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Aeslandic government exonerated of involvement in Oskana Scandal after shocking new evidence implicates Doge Wonderland

By Kris Tang | 7 April 2021

Caparce (CT) - New evidence has exonerated Aesland from involvement in the Oskana Scandal, which claimed the lives of 3,229 Ibarklans in January. After eleven weeks of heavy investigation, the Ministry of Internal Security announced this morning that the sensitive information regarding the PHOENIX security system, stolen by former General Han Oskana, was actually sold to agents from Doge Wonderland posing as Aeslandic military officials.

The critical information pertaining to PHOENIX was used to hack into ARCTURUS, the nation's first artificially developed person, who was forced to carry out bombings in Chukyo, Caparce and Twin Fangs during the week of 24 January. ARCTURUS's current whereabouts are unknown, despite the Ibarklan Military having been mobilized to search for them for the past twelve weeks.

Prime Minister Kouki Yanagi, in a televised statement, announced that Parliament would not press charges against ARCTURUS nor would they disable them, promising to upgrade their security systems to prevent another hacking incident. He also simultaneously apologized to the Aeslandic government for his earlier statements against them and condemned the actions of the Doge Wonderlandian regime, calling their actions "a despicable substitute for diplomacy."

"In the face of these revelations, we must remember not to hate our neighbors," Yanagi stated when concluding his speech this morning. "We must remember that the Doge Wonderlandian people are not our enemy - their government is. We must not give in to their petty and futile attempts to sow hate and malcontent, for we will inevitably persevere."

Meanwhile, Edward Rump, leader of the Ibarkla First party, declared that "those god d--- Doge Wonderlandians are going to get it! Prime Minister Yanagi, that Nantese b------, probably collaborated with them, too! He probably, maybe, wasn't even born in Ibarkla! Vote him out, and vote me prime minister, and we'll bomb them all back to the Stone Age!" Rump's claims of Yanagi's collaboration with Doge Wonderlandian government officials and location of birth have not been corroborated by any major media sources.

However, his belligerent comments accurately reflect popular feelings of tension against the Doge Wonderlandian government. In a February poll held by the Caparce Times, 43% of surveyed respondents supported war with Doge Wonderland, even before the revelation of their government's involvement in the Oskana Scandal. The potential of a Third Wonderlandian War has been discussed in the past, but now has become a very real possibility.

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