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Gong's Nation Profile

Full Name: The Theocracy of Gonggong
Goverment Type: Theocratic Republic
Capital City: Gongistan
Head of State Title: Gong's Confer, Confer, or Cf. for short
Current Head of State: Cf. Hana
Banner: Depicts the great holy planets of Gonggong are Quaoar, Gonggong, and Sedna from top down in that order with some traditional patterns on the right. The star on the left is the Great Gong in the flesh!
Parliament: Has 3,758 members! :D

Populations: low
Demonym: Gong
National Language: Gongese
Religion: 100% of the population follows Gongism
Popular Political Ideologies:
- Radical Pacifism
- Radical Egalitarianism
Species: Fauna, Flora, Fungi, True Lichen (plant-fungus hybrid), Faulora (plant-animal hybrid), Ecotet (plant-animal-fugus hybrid)