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Leader Quotes

Yeah? Oh, Henry!! Oh, how's it going? Uh. Yeah. Oh. Uh. Oh, I see, huh. Yeah uh, I'm flying right now actually, where uh where are you. Hmm, the Wall. Yeah, I think I've heard of that place. Yeah, uh I'm on a mission but uh I should have some time to swing by.

You know what? Nah. This calls for some bold action. I'm the bold action MAAAAN!

Any friend of Henry’s is a friend of mine!

Check check, this is Charles. Thought I'd give you a heads up! There's a guy...down there...a bad guy so yeah. Good luck!

Hey uh how do you want me to bring you in?

Alright, here I come. Da-dadara-dadara-dadadadaaa!

Yeah I have this thing here that allows me to manipulate gravity. Should to be able to uhh get you to float across. Let me just...wait...up...down...hmm...did it work?