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The United Federal Republic of the five Sythieanica states


The United Federal Republic of the five Sythieanica states


Founding of Cermieria: ~200BC
Colonization: 1832
Restoration of the Dezau Kings: 1878
Constitutional Reforms: 1911
Constitutional Crisis of 1983: 1983-4
Independence: 2021

Prime Minister: Johnson Kasenia
Dezau: Grand Dezau Aleonia Persinia of Old and Modern Cermieria
Dezau-hier: Verscka Persinia
Ruling party: Left-Independence Minority Coalition

The United Federal Republic of the five Sythieanica states, often just called cermieria as it is the largest ethnic group of the country, is a nation comprised of the peoples of old cermieria, keuymia, hussania, cermieria, and the mymmarians into one larger state called Sythieanica. It is made up of the former territories of the mandate of northern caesia after it gained independence on May 4th, 2021. The state still remains close to the arthrolian empire with its people serving in their military and dual citizenship between both countries along with less border restrictions.


The word cermier comes from old cermierian meaning "the northern fortress." It was applied to the area as old cermierians migrated from further south and ended up settling fortresses along the northern keuymian mountain ranges.

Sythieanica comes from the cermierian word for holy land (Sythech, Anica) and was often used by nationalists to describe a state occupying all of north caesia, including surania.