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Cults of Lands End

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Cults are extreme fringe religious groups, normally alienated and isolated from common society due to the tyrannical leadership or their own quirks. Because of this, they often develop into their own communities and sometimes small towns. In her majesties name, I have compiled a list of every single known cult in the world, and added a small description. - Oeseo Phagus

Vetus Via - Artevenia
The Vetus Via are a cult group in Artevenia intent on restoring the country to it's former Imperial glory via regaining the favour of their old, polytheistic Gods. Their current base of operations is the province of Daresia. Due to many of the cult members residing in the town, most of the institutions such as schools, shops and even the Mayoral positioned controlled by Vetus Via. Their leader is also the founder, birth named Julio Rambaudi, however his name within the cult is Julius Maximus. Their current follower number is 7,500.

Valdezism - Hansa and Artevenia
While Valdezism is very much not a cult in Tribia and Biggonia, some of the nations further from the Tribia have such a small following that they are considered socially shunned and outcasts. Two of these such nations are Hansa and Artevnia. For those readers less versed in current affairs, Valdezism is a religion which follows the rulership and worship of the Valdez family line, who also happen to be the Chancellors of Tribia. Thanks to this fact, until recently Valdezism was hated and distrusted thanks to the tyrannical and intolerant rule of Maximus Valdez. Due to widespread discrimination, Valdezians mostly live in small enclaves and share a fraternal relationship, which only adds to the mystery and fear by the common folk. They are estimated to have 50,000 followers across Artevenia and Hansa, though there is no concrete evidence.