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The Federal Imperialist Party

(This party has merged into the NAP)
The Federal Imperialist Party was created on the ideas of federalism and imperialism. Its purpose? To unite Nationstates under one rule, the Shadow Emperor's. The FIP is different from other parties, sure it defends the values of the Confederation above all others, but we aren't called "imperialists" for nothing. Unlike the other parties, The FIP does not like or trust other regions or nations outside the Confederation and refers to them as "lesser". Under The FIP, the sun will never set on The Confederation.
Our Ideological Goals:
A Strong, Centralized Government and Diplomatic Strength Through Aggression

Members of The FIP:

Grand Chancellor and Chairman of The Federal Council: The Very Dark Place: Viktor Arcen

Vice-Chancellor and Speaker of The Federal Council: Peoples Republic Of Aristozka: Jack Daniels

Secretary of Defense: Most definitely not a Dictatorship: Klaus Andereich

Secretary of Treasury: Unfilled

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Unfilled

Secretary of The Arts and Sciences: Unfilled

If you would like to join the party, first, telegram The Very Dark Place for approval then contact West Heisen with your senator name.

Why should you join?
Here's a list!

1. We fight for The Confederation, not the WA, nor any other region
2. We serve the Shadow Emperor above all
3. We fight to have the Confederation be independent, not with any other region or the WA
4. We will show aggression towards enemies of the CCD (especially The Pacific) and make stronger ties with other totalitarian regions
5. If we are elected into office, we will do the people's job, not just of the people in our party

Hail the Confederation
Grand Chancellor, The Very Dark Place

If you join or are thinking about joining, we implore you to join our LinkDiscord (Not Active)