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Recruitment Policy of Japan

Japan, 09 December, 2020
Ratified 11 December, 2020

Recruitment Policy of Japan

In order to maintain the population of Japan, and ensure a healthy populace, the Japan Diet proposes a recruitment policy, setting permissions and duties of recruiters, and requirements of new citizens of regions. 

I. Conditions

Recruiters and Recruits should be made aware of what is expected of each.

A. Recruiters

1. Recruiters are defined as citizens of Japan engaged in recruiting activity, for the purpose of recruiting nations to the Japan region.

2. Regional Officers are to maintain quality control in concern to recruiting messages, and who is approved to send messages on behalf of Japan.

3. Generally, all citizens of Japan may request permission from a Regional Officer to do recruiting. All applications must detail the nature of recruiting.

a. Unauthorised recruiting will entail a warning. Three warnings will entail criminal charges.

b. Warnings expire after 90 days.

4. Regional Officers have a duty to ensure that a minimum of 100 recruiting telegrams are sent per month.

B. Recruiting Methods

1. Lawful recruiting methods will ensure that Japan can accomplish recruiting objectives, without compromising foreign relations, or violating international law.

2. Recruiting telegrams must have their message approved by a Regional Officer. Messages are not required to conform to a specific text.

a. All categories are acceptable for recruiting. The message should pertain to the category being recruited from.

3. Recruiting in Regional Message Boards (“RMB”s) must follow the host region’s rules regarding recruiters.

a. Regional officers of other regions are encouraged to launch official complaints with the government of Japan concerning Japanese violators.

b. Citizens who are the subject of a complaint are to be warned, in pursuant to Section I, Part A, Subpart 3, on unauthorised recruiting.

4. Off-site recruiting, defined as recruiting in venues outside of Nationstates.net, must be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of NationStates, as well as the rules of venues being recruited from.

C. Recruits

1. Recruits are defined as nations which have moved to Japan.

2. Recruits automatically receive Japan citizenship, and the rights entailed.

3. Citizens with World Assembly (“WA”) membership MUST endorse the official Regional Delegate, in accordance with all regional laws.

a. WA member citizens (“WAC”) that fail to endorse may be warned, or requested to leave the WA in lieu.

b. WAC that are engaged in raiding or insurrection activity will automatically be ejected and banned, and are entitled to a criminal trial. Failing to respond or refusal of a trial will automatically entail a guilty verdict, and revoking of citizenship. Regional Officers are required to inform ejected nations, except for raider military personnel.


II. Enactment

These rules are to take effect immediately upon their acceptance by a majority vote of “yes” by Japan citizens. All citizens of Japan should follow these rules if ratified.