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The 'Riddle'

In the first age, on the first holiday, when the son rose again, seven stood. Burned by the embers of Sin, their souls blistered by the icons of Easter and tainted beyond ascension, they chose the path of perpetual sinning. In their ravenous conquest they found no peace; and without heavenly virtues they scoured in their region seeking cards of the legendary nations who had interested them. They wore the crown of the Dead, and those that tasted the bite of their swords named them... the SDS.

Solve what and who is meant in the 'riddle' (and totally not altered game quote) above.
Give me a list of what you have found via TG (here or on my main).
Take your time.
Wait for the results.
Don't share your answers (although I can't control it).

First place - The dreaded Request relating to the fanfic

Second place - A Legendary Card

Third place - Two Epic Cards or a card of a Pacifican (4 third places are possible)

Hints unlocked after some time

Symbols of Easter - may it be Eggs or the long-eared floor ball - are needed. 7 times.

Doom-Marine is a puppet of Wubdich. But it's not my only puppet. There are 133+ more of them.

7 Sins of the 7 Deadly Sins have hidden things in every field possible. It just takes a good look.

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