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I am rerunning for CCO!

Why would you be a good fit for Chief Communications Officer?
I believe that I would be a good fit for CCO because of my willingness to hear other sides and then come to compromises. From both my opinion and experience, being inflexible is never good. For the position I am running for, I think that being polite and understanding is key, and I possess this skillset to help me achieve these aims. Being the current incumbent, it means that I am experienced in the role, and the most up-to-date in policy.

What will you continue to add as Chief Communications Officer, and a Member of the Board?
If I am reelected as Chief Communications Officer, I shall continue what I had done during my previous incumbency. This includes ensuring a quality control of embassies is enforced, and also building stronger relationships with the regions that we already have embassies in. Furthermore, I shall work with the other board members to make sure your requests are met,

You're stupid and I hate you!
In that case then I respect your opinion. I think it is alright if you see flaws in me and do not trust me to be an effective Chief Communications Officer. However, should you choose not to vote for me, I would recommend you instead vote for The Federation of Spokane. He has previously held this role and it would certainly be good to have some older opinions back on the Land's End Board!

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