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BILL: Establishment of Political Parties in Japan

BILL: Establishment of Political Parties in Japan
This is a bill, under review in the Japan Diet. This is NOT official policy, and is subject to change.

★Establishment of Political Parties in Japan
This bill aims to allow the creation and maintenance of political parties in Japan. Political parties can only be formed/led by a citizen who endorses the nation of Stratus. However, any nation that is inside Japan can join an existing party.

I. Conditions
Member nations of Japan will not be required to change in any form their behaviors or national policies. However, they can join political parties if they desire.

A. Political Parties are for immersion.
1. Political parties can have roleplay and in-game agendas.
2. Political parties can have designated areas where they can meet/hold activities/etc on the regional discord.
3. Political parties can have requirements for anyone wishing to join them.

II. Enactment

These rules are to take effect immediately upon their acceptance by a majority vote of “yes” by Japan citizens.