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Biography of Biggonian Emperors

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Since 1911, there have been four Emperors and one Empress of Biggonia. They have each ruled in their own way and here they are all documented, from Charles to all three Josefs, and finally Ricardina.

Emperor Charles I

Emperor Josef I

St Josef (Emperor Josef II)

Emperor, or St Josef II, was possibly the most influential monarch in modern Biggonian history. Under his reign, the isolationist and authoritarian policies of his father were slowly rolled back in favour of more progressive and free ones. He was also incredibly pious and donated a lot of money to the Virtulima church. This is likely why he is now known as St Josef.

Emperor Josef III

Empress Ricardina I

Empress Ricardina, also known as Queen Ricardina IV, is the first Empress of Biggonia. She only recently ascended to the throne, but already has some rather radical beliefs that has outraged many traditionalists and members of the diet. She intends for freedom of speech, expression and suffrage to be enforced across Biggonia, though this has met large amounts of resistance. As the diet becomes increasingly angered by her it remains to be seen whether she will succeed or not.

Early Life

Ricardina was born on 21st Feburary 1998, to her parents Emperor Josef III and Anna Tallandos. She was the eldest and favourite child, though she still developed a healthy relationship with her younger brother Karl. At the age of 9 her father decided that it would be better to send her to a foreign school instead of keeping her in Biggonia, so she was sent to an international school in the Hansa Federation. Here she was taught at a very prestigious school and excelled in all her studies. Most crucially, she was also exposed to the more democratic parts of the world, even more so than had been happening under her grandfather Josef II.

Importantly, her boyfriend of 3 years, George Richmonde, was the son of famous politician Paul Richmonde, and his beliefs firmly rubbed off on her. They had a very loving relationship and during school breaks she would even take him to view her palace back in Biggonia. Sadly, this all came to and end when in 2014, at the age of 16, she was taken out of school in Hansa and sent back to Biggonia, where she would start to attend duties as a Princess. They would try to make it work but their distance caused for them to break up.

Imperial Duties

After returning to Ivasburg, Ricardina was taught personally by both Lord Chancellor Nigel and her father, Josef III. Something they did not succeed in teaching her, however, was how to safely reform. Josef II's reforms had been continued by his son, and a lot had already been achieved. Ricardina thought this was not enough, and said that she would wish to change things once she got in power. Despite Josef desperately encouraging her till the end of his days, he would not succeed to convince her.

As a Princess of Talland, Ricardina would often visit the different nobles of Biggonia to negotiate with them on behalf of the Emperor, and court their interests. She managed to defuse the famous standoff in November 2014 between the nobles of Carenburg and Brabendorf, by appealing to their sense of reason. By 2015, Ricardina was visiting foreign countries as a proper dignitary. She visited the Tribia a lot, as their relationship within GAN was very high at the time, and also came to other nations such as Kathricore a lot. While Ricardina enjoyed being in Tribia, she preferred Kathricore. Most of this would change in 2016 when the Biggonian - Tribian war kicked off.

Despite the fact that Biggonia was embroiled in a war for survival, Ricardina would still manage internal affairs, and visit other countries, though this time to gain sympathy for the Biggonian cause. She would gain the Order of Diplomacy in August 2020, for exemplary service in rallying nations for aid. She would also survive numerous assassination attempts by Tribian agents, giving her some kind of mystical luck after so much of Biggonian High Command had been decimated. However, huge responsibility would be thrust upon her when her father died unexpectedly on June 11th, 2021.


Ricardina's first challenge came in the way of Leonid Volkin; former Premier of Baikala. While at Josef III's funeral, Leonid recorded several conversations without the consent of those parties involved. While some could be justified, others could not, and therefore, he was extradited to Biggonia and put to trial.

While Leonid's trial was still ongoing, Ricardina decided to go on a trip across the world, leaving on 2nd June. She visited both VF countries, (attending a press conference in Antarctica) before sailing to Singhapala, in the town of Milne.

After an attempt on her life and the catching of the killer, tensions in Biggonia rose as it was discovered that the killer was a member of the diet. The Imperial diet was fiercely opposed to Ricardina's reform attempts, and therefore she made several enemies in the diet. When her friend, Mikhail Zabusov, showed up to Biggonia on holiday, he was brutally murdered in suspicious circumstances.