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Karma's Embassy Requirements

Guide for Foreign Diplomats

Foreign Affairs is handled by our Gurus of Diplomacy, Altino (Altino#4453) and Zen Karma (Badger#3997).

➤ Please contact us before sending an embassy request!

🦉 Hello! Welcome to Karma's Foreign Affairs Department. If you come to Karma saying that you're a diplomat, we'll take your word for it and just give you the mask. We're not stingy. However, if your region would like an embassy or otherwise seeks a friendship with Karma, we have a few requirements. Not hard ones, don't worry. Any questions that you have can be addressed to the Sages or to the Guru of Diplomacy.

To help you better understand what Karma is looking for in a friendship, please see below for general rules and guidelines to establish an embassy:

Must not be an embassy collector region.
Must have at least 50 nations.
Must have a Discord server.
Must be reasonably reachable if we need to be in contact. Call us fussy. We don't like asking questions and never hearing back.
Must have an ambassador assigned to Karma and masked in Linkour server.
Foreign updates are to be posted or linked in your region's embassy thread on our Linkforum.
Please keep us updated on who your official diplomat is! We will give your diplomat some administrative power within your discord embassy, so if you have a falling out with that person and they start deleting stuff because we didn't know to remove their admin, both of us will be unhappy.

To obtain an embassy with Karma, please fill out the following application and post it in #foreign-affairs on our discord!

Name of Diplomat(s) in Karma:
Your Region:
Your Region's Executive:
Number of Nations:
Link to your server and forum if you have one:
Main FA Contact:
Military Affiliation:
Type of gov't:
Region's Treatied Allies:
Onsite or Forum Embassy?:
Anything else you'd like to add?: