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Shareholder Times July - October

By: CCO, VP-PR Biggonian Megaist Empire

The Shareholders' Times
"Bringing Capitalists Together"


  • "I, Hooseria Magna, am sad to announce my retirement as Vice-president of Public Relations, a position which I have proudly held since January 23rd of 2020. Due to real-life health issues and obligations, I have been unable to devote the time to this office that it needs and deserves. Writing an issue of the newspaper is a herculean task for one person to undertake, requiring many hours of organizing and writing. That is why this issue has been a collaboration between multiple people, each playing their own important role in the process. While I will no longer be the sole writer of the Shareholder Times, I will remain involved in the creation of it. I will also remain active in my role as the Chief Legal Officer of Lands End and plan to run again in this upcoming election."

  • Over the past few months, unfortunately due to IRL reasons the previous Vice President-Public Relations and current Chief Legal Officer Hooseria Magna has had to stand down as Vice President-Public Relations. He has set a great standard for Shareholder Times issues and will continue his exemplary service as Chief Legal Officer. He has been replaced by Biggonian Megaist Empire.

  • The LEvision results have finally come back! Thank you to all who participated, and here is the final scoreboard, as well as thanks as usual to TESDAI for organizing it!

  • At 12:27:08 ET on the 8th of September, Personnel Officer of the Central Strategic Community (CSC) Duby, better known as Red, sent a message in the Discord stating “Drew made another video.” This message would set off a scramble to gather as many members in the Augustin Alliance, across all four regions, to begin recruiting. At times shortly thereafter, as many as 8 people would be recruiting at a time, trying to cover both the new nations founding and refounding nations returning, while others patiently waited for someone to take a break so they could join the cause. From Lands End alone, there were many who volunteered their time and effort into recruiting during this event many would come to call Drewpocalypse 2.

    This absurd level of involvement from the members of the AA regions would see nation count, endorsement count, influence count, WA nation count, and Delegate endorsement count records shattered in Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, and our home of Lands End. It would also see all three of these regions also see all three regions on the front page of the Most World Assembly Endorsements census.

    Lands End’s records would top out at 521 total nations, 144 Delegate votes, and 11077 total endorsements on October 6, and 199 total World Assembly nations on October 3. While most of the world fears the wave of CTEs that is ongoing a month after Drew Durnil’s latest video, Lands End has survived with still an increase of over 100 nations, 50 WA nations, and an increase of nearly 30 endorsements on the Delegate. And despite losing over 1000 thousand total endorsements in the wave, Lands End is still above an aggregate of 10000, quickly approaching a mark of 3 million influence.

    - Written by TESDAI


  • It is imperative that as many nations as possible in Lands End joins the World Assembly. It is also just as imperative that once you join the World Assembly, you endorse every other nation with WA status in Lands End, especially our WA delegate, TESDAI. This is for the good of the region and the Augustin Alliance as a whole! Any questions should be directed to the regional message board. While we as Lands End are largely opposed to the General Assembly, the World Assembly has many gameplay effects involving Influence, Endorsements, and Region Security we must acknowledge. Influence is how we keep the region secure and safe from gameplay invasion. Influence is generated twice per day by each nation and endorsement they have received. The World Assembly also offers us a way to verify that nations are not bypassing our rules of only allowing one nation in the region by locking certain things behind being a Shareholder. Shareholders have many privileges that we do not offer to regular members such as voting for the Board, running for office, and a place on our map and in our roleplay.

  • It is highly encouraged for new nations to join the LinkAugustin Alliance Discord server. The community on the server can help you get accustomed to NationStates and answer any questions you may have. There are many entertaining activities that occur on the server and there is a place for every Lands End resident to get involved.

  • To participate in the regional roleplay you must be a shareholder and you are highly encouraged to join the discord. I would encourage everyone to participate as our officers have been working tirelessly to make sure that the roleplaying is fun and inclusive. In order to apply to be a shareholder, you must be in the WA and submit an application to The Tribia. Map claims must be submitted by shareholders to Hansa Federation in order to be placed on the map.

  • LEpedia is the official source for RP information located here. Use the template provided to design your nation's LEpedia page and then send it to TESDAI to be reviewed and placed on the official dispatch. If you ever need information on a nation in RP, look at their LEpedia page.

  • Lastly, if you want to get involved in the government side of the region, you should apply to become a shareholder. Shareholders vote on new legislation and can run for political office. To apply, you must be in the WA.

Role-play news

  • Biggonian Turmoil

      Shortly after Empress Ricardina's return to Biggonia, there was an assassination attempt on her life while she was sleeping. It took place on 7th July, and was supposedly ordered by Frederic Reximus, who was the heir to a prominent house in the province of Grenzland. He was executed at around lunchtime 24th, for all the public of Ivasburg to see. However despite this, the resistance from inside the Imperial diet of Biggonia became increasingly resistant to her attempts at reform, believing she instead intended to create and absolutist anarchist state.

      Two days afterwards, Ricardina's old school friend, Mikhail Zabusov, arrived to the palace to see her again. After spending a few days together, Mikhail arranged to meet her in one of the slums in the outskirts of the capital city Ivasburg. However, when she found him, he had been murdered. While she would not realize until much later, Mikhail had in fact uncovered a far larger conspiracy.

      After the Shurdorf Riots (see below) and the disappearance of Prince Malwine Grenzer's wife on the 5-6th of August, Grenzland investigators immediately began searching for the kidnappers, or at least who killed her. At the same time, however, Biggonian State Intelligence; which answered directly to the Empress; began their own investigation into the disappearance. When they discovered the shocking evidence that Malwine Grenzer had murdered his own wife, they were outraged. The conspiracy went deeper, however. It would appear that Elmina, wife of Malwine, had uncovered the plot to kill Empress Ricardina, and to make sure Mikhail Zabusov would never reveal his crucial information. In order to keep her silent, he would have to kill her. Prince Malwine Grenzer, along with 27 other members of the diet would be sentenced to death for treason, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and spousicide.

      At 4:10, on the 26th August, a massive terrorist attack was launched on Ivasburg by the Free Domlandia Front, a terror organization which threatened the stability of the Biggonian state. Therefore, Empress Ricardina was goaded by both her allies and enemies to declare a state of emergency, which alienated those who still held a middle stance on her democratic reforms. At last, on the 28th August, Ricardina Tallandos was impeached by the Imperial diet and then exiled from Biggonia and went to Kathricore. Archduke Gunther de Palmedorf, likely the most popular man in Biggonia, was made Lord Protector of the Empire, while a suitable Emperor from the Tallandos house could be chosen. Talland, which provided Ricardina's largest support base, was placed under marshal law and crackdowns against pro-democracy and socialist movements were carried out in large scale by the government.

  • Pan Harlanchians

      On the 2nd August, a large crowd of protestors from the Pan-Harlanchian movement assembled outside the Baikalan embassy. The Pan-Harlanchians are a nationalist group which believe all of Amnis should be united into a singular state. While on the whole it is peaceful protest (which occasionally erupts into riot) the National Socialist Wing has been linked to several terror attacks. They have an immense hatred of Baikala, viewing them as intruders on the Amnisian fatherland.

      On the 3rd August, the protest became violent and led to the raiding and burning of the Baikalan embassy. While Baikala began to organize a defensive military response, the Mitte Harlanchian government ordered martial law, as riots and protests began spreading like wildfire throughout the country. While the lynching's and raiding were eventually brought under control, suspicion by Baikala against the state were continued, and the INTC organization classified the entire Pan-Harlanchian movement (despite only the National Socialists directly endorsing violence) as terrorists.

      In the Biggonian City of Shurdorf, the capital of the Grenzland region, 5th August, massive strikes began against the aristocratic government. The ruling nobility of Shurdorf and Grenzland as a whole had long neglected the inhabitants of their city, and therefore the protests were more the result of growing anger against the establishment, rather than support for the Pan-Harlanchian movement. Nonetheless, the police were called up to quell the strikes, however when it was discovered that a large portion of police forces were secretly allied with the Pan-Harlanchians, open rioting occurred. Chaos reigned in the streets, as wealthy Valdez neighborhoods- which had long been the symbol of the government's lack of care for it's own citizens, due to "unfair" affirmative action- were ransacked and many killed. Eventually, the Grenzland army was called up, which quickly put a stop to the riots, on 8th August. However, during the chaos, Prince Malwine Grenzer, the ruler of the city of Shurdorf and Grenzland, assassinated his wife Queen Elmina (see above).

  • Leonid Volkin imprisonment and rescue

      The Leonid Volkin trial continued, as the Biggonian government dropped the espionage charges, instead intending for him to merely serve 3 years in prison for privacy breaches. He was sentenced on 26th August by Judge Clarance Moore, and was transferred later that day. On the 9th September, however, a man who was sent to prison for illegally trading alcohol, known as Hans Heineken, attempted to assault him, causing both to be sent to solitary confinement. Unbeknownst to Leonid Volkin, Heineken was a pawn in a much larger plan.

      With Volkin now safely out of the public eye, near midnight on the 12th September, an Agent from the Biggonian State Intelligence services retrieved him from prison, loaded him onto a plane and took him to Hooseria. While the Hooserian government did view Leonid Volkin as an innocent man, from a pragmatic view, it was a way for Hooserian relations with Baikala to be boosted, when Leonid Volkin is released and inevitably becomes popular in Baikala. In exchange for his release, Biggonia was granted entry into the Vabasian Union, an economic organization which would help strengthen their dying economy. This was a controversial decision since Biggonia is not very popular amongst the nations of the Vabasian Union, owing to their numerous human rights abuses.



Nation Total

Delegate Endorsements

Endorsement Total2

Influence Total

Population Total

GDP Total

26 Jun 21

326 (-1)

101 (+9)

6.02k (+936)

1.85 million (+53.2k)

427 billion (+10.2 billion)

63.5 quadrillion (+1.90 quadrillion)

03 Jul 21

320 (-6)

101 (+0)

6.26k (+238)

1.90 million (+49.6k)

439 billion (+12.0 billion)

64.6 quadrillion (+1.14 quadrillion)

10 Jul 21

343 (+23)

114 (+13)

7.33k (+1.07k)

1.97 million (+74.2k)

449 billion (+9.68 billion)

66.0 quadrillion (+1.34 quadrillion)

17 Jul 21

341 (-2)

117 (+3)

7.15k (-183)

2.03 million (+55.6k)

436 billion (-12.6 billion)

64.2 quadrillion (-1.77 quadrillion)

24 Jul 21

328 (-13)

114 (-3)

7.32k (+173)

2.18 million (+153k)

448 billion (+11.6 billion)

67.2 quadrillion (+2.97 quadrillion)

31 Jul 21

315 (-13)

111 (-3)

7.08k (-239)

2.20 million (+18.0k)

450 billion (+1.85 billion)

67.6 quadrillion (+437 trillion)

07 Aug 21

294 (-21)

106 (-5)

6.87k (-211)

2.22 million (+26.4k)

450 billion (+396 million)

68.0 quadrillion (+455 trillion)

14 Aug 21

291 (-3)

103 (-3)

5.72k (-1.16k)

2.24 million (+19.9k)

479 billion (+29.1 billion)

71.0 quadrillion (+2.95 quadrillion)

21 Aug 21

294 (+3)

105 (+2)

6.43k (+717)

2.30 million (+54.8k)

495 billion (+16.0 billion)

73.8 quadrillion (+2.83 quadrillion)

28 Aug 21

301 (+7)

106 (+1)

6.74k (+310)

2.36 million (+63.1k)

493 billion (-1.99 billion)

72.8 quadrillion (-1.06 quadrillion)

04 Sep 21

314 (+13)

107 (+1)

7.11k (+370)

2.36 million (-1.62k)

485 billion (-8.42 billion)

71.8 quadrillion (-970 trillion)

11 Sep 21

385 (+71)

112 (+5)

7.36k (+245)

2.46 million (+97.7k)

503 billion (+17.7 billion)

75.6 quadrillion (+3.82 quadrillion)

18 Sep 21

444 (+59)

126 (+14)

8.26k (+902)

2.54 million (+84.4k)

506 billion (+3.25 billion)

76.0 quadrillion (+345 trillion)

25 Sep 21

483 (+39)

131 (+5)

9.30k (+1.04k)

2.61 million (+69.4k)

523 billion (+17.6 billion)

78.0 quadrillion (+2.06 quadrillion)

02 Oct 21

498 (+15)

138 (+7)

10.8k (+1.51k)

2.74 million (+129k)

543 billion (+19.2 billion)

80.1 quadrillion (+2.04 quadrillion)

09 Oct 21

473 (-25)

140 (+2)

10.4k (-410)

2.74 million (+535)

516 billion (-26.4 billion)

76.4 quadrillion (-3.70 quadrillion)

16 Oct 21

430 (-43)

135 (-5)

9.63k (-774)

2.86 million (+114k)

541 billion (+24.9 billion)

81.2 quadrillion (+4.79 quadrillion)

Quote of the week
"We must push on no matter what troubles face us, for we have everything to gain and nothing to lose from trying"- Tansitoia