposition research for the Sjevre Green Party. In an evening address to the nation, Chief Executive Lavelle has announced her intention to resign as Chief Executive, becoming the second Chief Executive to resign before the completion of her term, the first being William Martin's resignation after the 1977 Constitutional Crisis. Lieutenant Executive James Ward of the National Party will temporarily take over the office of Chief Executive, but it is expected that as the largest party in the coalition, the Liberal Party will nominate Chancellor Kieran Lehman to the office of Chief Executive.

On domestic policy, whilst Chief Executive Lavelle descended from the social-liberal wing of the Liberal Party, Chancellor Lehman descends from the conservative-liberal wing, making him more agreeable to his conservative coalition partners. On international issues, the new administration is likely to stay the course of supporting the Intercontinental Entente, continuing high levels of funding for the nations Navy and Air Force, and maintaining a foreign policy primarily focused on ensuring free flow of trade in international waters.

The approval rating of the Liberal-National government has dropped to a new low, with only 27% of voters saying they approve of the current government compared to 61% of voters saying they disapprove. This has resulted in rumours that the National Party may decide to abandon the current government and instead form a coalition with the Social Democrats. If this were to happen, the dovish Social Democrats would likely force Wizlandia to hew to a non-interventionist foreign policy and not defend Sulasburg should war break out in Europe.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
Vladimir Putler invites Chief Executive Ashley Lavelle of Wizlandia to talks at NewKazakhBy.

Campalia wrote:RP

The Campalian Government decided to impose sanctions on NewKazakhBy for trying to further escalate the Sula-Oruzian conflict.

Oruzia wrote:RP

Oruzia Responds

This is a blatant violation of our sovereignty and the international Law! Let it be known that we won't be accepting them without the proper paperwork. If any enter however then they will be deteined and deported.
Oruzia won't allow a underdeveloped Rusky Urailan semi nation to bully others into submission.

"This is a great example of what happened when you give absolute power to a schizo lunatic."

Sjevre wrote:RP

Solvein Piivo Morchands has announced that he wants to reunite all Savraan people under one union.
Here you can see a map of all provinces that S. P. Morchands wants to annex


He later hopes for help from other coalition members to annex these lands

Campalia wrote:The Campalian Government supports the Savraan claims. It believes that all Savraan people should live in a united country. But the government also believes that there's no need to take these lands by force. It supports all diplomatic efforts to unite the Savraan people.

Cien Fall, Speaker of Parliament

Sjevre wrote:We should only use force when we need to, If we want to reunite Savraan. And they resist they aren't Savraan
Then they're traitors to the Savraan state and should be annexed
~ General Saunikas Kiiminen

Oruzia wrote:RP

With the growing tension in the Balkans and the rapid militarization on the Sula-Oruzia border. Right Wing Extremist groups and parties have adopted the Greater Oruzia Irredentist map. It claims that the majority Oruzian lands and lands historically owned by Oruzia should be brought back under the control of the Crown.


Libermocracy wrote:RP
Премьер министр Алексей Навальный выступает:
Недавно Солвейн Пийво Морчандс от Sjevre, заявил, что они собираются аннексировать чужие провинции. Они даже заявили, что готовы убивать тех, кто защищает земли. Я бы никогда не поверил, что те, кто одной рукой осуждает Usoniy, другой рукой станут аннексировать чужие территории и убивать людей. Но вот мы здесь, и мы осуждаем аннексию и считаем ее нарушением прав человека. Народ Сьевре должен напомнить правительству, что те, кто борется против свободы, не заслуживают свободы, а народ Савраана должен сопротивляться аннексии. Мы поможем им, насколько это в наших силах. Если Сьевре не откажется от аннексии, мы наложим на них санкции, как и на любую страну, которая помогает им. Мы считаем, что они просто лицемерят. Они все такие типа за демократию, но вот они здесь, и их лица открыты, маски сброшены.

State translator translated for the English-speaking people:
Solvein Piivo Morchands for Sjevre, said recently that they are going to annex other people's provinces. They have even stated that they are ready to kill those who defend the lands. I would never believe that those who with one hand condemn Usoniy, with the other hand will annex other people's territories and kill people. But here we are, and we condemn annexation and consider it a violation of human rights. The people of Sjevre must remind the government that those who fight against freedom do not deserve freedom and the people of Savraan must resist annexation. We will help them as much as we can. If Sjevre does not refuse annexation, we will impose sanctions on them as we would on any country that helps them. We think they are just being hypocritical. They are all oh-so pro-democracy, but here they are, and their faces are open, masks off.

Campalia wrote:RP

This declaration is a lie. Cien Fall is the Spealker of Parliament for Campalia. This defamation is unacceptable and we expect an apology.
The Campalian Government will not support any military actions to take back Savraan lands. If these people choose to remain independent, their decision should be respected.

Cien Fall, Speaker of Parliament

Libermocracy wrote:RP
Alexei Navalny claims that the media outlet which texted the speech appears to have inadvertently mixed up the name. He is sure he said "Solvein Piivo Morchands" in the speech.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:RP
Both the emperor and the Prime Minister do not support the claims of Oruzian irredenstist.

However, the emperor is willing to help the true Oruzian government in whatever action they take against Sulasburg.

The Prime Minister, however, would prefer to help the Sula, and has been secretly sending support to them.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
One LiberMocracy politician spoke out on social media in the comments:
Annex your f###ing ass.
The media apologised and corrected mistake in the text. Now it says "Solvein Piivo Morchands" instead of "Cien Fall, Speaker of Parliament".

Sjevre wrote:RP
We don't want to kill, but we are ready to kill if needed
~ General Saunikas Kiiminen

Libermocracy wrote:Annex your f###ing ass.
~ One LiberMocracy politician

Sjevre wrote:RP
Should we see this as a threat? Remember that we have many similarities. And that these interests of one powerful politician in Sjevre will not destroy our good relationship that our countries have built. We are prepared to be criticized for our interests, as long as an ally does not become our enemy
~ General Saunikas Kiiminen

Sulasburg wrote:RP

An investigation is ongoing into the recent altercation between Sula and Oruzian soldiers at the border. With current information collated, it appears as though a drunken brawl between Oruzian soldiers led to a shot being fired from their post and striking the ground near the Sula camp, which prompted a brief retaliation before both sides were ordered to stand down. We deeply regret the loss of life on both sides. However, the Oruzian mobilization continues to be both a menacing threat to our sovereignty and a grave insult to our ability to govern, and we call on the international community to take action to prevent further such actions from our seemingly belligerent neighbour.

- Dzl'hgoios Evlidl'r, Press Spokesman for The Sula Ministry of Defence

Libermocracy wrote:RP
The country held a referendum on the decision of Oruzia and Sjevre to annex territories. The majority of the population decided that these annexations violated international laws and should be revoked immediately. The country voted for sanctions if they don't stop.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
234 migrants are ready, with a thousands more well on the way.

Libermocracy wrote:RP
People Rights Watch (People Rights Watch is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Libermocracy that monitors, investigates and documents human rights abuses in the Liberal Democratic Union) says that according to international obligations, the government of Oruzia should:
Stop expulsion of migrants within Oruzia and at the border;
Allow humanitarian organisations and independent observers, including journalists, civil society organisations, lawyers and human rights defenders, access to the closed border zone;
Give migrants at the border access to formalised procedures, including the possibility to apply for protection in Oruzia and safeguards against removal or return to a country where they may face persecution, ill-treatment or inhuman and degrading conditions;
Cooperate with the Ombudsman of Oruzia to monitor and publish office reports on the situation on the border;
Admit people in need to Oruzia hospitals without separating them from their families.

Newkazakhby wrote:RP
NurKashenko Vladimir Putler:
I fully support the initiatives of Sjevre and Oruzia to annex the territories of their people back to themselves. We are even ready to supply arms for free, provided that these countries do not attack Newkazakhby and that the arms are used for the annexation, we are ready to give some of our troops. In the end, if all goes well, we are ready to lift sanctions and return good diplomatic relations. Newkazakhby can offer rockets and dinosaurs. We also advise to stop any relations with Libermocracy fashists and close it off to the outside world, as they are trying to obstruct democratic and liberal initiatives to regain people's lands.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:Roman Parliament Meeting
Today, the Roman Parliament met to discuss the Sula-Oruzian crisis. Imperator Augustus also attended.

PM Sevso: Hello, my fellow PMs. I have assembled the parliament today to discuss the crisis happening to our north. I am, of course, talking of the Sula-Oruzian crisis. In the crisis, two militia groups named Aldorįoth Sulasburg and Al'įoth St' killed 7 Oruzians in the city of Tselįonya-Is. The Oruzian government has blamed the incident on the Sula government, who are now trying to investigate the matter themselves and moving their military there to make sure a tragedy like this does not happen again.

Now, the government of Oruzia is mobilizing their military, and I am certain that they plan to invade Sulasburg. Now, we stand for peace, and we will support Sulasburg until Oruzia backs....

???: I object.

People gasped and looked around to see who dared interrupt the Prime Minister. It turned out to be Imperator Augustus himself.

Imperator Augustus: I object. Rome and Oruzia have helped each other for centuries. We are not going to turn their back on them because they threatened an "innocent" nation. And Sulasburg isn't even being innocent. It is obvious that they funded those groups themselves, and they are now putting more troops in Hemendil, a border region with Oruzia. After trying to kill off those protestors, they are now trying to kill off all Oruzians! Now, I would like to use my consitutional right to dismiss parliament.

People gasp again. Parliament has not been dismissed in over 100 years. Parliament is beginning to take sides: For Prime Minister & For Imperator.

Lochak wrote:RP

Despite warnings from international governments, there are confirmed reports of a Lochakian-Sulasburg conflict. A small military base near the Sulasburg-Oruzia border was barraged by Lochakian ships with artillery before beding attacked by a small number of Lochakian soldiers who were airdropped in. Lochak failed to take the base, and all 25 ( this number has not been confirmed ) Lochakian soldiers were either killed or commited suicide. 38 Sulasburg troops were killed in the attack, with a number of injured aswell.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:RP

The Prime Minister and Emperor have sent two different (secret) messages to the Lochackian government, with each one not knowing about the other.

The Prime Minister's message reads: "Back down now. You are purposely war-mongering."

The Emperor's message reads "Would we be able to have a secret alliance? I am sure war between Sulasburg and Oruzia will break out soon, and you are trying to make Sulasburg weaker."

Sulasburg wrote:RP

We sadly say that with unmistakable clarity this is seen as an act of war. Unprovoked attacks on our national soil will not be tolerated, and we call on the level-headed minds of the LDU to take action with us against such awful and unprovoked violence.

Tuthar wrote:RP
Tuthar will ban all goods imported from Lochak in Tuthar and any Lochak ships entering the South China Sea will be searched

Sulasburg wrote:RP

We greatly appreciate your concern. Ours are a peaceful people, and such a time is of course fraught with hardship, but it is for friends such as you that we are grateful. Food has been rationed and the military walks the streets, yet still a feeling of hopeful positivity persists.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:RP (secret)
I am glad my concern was appreciated. Unfortunately, the Imperator and his loyalists do not support your cause, preffering to stand with Oruzia. I hope that they will not cause any trouble.

Sulasburg wrote:RP Even More Private :)

For that we are sorry, and if trouble should arise we will not hesitate to offer what help the situation permits.

Cruenterra wrote:RP
This is a problem for Cruenterra because Cruenterra relies heavily on foreign imports, especially from Lochakian companies.

Sulasburg wrote:We condemn your acceptance of this provocateur.

Lochak wrote:RP

...your television changes from your favorite show, 'Glorious Leader Akje defeats Capitalism', as a broadcast from the Holy City plays...

Glorious Leader Ajke stands atop a large, gold-laden podium. "My people!" His voice booms. "After our successful attack on those disgusting Sulas, they have called on other powers to help them. Look at them! We could call Sulasburg 'New Lochak' by tomorrow!" The crowd roars with cheers and whoops, and a one person even throws a boquet of flowers onto the stage. They are quickly taken away to be killed, most likely. "And better yet, that heretic nation of Tuthar has threatened to cut trade and search any of our ships in their waters! What could this mean for our ally, Cruenterra? We must not let this occur, we must stop these heretics from hampering our trade, they only wish to destroy Lochak!" Glorious Leader Akje screams the last part, causing the crowd to scream in exciment aswell. "DEATH TO SULASBURG! DEATH TO TUTHAR! DEATH TO CAPITALISM!" The crowd roars with applause as the TV fades back to your show

Lochak wrote:Glorious Leader simply throws away the Prime Minister's message into his 'books to be burned' pile. He laughs.

In response to the Emporer's message, he shows interest. He Writes: "A secret alliance will be perfect. With these attacks of ours, hopefully war will break out soon. Sulasburg will fall one day, and that day is soon, my friend." He orders a messenger to run all the way to Romanum to deliver the message to the Emporer himself.

Romanum et Britannia Minor wrote:RP
The PM and Emperor are having a meeting in the Emperor's palace

PM Sevso: My Imperator, why are you supporting Oruzia here? They are blaming the government of Sulasburg for the action of militias.

Imperator Augustus: Sulasburg is a strong nation. If they wanted to stop those militia, they would have before someone got hurt. It is obvious that they were supporting them!

PM Sevso: I'm sorry, my Imperator, but you know hardly anything about politics. Leave it to me.

There is suddenly a knock at the door.

Imperator Augustus (to the guards): Open it!

An extremely out of breath man stumbles into the room, exhaustedly saying

Messenger: Emperor Augustus, the Glorious Leader of Lochak has a message for you.

PM Sevso: I'm sorry, but your alledgedly "glorious" leader was probably drunk when he sent you here, he has no business sending messages to our Imperator. I am the one in charge of government here.

Imperator Augustus: Hold on there, I've been expecting this.

PM Sevso: You've been expecting this?! Why were you sending private messages to the leader of Lochak? What were you sending.

Imperator Augustus (furious): That is none of your business, get out of my palace!

Prime Minister Severinus Sevso is forced out of the room. Imperator Augustus then opens the message and reads it.

He then begins writing a reply. (Sorry, next post)

Oruzia wrote:RP

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sasha Blitz:

Despite our cold relations with Sulasburg, we can't ignore this barbaric attack by the Lochak forces. Such acts are prohibited by the international law and are to be punished!
For such attacks to take place on a sea that we also have our land on is uncalled for!

Tuthar wrote:RP
the diplomatic service has stated that non-war imports will still be let through like normal. The blockade is only temporary and is to push towards diplomatic peace talks reaching a peaceful solution. Further more economic aid will be provided to Cruenterra. The ban on there imports only implies to Tuthar

Sulasburg wrote:RP

The Sula border town of Sc'l'euy has been overtaken by Oruzian border militia. It has a majority Oruzian population (72%), and for weeks had been calling for annexation. Further info will follow.

Lochak wrote:RP



Informants in the Lochakian Airforce have possibly discovered plans that Lochak will be bringing a classified 'object' to their position in Oruzia. UNLDU fears this may be a WMD or a possible bioweapon, and are currently investigating Terragroup labs's help with this weapon. Officials fear aircraft may already be moving across Asia towards the Suez.

Furthermore, survelliance drones have images of Lochakian forces setting up various FOB's, Aircraft runways, and compounds near the Suez, as well as large mobilizations of tanks, troops, aircraft, and artillery. UNLDU warns all nations in eastern Asia to be on the lookout for Lochakian aircraft.

Oruzia wrote:RP

Location: Sula-Oruzian border

*It was a cold spring night, animals in the forest where preparing for winter thinking that it would be like any other. The sky was clear, the mood and the stars where pretty like angels... but the armed people at the ground didn't care for their beauty. They where more interested in their conspiracies and politics. Soon the quiet pretty night would be ended by a young man eager to defend what he thinks is right.*

Oruzian Militia Soldier: They are here! Commander they are here! *he jelled with a smile, after all they have been waiting for hours*

Oruzian Militia Commander: So they finally came... *he says with relief* We've been waiting for them four freaking hours where where they!

*Milita man gather around their camp, a drako military car with the emblem of the Oruzian Special Forces parked and behind it tens of trucks bringing in "supplies". An old uniformed man gets out of the car irritated but happy that they arived in one peace*

Oruzian Almy Officer: God! We can hear your cries from kilometers away, you should know that bringing illegal weaponry over a highly militarized border is almost impossible in this day and age! You should be happy we made it in one peace.

Oruzian Militia Commander: Yeah yeah I get it you old geezer, is everything we wanted in those trucks?

*He points at the trucks with suspicion*

Oruzian Army Officer: Those bureaucrats in Naissus are known for their professionalism, not one bullet is missing.

Oruzian Militia Commander: Yeah i don't trust them as much as I can throw them.

Oruzian Army Officer: Well did you do your end of the deal? These guns will be pretty useless if there's no one to use them.

Oruzian Militia Commander: Our porpaganda campaign is working. Underground cells all over eastern Sulasburg are bringing in young man who want to fight for Oruzia.
Don't worry those guns will be fired!

*He says with a creepy smile on his face*

Oruzian Army Officer: Aha, just be careful at who you fire it. Today you are freedom fighters, tommorow you are terrorists. Look just keep your man in check and do your job until the real army arrives and finishes the job.

Oruzian Militia Commander: Pch! We are more of an army than you will ever be! We roze up to protect our freedoms while you dumba**es discuss share cuts in your comfy office chairs!
And you say you defend Oruzian interests.

*The old man scuffs at the disrespect of the young milita Commander*

Oruzian Army Officer: Have you tased war? Where you on the streets fighting against a totalitarian syndicalist regime that had no problems in massacring it's people! Where you in the south where those Golden Dawn fanatics blew up random cars! Where you ever sleeping with one eye open fearing that a commie sympathiser may break into your house and blow up your brain! Yeah I think not *he takes a deep breath and calms down* Be ready kid, this may not just be a small regional war. Other nations are wanting their interests fulfilled and all they need is a mach that will set it all on fire. This may not be a small war kid, we may just be witnessing history unfold.

*He opens the door of the car before he alerts the Milita Commander*

Oruzian Army Commander: Everything is there, guns, artillery, anti artillery... Hell we even snuck in some drones, don't worry they have a "How to fly for dummies". And as a sign of good will were leaving you the trucks and the driver's with them. Have fun in your little war!

*He waives and enters the car, not long after they drive off back to Oruzia.. their mission is accomplished*

*The young milita Commander looks at the stars up above, the man around him cheer and dance for they now have new toys of war. He looks at the stars whilst replaying the words of the old man, he looks at the stars.... he knows that this will be the last time he sees peace up above, he knows that when he looks back up he'll se jets of the Entente and Co Prosperity blowing each other as animals... he looks at the stars...

Kingdom of the Indus wrote:RP

A resolution to declare war on Oruzia was defeated
in Parliament, as many felt Oruzia posed no threat
to the Kingdom at the moment.

Parliament instead decided to crack down on the SRI
(Socialist Republic of the Indus), a pro-Oruzia Marxist
terrorist group.

Sulasburg wrote:RP

A national State of Utmost Emergency has been declared following an unprovoked assault on Sula sovereignty. As of now Hemendil is a warzone, and Oruzia is enemy no. 1. We are at war.

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