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CRC-MoC-PSM-000001 "North Pacific Vision 5"

Railroad Crossing wrote:A clock ticks up to 4:00 P.M.
|57, 58, 59, 60|
then for a brief second, it says:


An animation begins with the NorthPacificVision opening music, and then an announcer says,
Welcome to the Fifth Annual North Pacific Vision Song Contest! Iím Quincy Getergoal, and this is Sabrina Menoschoi, and now, letís get to the Contest!

Railroad Crossing wrote:Let us begin with our very own Railroad Crossing Team, Ready for Action:
Screen: Railroad Crossing

Railroad Crossing wrote:Then now, we welcome the Land of the Free, Freedomsland!
Screen: Freedomsland

Railroad Crossing wrote:Next, we have the prosperous and rich country, Cowbridge!
Screen: Cowbridge

Railroad Crossing wrote:Now, we are ready for people from the Far East, here is The Eastern Germanic Peoples!
Screen: The Eastern Germanic Peoples

Railroad Crossing wrote:Me and Sabrina would not be standing here, hosting this show, without the help of the great nation of Republica Guilleana!
Screen: Republica Guilleana

Railroad Crossing wrote: There is a humongous helper who has made a lot of rules, and they are Optimistic Pacifists. Here is The Democratic Kingdom of Skaraborg!
Screen: The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

Railroad Crossing wrote:QThere is a kingdom, a huge kingdom, ruled by the empress herself, here is Anne of Cleves!
Screen: Anne of Cleves

Railroad Crossing wrote:We went to their nation to fight for our victory, here is Kartujia!
Screen: Kartujia

Railroad Crossing wrote:They are Chinese, they are rebel, letís introduce you to Chinese rebel!
Screen: Chinese rebel

Railroad Crossing wrote:Maker of dispatches, rises from the sky, the order goes to Eraver!
Screen: Eraver

Railroad Crossing wrote:They are the land of the otters, peaceful and kind. All welcome Kenaniahistan!
Screen: Kenaniahistan

Railroad Crossing wrote:The puppet of the smaller winner Santamar, we would like to call up Trastamara Islands!
Screen: Trastamara islands (Santamar)

Railroad Crossing wrote:You would like to go here on vacation, this is Embauba!
Screen: Embauba

Railroad Crossing wrote:A user we need, is also a guard indeed. Greetings to Deerfenland!
Screen: Deerfenland

Railroad Crossing wrote:We would like to also put a hand in for the strong people of Ihese!
Screen: Ihese

Railroad Crossing wrote:They are from Arizona, they are the ArizonaRepublic!
Screen: Arizonarepublic

Railroad Crossing wrote:Last, but not least, we have a special nation, Ereena!
Screen: Ereena

Railroad Crossing wrote:Oh wait, we forgot a nation, letís give a round of applause to the recently ejected By zantium!
Screen: By zantium

Railroad Crossing wrote:If you do not know, we are in Economica, a section of Uropij state that is known for its resorts and stock exchange. The arena we are in is the Pestole Arena, home of the Economica Bucks of Premium Soccer, which can fit the 50,000 spectators who bought these tickets for 50 checkers each. Anyways, letís give a round of applause for our participating North Pacific teams!
A shock of applause fills the room.

Railroad Crossing wrote:Now, we would like to take a moment to see the teams that are disqualified.
The screen later says:

Disqualified Nations:
North werra randia islands, Moved to Warzone Airspace
Werfond, Moved to First World Order
Arbor marshes, Quit

Also, whoops! Seems like we got rid of the jury messages, but we still got some votes.
So after we let the songs finish, we will reveal the votes. See you at 5 PM. Anyways, here are the songs!

NorthPacificVision - Railroad Crossing 5
The 5th Version of the Beautiful Event

Credit to Cowbridge

During the 4th Version of the NorthPacificVision, hosted by Kartujia, Railroad Crossing's team won the challenge. Therefore, they get to host.
Place: Economica (RC Territory)
A place known for being economically prosperous and has good resorts.
Motto: The Sky is Not The Limit
Hosts: Quincy Getergoal and Sabrina Menoschoi

Cowbridge, 48 Points

Song entry is due by July 1st.
Voting is due on July 5th.
Competition will start on July 12th.
If you do not enter a vote by the 3rd, then you are automatically ejected from the competition.
If there are no more than ten people entering the contest, I will cancel it for all eternity.
More than ten nations have submitted into the contest! This rule is hereby abolished.

Rules for your song:
ē The song canít be any longer than 4 minutes long.
ē This is a replica of the Eurovision Song Contest so all songs from The Eurovision is banned
ē Donít use songs who have already been in the competition!
ē No political, religious or any message which could be counted as discrimination is allowed.
ē The song has to have lyrics!
ē No threatening or other similar things that for an example Country number B has to give you top points because if not you will declare war against him
ē If it feels like cheating it probably is cheating. Donít take the risk! You will get caught
ē Please keep to update and read the telegrams the host will send to you.
-The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

Special Thanks to Republica Guilleana for starting this event!
Also a Big Hip, Hip, Hooray to Santamar for giving me extra advice!
And, a Humongous Applause for The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg working hard on applying humongous time on working on additions to this event!

Nations Competing:
Railroad Crossingg



The Eastern Germanic Peoples

Republica Guilleana

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

Anne of Cleves


Chinese rebel

North werra randia islands

Disqualified for Switching Regions



Disqualified for Switching Regions


Switched Regions, But Owns
Trastamara islands

Arbor marshes




By zantium
Switched Regions (Banned) But stays in Competition.




Wow, Over 100 Views? Impressive!
And now this is one of the new dispatches.
(On the dispatch page)

Read factbook

Railroad Crossing wrote:All of the songs are played, all followed by a massive applause.

Railroad Crossing wrote:It is 5:00. Time for voting! We've actually forgotten one jury for votes:

"Good night, Grand Dieselton! This is Vissette calling. Here are the results of the Ihesic jury:
Werfond, 1 point.
The Eastern Germanic Peoples, 2 points.
Anne of Cleves, 3 points.
Deerfenland, 4 points.
Freedomsland, 5 points.
ArizonaRepublic, 6 points.
Republica Guilleana, 7 points.
Santamar, 8 points.
Cowbridge, 9 points.
And 10 points go to...
And that completes the votes of the Ihesic jury. Good night from Vissette, the capital city of Ihese!"

Railroad Crossing wrote:Letís start the voting process!
At 18th place:
Embauba, 1 point

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 17th Place:
Kenaniahistan, 10 Points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 16th Place:
Chinese rebel, 15 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 15th Place:
ArizonaRepublic, 16 points
Their team had a 12 point deficit before tonight.
They didn't send their votes before the deadline.

Railroad Crossing wrote:Also At 15th Place (tied):
Ihese, 16 Points
By Zantium, 16 Points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 12th Place:
Ereena, 22 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:Here are more votes, coming in from Lidkoping in Skaraborg:
"Here are my votes if you lost them:
Top ten:
Eraver 12 (Favourite)
Santamar 10
Deerfenland 8
ArizonaRepublic 7
Eastern Germanic peopleís republic 6
Cowbridge 5
Kartujia 4
Freedomsland 3
Ihese 2
Republica Guilleana 1"

At 11th Place:
Kartujia, 23 points

These votes have been certified by the Crossingian Commission. They are not rigged.

Railroad Crossing wrote:Anyways:
At 10th place:
Deerfenland, 24 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 9th Place:
Freedomsland, 25 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 8th Place
The Democratic Kingdom of Skaraborg, 30 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:At 7th Place
Trastamara Islands (Santamar), 30 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:6th Place:
The Eastern Germanic Peoples, 35 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:Tied for 6th Place:
Anne of Cleves, 35 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:In 4th Place:
Republica Guilleana, 39 Points

Railroad Crossing wrote:In 3rd Place:
Eraver, 40 points

Railroad Crossing wrote:Now it's all down to Cowbridge and Railroad Crossing
Tension has risen all over the stadium!

Railroad Crossing wrote:It's only getting higher and higher!

Railroad Crossing wrote:Ok.
The results have been confirmed.
Drumroll please!
And the winner is...

Railroad Crossing wrote:COWBRIDGE!, with 48 POINTS.
Railroad Crossing received 44 Points.
OK everyone, this show's over.
See you all in Cowbridge!
Confetti streams from the arena, and Team Cowbridge is having the time of their lives. RNBO stops broadcast and goes to its news, explaining the craziness of this vent.
The results fair and square:

Railroad Crossing wrote:His song was
September - Earth, Wind and FireNo

Railroad Crossing wrote:The remaining Cowbridge citizens remaining outside the stadium rejoice, and sing the Cowbridgean anthem. If there is one. Railroadians are steamed, but they believe they can get it again.