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NEWS: Plan for Overthrowing Lands End Discovered!

Recently, citizen Djiu Kau, tree rights specialist and immigrant of Chocolatistan has found plans about how to take over the government of Lands End wrapped around a cigar when about to throw it away. The note is shown below.
Please return to Arkil Harsburg Denvonatchi Kaliji
Ikru Cul de Sac, Urki Apartments, room 13 floor 4.

How to take over Lands End
In Three Stupidly Long and Confusing Steps

1. Before the Chaos
| A. Influenced
| B. Tell-me-again (Telegram)
| | 1. Typing Teaching
| | 2. Sent!
| C. Organization

2. During the War
| A. Endorsen't
| B. Powerless
| C. A Last Blow to the Damned

3. Tremendous Takeover
| A. Prevent Revolutions
| B. Stability or Disability
| C. Influencing in WA

A. After taking over the government, this plan will be shown to all in my sphere of influence and will be executed perfectly or the imperfects will be executed perfectly before I execute myself due to embarrassment.

Psh, like that's ever gonna happen.

For revolutions, you need supporters. You can't take anything on alone.

As a dictatorship, I can force my citizens to do anything. But, not countries.
Well, not most countries in Lands End.

Meaning, to get countries on our side would either take violence from the military we barely have OR we can do the peaceful option.

Disgusting, I know.

We have to Influence other people to join Lands End for the revolution or for people already in Lands End. And in secret, may I add, or the increasingly DEVILISH people hater aka TESDAI will find us out.

Well, how do we do this, you may ask? Well, the only way we can.

Through telegrams
We will have to sound peaceful and have a reasonable cause for the revolution or only the greatest far lefts will join us.

And trust me, all of us will get kicked out just after we start the revolution.

So, how do we win the minds of the founders of great nations?
|1.Lies. Impossible promises. And they'll only find out after getting backstabbed. Anyways, we need a reason | for the people to believe us. Here's what I got so far.
|Revolution has come. It's important that you stand with us and mainly you to stay by my side during these |hard times. However, if you join us, you will gain a huge role near the top of the government. More info will be
|give if you decide to join us. We really hope you do.
|Something along those lines. Here's what i got for if they accept.
|Hey! Thank you so much for helping us try to overthrow the tyrannical, corrupt government. Without you, we |would definitely lose. Here's what to do. I will send you the code word 'nuke' when it's time to strike. Unally |everyone you are allied to except for me. See ya on the big day.
|If this goes according to plan, we'll now have allies on our side to help with the revolution. However, we will |need the vast majority of the region to agree as Tes has so many endorsements.
|Now, there's probably gonna be a white knight in the nation who'll snitch to ol' Tessy, so we have to do this, |FAST.
C. As soon as we're ready to strike, we have to arrange a time for the founders to be online or else they won't hear our cries for help.

A. Our allies will have to keep a low profile by staying endorsed to the people they are endorsed to, but as soon as it is time to strike, we must 1st take away the power of the government by 'unendorsing' everyone that they have endorsed.

Which is why we need to convince over half of Lands End to be on our side. And not all of LE in in the WA...

B. Once we have taken away their power, they can't ban us because their regional power will be extremely low. After that, the allies have to endorse us so we can ban all those loyal to Lands End instead of us. \

C. Finally, there are a few roots we can go through finishing this plan.
Take control of the region.
Tarnish its reputation.
Idk, maybe tarnish all of the Augustin Alliance's reputation.
Become a region dictatorship.
Have standards.
Stan Mercantana?
Control all other regions with alts and stuff.
Laugh at people for thinking I would give them a role.
Get overthrown.
Start a revolution by changing your country and overthrowing the government.
Idk, repeat.

A. Okay maybe not get overthrown.
Make everyone loyal to me and me only.
Get more white knights.
Get alts into the region and maybe get sent a telegram about it so we can ban them.
Rumours and Propaganda against the person if we can't.

B. Have serious punishments to those who riot. Make a jail, nuke them idk fricken invade. Have corruption to make them not riot maybe ;))) idk

C. With so many slaves under our control, we can make others vote in the WA and punish those who don't vote what we say to vote.

He has been apprehended by the police and is currently in house arrest for life for attempting to take over the region Bicala is royal to.

Shoutout to Chocolatistan for giving me this idea.
Shoutout to Lands End for letting me meet Chocolatistan.