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Map of May 30th, 2021

Turquoise-Republic of Coretas-Led by Alejandro Natero

Brown-Union of Coretan Islands-Led by the Head Island Council(6 people)

Purple-Free Nation of Maracaibo-Led by Fidel Duran(Maracaibo Governor)

Darker Turquoise-Unofficial Republic of Coretas-Led by Benito Pico(Army General)

Red-New CSR-Led by Oscar Salvador

Dark Blue-Commune of Darion-Led by criminal Juan Darion

Pink/Orange type color-Eastern Colombian Confederacy-Agustín Pasillas(State Governor)

Orange-Southern Colombian Confederacy-Pino Sancho(State Governor)

Dark Sky Blue-Colombian Coretan Republic-Melchor Sancho(Part Colombian state Governor who was loyal to Coretas)

Dark Green-Free Nation of Amazonas-Roberto Tineo(Coretan Civil War General)

Black-Bolívar-Led by Macario Forero(Army General)

Yellow-The Republic of Guyana-Dario Nojias(State Governer)

Darker Red/Brown-People’s Republic of Guyana-Akeem Norto(Friend of Oscar Salvador)

Dark Yellow-Northern Coretan Republic-Eloisa Bolaños(State Governor)

The Monge of Coretas