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[BREAKING] Senator Yogonuvich Arrested

By Ezrat Touleamónt | 17.April.2021

Senator Nikolai Yogonuvich

AETHIAN CITY (AP) — Opposition Leader Senator Nikolai Yogonuvich (CCP) is arrested by the Ministry of Justice as a part of the ongoing 2020 election interference investigation. Senator Yogonuvich, who vehemently opposed the 2020 election interference investigation, was arrested at the Aethian City International Airport on Friday night by Federal Marshals, accompanied by Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) operatives. The warrant for his arrest was issued after FIA raids on his campaign office and home earlier on Friday uncovered financial documents showing significant monetary contributions from shell corporations linked to Ibarkla.

The Senator was moments away from boarding a private flight whose official flight plan showed a destination MiriAi, but the Captain, in a signed confession, stated that Senator Yogonuvich told her to covertly divert to Carpace, capital of Ibarkla, once they reached international airspace. When confronted with this, the Senator responded, "Uh I just wanted to visit my cousin Bob, he's like my fifth cousin four times removed and he doesn't like other people so don't try to look for him."

The Fauking Committee (officially the Super Special Committee to Investigate Election Shenaniganery) which is in charge of the investigation released a statement following the arrest. The statement in its entirety consisted of one line stating, "Gotcha bitch." The Fauking Committee and the Ministry of Justice declined further comment on the ongoing investigation.

Senator Hwaet daFauking, under the powers granted by the Senate and the committee, has issued an three-day order suspending the all Senatorial powers, privileges, and immunities of Senator Yogonuvich. President of the Senate Uwulaimon Owoza has called a special session for Saturday to strip Senator Yogonuvich of his position.