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(0) The In-game statistics, government classification, and policies are not canon. / Compare and contrast.

This is page serves the purpose of a reference for what the in-game stats get right about canon Mabufudyne and what they get wrong.

I rarely put much thought into answering issues. In general, the in-game stats skew the perception of Mabufudyne toward something more positive than it is (excluding the horrible wealth gap, which is actually not AS bad canonically.) Still, the stats are accurate in some areas and influence some of what I come up with for the canon. Some things are generally what they should be, while others are waaay off.

The point to be taken, however, is don't believe anything outside of the factbook. On this page, I will compare and contrast some of the in-game stats, policies, etc. to the canon nation. More will be filled out here as more of canon Mabufudyne is written.

I. Policies:

The Queendom of Mabufudyne