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Venice The Council of Forty

Per the Constitution of Venice, the Council of Forty shall be considered the highest honorific of Venice, signaling longevity and commitment to the Republic. The initial forty seats shall be given to the first forty nations within the region, with the Doge appointing new members periodically when vacancies occur.


1. Republic of Atlantis (Class I)
2. South Trinity (Class I)
3. Keirugelbork (Class I)
4. Pasayi (Class I)
5. Oiran (Class I)
6. Fjallshima (Class I)
7. Alavace (Class I)
8. Greater remerton (Class I)
9. De Katholieke Nederlanden (Class I)
10. Santa trindade (Class I)
11. Mazzorbo (Class I)
12. Triad territories (Class I)
13. Bruhberg (Class I)
14. Kaytopias (Class I)
15. Marakan imperium (Class I)
16. Eire ceilteach (Class I)
17. Losing my mind (Class I)
18. Flumsy (Class I)
19. Shavenland (Class I)
20. Himbocracy (Class II)
21. Fat Isles (Class II)
22. Myehn (Class II)
23. Poggolia (Class II)
24. Freykovia (Class II)
25. East Houston (Class II)
26. Port Medici (Class II)
27. Adighezia (Class II)
28. Freepeopleia (Class II)
29. Myehwan (Class II)
30. Actavii (Class II)
31. Uhran (Class II)
32. Empire arabia (Class II)
33. Tuandle (Class II)
34. Broze (Class II)
35. Mirugabu (Class II)
36. Nets katillent (Class II)
37. Keverver (Class II)
38. Buonia (Class II)
39. The Greater Luzon and Visayas (Class II)
40. Fesner (Class II)

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