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Valsora Blobon

Blobon closest nabor is Brethren

The people of Blobon are very squishy things, there body is mostly consists of liquid with there core holding there soul. Blobon's people are quite messy with building and constructing objects for they have a mix of junk put together to make something stand strong. The military weapons are a mix of stolen and made.

Map of Blobon: http://imgur.com/a/L6hAMFr

Capital: Globazar. 37% of the population lives in the capital

Largest city: 25% of population.

Race: Blob

Language: Bobo

Ideology (At the moment): Loyalists.

Leader: Pillby Gondy, leader of the LP (Loyalists Party).

Population: 24.7 Million.

Religion of the country: Albaz %29, Christianity %9, Judaism %1, Hinduism %5, Atheists %60, Islam 6%.

Military population: 8.5 Million

Civilian factorys: 23

Military factorys: 14

Dockyards: 5

The peaces of places the country controls around Valsora
Olmbor, located in Brethrin.

The ideologies of Blobon and flags of the groups:
CFP = Cold Fire Party (democratic socialist) Olode Hote. (http://imgur.com/a/Mlriyr8)
GCP = Golden Crown Party (Monarchists) Helo hon Tolemza. (http://imgur.com/a/hdyoxNt)
RWU = Red Water Union (Communist) Jotbep Zol. (http://imgur.com/a/ZYf1ih4)
AHO = Anti-Humanitarian Order (Anti-Human) Bob Salom. (http://imgur.com/a/8DqTStF)
BFO = Black Flood Order (Fascist) Tolist Gromble. (http://imgur.com/a/ClEttNt)
HAL = Holy Albazrian Legion (Democratic Religion) Soldy Olebot. (http://imgur.com/a/diwzVWS)
NP = Neutrals Party (Democratic Centralists) Koltu Jabor. (http://imgur.com/a/czh6uf8)
GFP = Green Fungi Party (Progressives) Helon Poldet. (http://imgur.com/a/yPljRPL)
LP = Loyalists Party. Pillpy Gondy

Blobon's relations with other countries of Valsora:
[Bad relations] Of Centralist Brexit (Cardonia): Friendly, good trader, supports the Blobon nation, the PMC of Cardonia
Is supporting the enermy in the war behind the nations back.
[Very good relations] Brethren: is peaceful, is nice, anti-war, open arms to refugees, has nice dragons from what the BSSB reports.
[Good relations] Sicilianzo: helped make flags for him, good relations, helped Blobonian refugees.
[Neutral relations] Volinovia
[Neutral negative relations] Kampf Empire: Is traiding with me and helping with a rebel situation is burning my people.
[Ok relations] Serkin: has good relations with nation.
[Excellent relations] LibRight Libertarianism (Lib Lib): supports the nation, open arms to refugees, great relations,
Foreign aid, helping refugees.
[Great relations] Xi Dongfeng Dynasty: made flag for him, good relations.
[HONK] Zukchiva: BLO-HONK!
[Great relations] Shavara: Good relations, foreign aid, supports Blobon.
[Unknown relations] Pakitsk: haven't interacted with the nation.
[Unknwn relations] Dryzia no communication with nation
[Unknown relations] Plazland: no communication with nation
[Unknown relations] Kurikia: no communication with nation
[Ok relations] Sminishia: Is Democratic socialists.
[Unknown relations] The Death Syndicate: supports the serkinians in the war
[Negative relations] Peatiktist: no communication with nation
[Good relations] Myehn: supports nation, tradeing.
[Great relations] Karatol-Advenra: supports nation, helps the refugees to escape through the blockade don't know when.
[Good relations] Theijiang: supports nation.
[Unknown relations] Belekria: no communications.
[Unknown relations] Danelaw Scandinavia: no communications
[Unknown relations] Malphon: no communications
[Unknown relations] Royabad: no communications.
Secret services and there code names
BSSB = Blobonian Secret Services of Brethren. DRAGON
SSS = Secret Services of Sminishia. HAMMER
SSXD = Secret Services of Xi Dongfeng. SUNNY
SSC= Secret Services of Cardonia. SALTIRE

The Blobonian Hordes
Blobonia Horde 4.5 million strong.
The children of albaz. 3.7 million strong.
The flood runners. 3 million strong
Bo wave. 4 million strong


Glory to Blobon and Serkin

United Kampfian Fatherland

Honor for our opulent Kaiser

And the Kampfian Fatherland

Greatest Empire

Strongest nation

Ruled with his mighty hand!

Kampfian Fatherland

Kampfian Fatherland

Glorious powerful nation

Kampfian Fatherland

Kampfian Fatherland

Glorious powerful nation!!!!