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Getting Started in Arkonos

Welcome to Arkonos. This isn't a guide to the world itself. It's also not a comprehensive guide to everything you'll ever need to know about Arkonos. These are simply the things you'll need to know to get started in the region. The basics you need to know (and the order you need to know them in is:
-- How to get your nation on the map
-- How to use resources
-- How to determine your population and military
-- How to expand and develop your nation

But before we get started with all that, if you somehow haven't done it yet, join the LinkDiscord!

Founding Your Nation
Where you decide to locate yourself on the map is going to be dependant on two major things.
-- What race(s) you choose for your nation. A race list is available HERE. Note that races are continent-locked; you cannot mix them without explicit and advance admin approval.
-- What climate (if any) that you prefer. Climate maps are avilable HERE. NOTE: County development cannot be done in Tundra, Polar, Mountains, or Riverless desert

Once you've decided on a location for your nation, you need to decide what type of nation you want to have. The three types are:
-- Large: A large nation can have up to ten major (black) cities. Your maximum size is determined by the number of cities you have, with one city adding 10 counties to your max.
-- Small: A small nation can have up to three major (black) cities. Your maximum size is determined by the number of cities you have, with one city adding 10 counties to your max.
-- Citystate: You can have only one county and one city. You can pick ten resources from the area around the city. These are usually made for flavor or to pass time when nothing's happening with a larger nation. Not recommended for new players.

It's important to decide this now; if you change your mind, your limits also immediately change. This can result in a loss of resources.

Once you have all that in mind, you have two options to found your nation.
-- 300-word post: This founding will get you two counties (or one if you're a city-state). Before the next map update, you can write three additional posts of 500, 600, and 700 words each to claim three more counties.
-- 3k-word post: For those who like to write long-form or who don't like being interrupted in the middle of a story, you have the option of a three thousand-word post to claim 5 counties. You'll still only get one if you're a city-state, but then everyone will know you can write long-form. Yay.

So you have a nation. What about cities? Before we get to that, let's talk about city types.
-- White cities are historical cities. White cities are there for RP reasons. If your land contains a white city, it means you control an area of historical importance. Why? That's up to you.
-- Black cities are cities placed by players and they determine how many counties you can control. To start off, you need one city. That will get you a county cap of 10. A second city will increase your maximum number of counties to 20, and so on, up to the max for your nation type.

For your initial map claim, again, you'll need to include a city. Just take a snip of the surrounding area, mark your city and its name, and include the snip with your post. The following is an example of a founding post. EXAMPLE

Getting Your Image Online
If you're not sure how to get an image online, follow these simple steps in Windows (for other OS'es ask in discord. The process requires no login or password:
-- Open the Snipping Tool and take a snip of the picture you'd like to mark.
-- Use the drawing tools in Snipping Tool to mark up your image.
-- Save the completed image (ctrl+s)
-- Open imgbb.com in a browser.
-- Browse to your picture or drag it into the browser window.
-- After it's done uploading, imgbb will provide a bbcode link complete with tags.

New accounts cannot post images until they're a week old. That means you can sit around for a week, or if you don't like that idea (why would you?) just paste the image link without the 'img' tag.

You'll notice it contains 3 things.
-- A map of the requested changes. See the sidebar for details on how to how to get an online link to your pic.
-- A link to the roleplay post(s) on the RMB. To get the link to your roleplaying post, go to the post on the RMB and right-click the timestamp, then copy the link. LinkEXAMPLE
-- The name of any city you have.

For your first cities, and for each city thereafter, you'll need to make a city post in Discord, in the #mapentries channel. (LinkEXAMPLE) The template for these is pinned to the thread. Your post needs to be 200 words, excluding the template formatting, and after its approved, you need to add it to a factbook called "Cities of Your_Nation"

Resource Notes
-- Camels, Cavalry, Ivory, and Guns all provide Soldiers, but these soldiers are considered 'light' variants. Combining any number of infantry to create 'heavy' variants and mention the distinction in your factbook. - e.g. 1000 light cavalry + 1000 armored soldiers = 1000 heavy cavalry
-- Only one salt needs to be present to trade Food.
-- Nations must have a coastline of some sort to build ships.
-- You can hire out a max of 25% of your military as mercenaries.
-- Mages are at max 2% of the population and therefore a max 2% of both your Population and your Military can be mages.

Every county you own gives you one permanently assigned resource (or two if you're a small state). Some resources - like Foodstuffs and Livestock - give you population. Others give you industrial and luxury supplies that you can combine into finished products or trade to other players. The list of resources can be found HERE. After a successful map post, you may begin to use the resources you've claimed.

If you don't have a resource, your nation simply does not have enough of it to use on a national basis. If you don't have steel, your army can't use steel. You might have one steel sword laying around somewhere for plot, but if you go up against another nation in a war, you can't have your army outfitted with steel. Likewise, if you don't have wood and cloth, you can't have a navy. People might have small personal-sized boats, but that's it. If you do have even one resource (that isn't being used to combine with another) there's enough for your entire nation.

City-State Grid Expansion

City-State Resources
City-states gain resources differently. Instead of obtaining resources via land, City-states can "exploit" 10 resources that are either fully in the grid square of the city-state, or have the majority of their area in the grid space. If there are not ten counties that qualify, the grid is expanded by one in every direction before you choose your resources. (If there's not ten then, expand it again; this will be rare.) See the sidebar for a grid example.

Expansion & Development
Every time the map updates, you have the opportunity to grow your nation. You can claim up to five new counties every update through either expansion or development or a combination of the two. (e.g. 2 expansion and 3 development)
-- When you expand, you claim an unowned county on the map. Please remember, though, that this is an RP region, not a strategy game. Your expansion should make sense both geographically and culturally. Be careful of noodling (taking a long line of territories), or taking large areas overseas. Uyuti's Tsokhai region in Southern Sokos is an example of what is acceptable.
-- When you develop, you split one of your already-owned counties. The 'old' half will retain its resource, while the 'new' half will gain a randomly rolled resource.

Every development or expansion requires an RP post. You can do these individually by writing RP posts that begin at 300 words for your first claim and increase by 100 for each additional claim up to a max of five (300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 for a total of 2,500+ words). Alternatively, you can again make a 3k-word post and claim all five expansion/developments for the update.

Your RP posts for expansion and development must be in-character and must be current, not placed in the past. Write about events; don't just give facts. It's an RP server, not a wikisite.

With this, you know what you need to know to get started. There's more to learn, so please read EVERYTHING on the region page. If you don't or can't, you will probably eventually run into something that an admin asks you to correct. If this happens, correct it first and then ask questions on how to avoid it next time.