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Kashwr People's Union

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Kashwr was a continent on [Earth], and was hit hard by the apocalypse. As the whole planet descended into total chaos, a brutal military government took power in Kashwr, which ruled over the people even as absolute panic took hold. Living standards declined creating general unrest. Around 50 years after the apocalyptic event and ~20 years since the new state was established, a communist revolutionary happened, led by the People's Revolutionary Committee (PRC).

The PRC established the Kashwr People's Union, and created 3 important roles:
General Secretary (Head of State)
Chairman of the Committee (Head of the Committee)
Prime Minister (Head of Government)

However, all of these roles were held by Edward Padam, who lead the People's Union in it's formative years. Despite there being 10 year term limits, Edward ruled for life thanks to his 'popularity'. He implemented several campaigns aimed at regenerating the ruined infrastructure. For example, the 'Two Steps forward' campaign urged communities to band together to produce their own goods and steel so society could gradually return to normality. While the quality of these goods produced has varied wildely, it is generally believed to be a success.
Over Edward's reign, he would spread his revolution to the rest of Kashwr, and also build a cult of personality around him and the PRC. 90 years after the event, Edward at last died, causing a short leadership struggle where John Locklow came out on top. John mainly focused on consolidating the revolution at home; disbanding the fanatical People's Revolutionary Militia (PRM) and instead strengthening the PRA (People's Revolutionary Army), and directing funding to give the PAF (People's Air Force) the ability to go to space.

However, 5 years ago, Hernando Rurik was selected to be the next General Secretary and Chairman of the Committee, giving him power comparable Edward. Now, with John Locklow's term nearing it's end, and with Hernando promising a return to expansion of the revolution across [Earth], many are worried.


The Three organisations of the KPU military:

People's Revolutionary (Army)
- Split into the PRA, PRN, and PAF
- Army, Navy and Air Force respectively
- The Primary fighting force of the Union, they are reasonably well equipped
- Recently military reforms have increased their funding, especially to the Air Force. They intend to have the first domestically produced space craft in 20 years time, though most say this is too hopeful.

People's Revolutionary Militias
- Formerly a militia force, they were kept separate from the army since they are not allowed to be deployed outside of the Union
- During the cultural revolution, the militia were reformed to be the militant arm of Edward Padam, employing many children in their ranks
- Following Edward's death, their original purpose was restored however the reputation of the militia's was tarnished. Therefore current enthusiasm is low
- However, Hernando has shown interest in putting the militias back to their former glory, be it defenders of the revolution or forming the vanguard of the party

International Brigades
- While not officially under the command of the PRC or the KPU, most of their ranks are either Kashwr citizens or former members of the other branches.
- They intend to spread the cause of international socialism by supporting revolutions across the world
- They are armed, trained and based by the KPU


Kashwr religious demographics:

46% Islam (I'll do schools later if you want)
21% Christianity (12% Papist, 7% Anglican, 2% other)
9% Shinto
5% Buddhist
3% Other

16% Agnostic