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The Hansa Civil War, How it Began

Civil War broke out in Hansa Federation on the west coast. Inspired by Baikala, a new nation was destined to sprout.

Hansa's guards were moved to a small, coastal city in where Bicala would form. Without orders to shoot, they were largely pushed around. Hurtful words were thrown, later rocks, which would finally turn to large clams and oyster shells.

Riots slowly started to rise in the west in general, ending in the south west. Day after day, crowds got larger and larger, mainly consisting of natives. However, the argument from towns folk in the East was 'they don't belong, rid of them and their sins' but was never shown in the newspapers of the persons in the west.

1936 marked the year. The year of the Hansa Civil War, known also as The Hansa-Bicalian War.

The soldiers could take the rambling no longer. With guns, ammunition, and no orders to shoot, they did exactly the opposite of what they were told to.


For few, this is how the Civil War started. Those in East Hansa marked the start as when the soldier, Hien Skavendir, was hanged for shooting.

However, this is how millions of deaths would occur. For freedom. For happiness. For...peace.

Thanks to Hansa Federation for agreeing this is how my nation would become a country, !
Thanks to Baikala for letting me take inspiration from them!
Thanks to Lands End for making me able to find these persons to make my history.

Extra Mentions:
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...and thank you for reading!