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World of Karma: How to join our Role Play!

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So, you've come to Nation States with the noble ambition of running a country. Great! So, how do I interact with my neighboring countries in Karma? Where am I on the regional map? Can I have an army of cat-people that shoot laser beams from their eyes? Hmm. Good questions!

Nation States is a very bare bones game where you answer issues and try to steer your nation into something unique. Writing factbooks can add to your country's story and vision (and really, we do read them!) And the stats are fun. We, The Litterbox, are heavily invested on improving that Rudeness score. And the nation of Pluvie farms issues for Primitiveness. Even the mighty Owl Goddess herself, Altino, insists we strive to improve Karma's Nudity stat. But aside from a few telegrams and factbooks...interaction with other nations is limited. That's why we have World of Karma!

World of Karma is our interactive RP. It takes place on our Discord server, which anyone 13 and up is free to join. Currently, we are in the medieval era. Tech might be limited, but it is ever expanding and that's part of the fun of our RP. Always growing, and always improving. We also allow a little bit of magic! No, you can't be Thanos and kill half of us, but we love creativity. Does your nation embrace the holy religion of Axio and draw power from nature? (Current Religions) Or perhaps you have your own religion? The possibilities are endless, and we invite you to join the fun!

Anyway, our Discord link is on our WFE (World Factbook Entry) right on our main page: Karma Just click the "Join us on Discord" button!

Once your nation is verified, you'll find an interesting little corner titled "RP THINGS". This is where our role play happens. Check rules and announcements for how to get started, nation profiles to tell us about your nation, and map claims to place it on the map. But really, ask any of the World Builders and we'll be happy to help you get started! We're a friendly group! Well, when we're not invading. Anyway, we welcome you to join! And most importantly...Have fun!!

-The Litterbox/FreshStep/World Builder