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Hycithia - a Nation of One

National Flag

Coat of Arms

Official Title: The Solé State of Hycithia

Government: Unitary One-Party Authoritarian State-Capitalist
Democratic State

Population: 101,152,010

Capital: Laavëroix

Language: Hycithcois

Demonym: Hycithique

Chancellor: Sylviane Dufour-Lemaître
Premier: Cyril Bruguière

Currency: Spür

GDP: 1.6764 Trillion
GDP Per Capita: 19,505 Ü


The Solé State of Hycithia, better known as just Hycithia or the Solé State is an Unitary, One-Party, state-capitalist, "Democratic" State in Northwestern Verusa. Commonly referred to the bastion of Solé-Democraticism and its ideals, Hycithia stands against the test of time, locked within the Icy waters of the Arctic Seas. Hycithia is bordered to the North by the Arctic Ocean, to the West by the Cascade Ocean, and while it doesn't share any true borders, it has maritime borders with, United Engiresco to the South, and South Baba, North Baba, and the Third Skyclan Republic to the East. The Solé State has a population of 101.15 Million with most of the population being located in the Coastal Lands of the South and East; Hycithia has a large homogenous population with 91% of the nation's populace being of Native Descent. The Solé State covers around 1,280,200 sq. KM of territory and consists of 17 Islands, split between 7 Provinces.

The Solé State of Hycithia is a dignified yet Humble nation on the fringes of the Verusan Continent. Largely being a federation of Native Tribes it slowly transformed into a State centered around an Authoritarian One-Party state with a unique ideology. Over time the nation has crystallized into its own distinct state, culture, and way of life as it sought peace through Unity and strength, combined with its Isolationist placement among the world. Hycithia is a largely urbanized country, with most of its populace living in the massive cities along the coasts due to the rather destitute and empty inland sections of the country and isles. The Solé State prioritizes retaining its ideology that has kept the nation intact for the last two hundred years. Hycithia has an authoritarian-based foreign policy. It maintains a boastful and well-trained military if conflict arises on the Isles or just over Yander.

Your average Hycithique has a relatively peaceful life. They enjoy the strong aura of Comraderie and Unity throughout the citizenry, as equality and friendship are values that the Solé State holds to a high regard. Food, Retail, and Industrial jobs are all stocked with workers ready to contribute to the Nation and its people. They are allowed to vote in inter-party elections, helping motion towards Legislation and their leaders alike.


Hycithia is primarily named after the Arctic Hyacinth that grows in the Region. Beforehand, the lands of the Solé State was referred too as many things by its native populations, Gigothnel, Hyllaume, Haillet, etc... As the Solé State united the Islands under one banner it sought a new name for the emerging country. Due to the Arctic Hyacinth being a part of every distinct native group culturally and found on every island within the Isles, it decided to name itself after such; and such, Hycithia was born.


The Solé State of Hycithia is, by all means, a very rough and cold place for its Populace and animals alike. it holds a decent portion of the Verusan Far West, taking up a sizable portion of the region's islands, and takes up 7.13% of the Nation's total area in landmass. Due to Hycithia's Sub-arctic position and being a nation of United Isles, it has crazy amounts of Precipitation; with Hycithia getting record-setting amounts of snow and rain every year, bombarding the nation and its populace. The Northern portion of the Solé State is mostly comprised of Icy, Mountainous, Volcanic Islands. While largely sparsely populated, there are several large cities in the region that act as a hub of civilization in harsh regions. These islands are mainly founded on the basis of Mercantile, Fishing industry along with the establishment of Geothermal Powerplants that fuel the nation. The Islands of the East, from Skyclan to just off the main island as the Eastern half of the nation's trading hubs, being a gateway to the Eastern half of Northern Verusa, having a large maritime focus. This region is also where some of the more Industrial, habitable places, due to the Western Islands acting like a shield against the much colder currents of the Cascade. The Northern half of the Second Largest island is a large mountain range, once more shielding the south. The Main island is split between many distinct regions. The Northwest half is mostly islands while the center and Northeast are hills with boreal forests. Large gorges can also be found in this region as the rivers from the North trickle southward. The far south of the main island is much flatter than the rest of the nation. Large cities and sub-arctic farming fields can be found in this area and is considered the center of the Hycithique Political Sphere and Nation. The many other small islands that can be found across the Nation are primarily destitute, while maintaining civilian populations. Needless to say, Fjords can be found anywhere with the nation.

Most of the Solé State's population is placed along the large, populated centers along the coastal sections of the Hycithique nation.

Demographics and Population

The Hycithique People are a people native to the Arctic Isles of Northwestern Verusa, with the Solé State of Hycithia being the holder of the most of the peoples and their native home. Worldwide there are a few scattered around in rare communities, due to the peoples being largely isolated from the rest of the world for much of their history. Hycithique people are characterized by their light almond-colored skin, spending a large amount of time in the sun throughout several millennia. They have naturally thinner eyes due to the same time in the sun, with snow-blindness being a large problem in the past. Along with having primarily black hair and darker eyes and being fairly short. Over time, and primarily since the foundation of the Solé State, there has been a changing in Hycithique Culture, changing from largely Anarchic Ways of life and Thought to one of Unity, Comraderie and Strength; this coupled together with a select few of the people's cultural values created a strong sense of Nationalism when it comes to the Solé State. The People of Hycithia are generally open to foreign cultures and people, beleiving that anyone that is willing to contribute to Hycithia are worthy of staying under the Celestial Violet Banner. Hycithia has a relatively ethnically homogenous populace despite such, with 91% of its populace being Native Hycithique.

Most of the Solé State's population is placed along the large, populated centers along the coastal sections of the Hycithique nation, as both are easily accessible to trade and hubs of Mercantile industries. While having a large dependence on trade and agriculture imports, the Solé State seeks to slowly get rid of this dependence. Along with greater bonuses and incentives for those who brave the untamed regions and move into emerging cities.





Foreign Relations

After hundreds of years of Undisturbed Isolation, as the Tribes of the Hycithique State were left divided and without one banner flying over them, the Solé State united them under the Celestial Violet Banner. Now, the People had a voice for communication and foreign relations with the world, and such, the Solé State of Hycithia opened up to the rest of the world for embassies. Despite the State's rather Pro-Authoritarian stance and bias when it comes to the rest of Strangereal, it has set a standard of seemingly accepting any nation that bids for an embassy within Hycithia. It stands for bustling friendships and a sense of community between all, nations and people. Only a select amount of cities are available for the establishment of Foreign Embassies, that being the Capital - Laavëroix, Séverinder, and Cossëau







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