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History Of The Imperial Dominion

History of the Imperial Union of Osieana

In the years leading up to the founding of the colony on Osieana, Earth was undergoing enormous resource shortages causing protests and riots in the numerous nation states that existed around the world. In the year 2068 a push from government agencies, private corporations, and NGOs to look beyond Earth for a new home and source of resources. This for a while provides an uneasy peace and sense of hope for the people but now the leaders of the world had to make sure that this initiative was a success to avoid a third world war. This plan would lead in the meantime to some of the strictest rations on natural resources ever seen with many of those resources being sent to the international colonization effort which had been dubbed The New Eden initiative. It wouldn’t be until the year 2075 when The New Eden initiative was finally ready to be launched. This initiative had some of the most advanced technology ever seen including an experimental FTL drive which showed the people of Earth what they could accomplish when they worked together. The mission would launch in the year 2076 with the expectation of arriving later in July of 2077 in the Alpha Centarii system along with four generation ships which would take significantly longer to arrive, ranging between a century or two depending on the distance they must travel. After the launch of the New Eden Initiative hopes on Earth were higher then ever for news of the FTL capable colony ship’s arrival in Alpha Centarii. When July 2077 came around citizens of all nations held their breath, anxiously waiting for a message letting the world know that they arrived. Unfortunately, that message would never be received.

After the launch of the new Eden Initiative the colonists on board were cryogenically frozen to ensure no risk of disease, famine, or infighting amongst the passengers. Once the ships cryogenic capsules were opened the passengers and crew were expecting to send out the message that signified that they had arrived at their destination. While the message was sent out, they were not expecting to find who would receive it. The colonists would end up receiving a response from a nearby world in a language they could not understand. They would end up tracing back to a world in a star system that the colonists could not identify but they knew one thing for certain, and that was that the system they were getting the message from was not Earth, nor Alpha Centarii. The signal is eventually found to be coming from a star system that the colonists were not aware of and with no other solar system to navigate so they set a course for where they hoped they could find some answers. The ships would eventually arrive and be welcomed by a peaceful, spiritual race of fungoid beings, and with the help of their advanced technology the colonists would learn that these people called themselves the Osie and their world was called Osie’anieata, the third planet from the sun that the natives called Serana, though the human settlers would come to call the planet Osieana for the sake of simplicity when not talking to the locals. The Osie were a peaceful, spiritual people who were more then willing to help the now hopelessly lost colonists and let them live among them calling Osieana their new home.

	While the Osie had forgone any government in favor of individual independent city-states, which would conduct trade with each other and provide aid in times of need. This was apparently done after a devastating conflict that had nearly wiped them out several centuries ago. The human colonists would however establish their own colonial government which would limit itself to governing the lives of the human settlers. The colonial government would take the form of a council which would be made up of appointed representatives to propose and vote on laws. One member of this council was a man named Albert Krueger. After a suspicious accident claimed the lives of six council members leaving Albert Krueger and his supporters as the remaining four members of the council. Albert Krueger would begin to reform the council first by filling it with only his supporters who would begin to grant him more power while the human settlement grew, and the settlers expanded to other parts of the planet and began to integrate and mix into Osie society. Albert Krueger would then begin to put together a militia force made up of primarily human volunteers but was open to Osie membership as well. Albert Krueger now dictator, would then make it so his position could only be handed down to his eldest child making the position at the head of the colonial council hereditary and make him a king in all but title. In the year that would be recognized as 43 AC (After Colonization) the colonial council by order of Chairman Krueger would send an ultimatum to the neighboring city states to swear allegiance or be face severe consequences. They would in the end submit due to a lack of their own military forces. By the year 60 AC Osie’anieata would be brought completely under the control of the colonial council and the militias would be formed into a more professional military force and chairman Albert Krueger with unanimous support from the colonial council would be declared the first Emperor of what was now officially Osieana. He would also reorganize the colonial council into the council of nobles and order the creation of the Imperial Grand Assembly which would be made up of elected representatives which would act as the voice of the people to the emperor. 

New Frontiers
	After the passing of Emperor Albert Krueger in the year 72 AC his eldest son Benjamin Krueger would declare that it was time for all citizens of Osieana to begin looking to the stars to expand their dominion to other worlds and beyond the Serana system. He would officially order the creation of an imperial navy which would be responsible for not just the protection of the fledgling empire but also its expansion and would only answer to the emperor. By the year 100 the empire would control a space spanning approximately 310 light years with primitive alien civilizations being easily conquered by the expanding imperial military. Following this aggressive and rapid expansion, new colonies would begin to spring up across imperial space and in the year 103 Captain Bormaris of the imperial navy would pick up a signal in a nearby star system outside of the empire. After some investigation Captain Bormaris would be the first imperial to contact an advanced space faring civilization. This one civilization would be revealed as The Orchin Stellar Kingdom. Though the two galactic powers had a monarchy relations would immediately become heated rivals though this relationship wouldn’t be one on one for long as more interstellar powers would begin to reveal themselves. These powers were in order of contact the Yornari Republics, Grovata Hegemony, Nososi Union, Heratan Alliance, and the Torcaran Empire. 

The Great Unease
	With the revelation of an entire galactic community the empire was forced to go from an expansionist mindset to a defense mindset to protect the new territories and give the new colonies a chance to be settled and grow and support the expansion of the military with new members that would be made up of primarly humans with a small minority of alien species choosing to partake excluding the Osie due to their extreme pacifist views. In 114 Emperor Benjamin Krueger would declare that any citizen from age 18 to 30 was to be drafted from across the empire to bolster the military in the event any one of these newly found neighbors decided to invade. However, things would change a couple of years later in 127 when the imperial intelligence organization Imperial Services started receiving reports from within the Orchin Stellar Kingdom, Grovata Hegemony, and the Heratan Alliance of attacks from a power that had yet been unknown to the empire.

The Gatzi Menace
	As reports continued to flow in from agents inside the neighboring powers it would be revealed that this unknown aggressor was a hive mind called the Gatzi Assimilators, a fungoid hive mind with a goal to assimilate all life into its control. The growing conflict would grow until would spread into the Yornari Republics, and Nososi Union and the emperor would continue to sit by and build his military force. With the passing of Emperor Benjamin in 129 Crown Prince Herald Krueger now Emperor and outspoken opponent to late his father’s bystanding would order the development of a weapon that could interrupt the Gatzi’s hive mind control and render their drones useless. With the knowledge of this new development beginning to spread the Gatzi’s set their eyes on Osieana and would launch an all out offensive making a bee line for the Empires capital and would immediately lay siege to it and invade. It was at the imperial capital of Kruegaria which was the original landing site of the human colonists and now under direct attack, that the “Mind Tear” would be used in the year 135. The weapon had an 83% success rate and allowed the rest of the imperial forces to mop up the rest of the invading drones. By the end of the fighting over 40,000 imperial soldiers had lost their lives but what was odd to the imperial government was that none of the Osie’s cities had been affected by the invasion. While experts at the time believed that this was simply because the Osie were not participating in the war and had played no part in the development of the Mind Tear the Imperial government started to suspect that it was because of the Osie being able to have a connection to the hive mind even if they were not being directly controlled. 
	With the success of the Mind Tear the empire finally goes on the offensive taking the fight to the Gatzi in an impromptu alliance with the other powers that had been fighting the war the whole time. In 141 Imperial forces had successfully pushed the Gatzi out of civilized space and while this may have been a good opportunity to make a ceasefire with the Gatzi Emperor Herald Krueger would order his troops to continue pushing into the Gatzi Hive and to eradicate them for the safe protection of future Generations. This was met with fierce opposition by the Osie who revered life no matter the form and while they understood the reason to fight the war in the first place to stop the Gatzi, they strictly forbid their eradication. This would lead to tens of thousands of Osie citizens taking to the streets across the empire and would attempt to disrupt military supply lines as peacefully as possible in protest of the Gatzi genocide. This was proof enough for Emperor Herald that the Osie were working with the Gatzi an would send out an order to all sector defense forces, and Imperial defense forces to eliminate any and all Osie’s through out the empire declaring them allies to the Gatzi’s working to destroy the empire from within. The Osie would be slaughtered by the millions and by the year 145 the Osie would have been wiped out along with the Gatzi’s who would be destroyed officially in the year 149. 

A New Era
	With the end of the Gatzi War the Osieanan Empire would set its eyes one its war-torn neighbors and while the empire had suffered some destruction most of it was done to Osieana itself when it was attacked directly by the Gatzi and with the help of the Mind Tear Imperial forces were left mostly intact when compared to their neighbors. On September 3, 155 Emperor Herald would send an ultimatum to their neighbors stating that they were to bend the knee, join the empire, and have their military forces integrated into the Imperial military and be welcomed as equals into a new era of peace, prosperity, and galactic unity or have it brought to the by force. None would refuse the ultimatum, and all would of those who were involved in the war would be annexed and their governments reorganized to fit the imperial style. On September 9, 155 the Kruegeria Accords was signed, and with-it Emperor Herald Krueger would declare the beginning of the Imperial Union. With this new empire came new struggles one being the large amount of damage that was left from the conflict. The first policy made by Emperor Herald was the legalization of slavery by using criminal labor from the original empire and its newly acquired territories to cut down on the costs that would have been used for workers. This would then be expanded upon into the imperial justice system that criminals who were convicted would be used as slave labor as a way of paying off their debts to society by performing hard exhausting labor in harsh environments and facing harsh punishments from having their rations cut back to having parts of their body cut off while still leaving them in good enough condition to work. The most common punishment that would be delt to a slave was flogging if their enforcer found them to be slacking off or lagging behind. While the reconstruction started under Emperor Herald it wouldn’t be finished until 227 during the rain of Emperor Albert Krueger II.

The Royal Standoff
	While Emperor Herald oversaw the single greatest expansion of the empire at that time it still had a long way to go before it would be the ruler of the galaxy that the citizens of the empire saw themselves destined to be and with the conquest of the Gatzi Assimilators and the peaceful if not forced annexation of their immediate neighbors with the Kruegaria Accords, the citizens of the empire had a new air of confidence that would start to shape the culture of the empire, from its fashion where citizens would start to wear styles that would make them stand out and appear grander which would then be used to represent their place in society, to the architecture that would become synonymous with Imperial grandeur throughout the galaxy. This would cause the citizens of the empire regardless class to take on view of national superiority over those who are not a part of the empire. They would even start to take on an accent that formed from taking on a mocking tone toward foreigners. The focus of this new empire would be primarily on the Torcaran Empire which also viewed itself as superior to any foreign power, a trait that any empire run by a monarch is known to have. 
	The distain that the two empires felt for each however didn’t come to a head until 249 when Rebellions inside of the Torcaran Empire started to appear and was quickly blamed on the Imperial union who was accused of using Imperial Services to cause dissent inside of their territory. There would also be skirmishes between the militaries of the two empires however neither would declare war due to the Imperial Union while having a larger military force not all of the forces from the newly annexed territories had been completely integrated into the Osieanan military while on the other hand the Torcran military was completely organized but smaller by comparison. 

The Galactic Assembly
	As the Imperial military in the Imperial Union become more organized the Osieanan Emperor ordered his military leaders to begin mobilization, causing the Torcaran’s to do the same. What Emperor Albert Krueger II didn’t know was that the Torcaran Empires delegates were busily working to gain aid. Unaware to Emperor Herald the galaxy had a sort of decentralized authority called The Galactic Assembly where the numerous galactic powers could come together and discuss issues and vote on galaxy spanning resolutions but this time the Torcaran Empire was bringing a focus to the aggressive acts of the Imperial Union and was trying to gain military support to counter the expansionist state. The Galactic Council however decided to reach out to the Imperial Union to try and reach a peaceful resolution.
	The Galactic Council would make its self-known to Osieana on February 9, 257 hoping to appeal to Emperor Albert Krueger II to come to the table and reach a peaceful resolution. After weeks of negotiations Emperor Albert Krueger II would agree that the Imperial Union would join the Galactic Assembly and start making itself compliant within the rules of Galactic Law though it would remain defiant when it came to the military and slavery. One result of the Imperial Union making itself complaint to galactic law was its economic changes which had a devastating effect causing those who had fallen into debt to only have a harder time paying off that debt. As a result, the Emperor makes it legal for individuals to sell themselves into slavery essentially making themselves Indentured Servants who are bound by a contract to serve for a certain period, while their master pays whatever amount is owed on their behalf until the debt is paid. This would also lead to a Indentured tax that would be added and paid by the indebted slaves master to the government which would go toward social programs and public services such as healthcare and education to allow services for as many as possible while keeping the tax paid by the average citizen as low as possible. With the Imperial Unions entrance into the Galactic Assembly hundreds of new civilizations became known to the empire leading to a large trade influx with trade agreements being signed with many of them. So of the friendlier ones were even open to research agreements with Osieana leading to a new age of technological development for Osieana as well as a time of peace that would last for four centuries.

The Maintaining of Power
        For four centuries after the Osieanan Empire joined the Galactic Assembly, the empires population had exploded and with it due to the empire having mandatory conscription so did the military. Luckily with the long peace the empire was comfortable with reducing the number of conscripts it would call up to serve and would also shorten their term of service from what was originally two years to six monthes. This would allow the empire to have experienced and trained soldiers that they could call up in times of war from a large pool among the civilians from across the empire. The empire also became more tolerant toward aliens joining the ranks of the imperial military and allowing them into the ranks of the nobility with the first alien being appointed by the emperor to join the council of nobles in the year 537. The empire also used this period to look inside itself for new worlds to discover new worlds for colonization or if it had a sentient alien species living on it already conquest. Such worlds would first be give the opportunity to join peacefully and be made equals with a single planetary government being formed and a justice system that makes it compatible with imperial law. Not all worlds would join peacefully however, and those who refused would quickly find that they were no match for the imperial military and would be subjugated just a few weeks after land fall. With these conquests the empire would collect war slaves which would be sold to help cover the costs of reconstruction of the newly conquered worlds. With the new conquests however brought new challenges as rebel forces would begin to pop up to resist the occupying imperial forces in an effort to liberate their home. Some of these rebellions would find some success was they began to expand to other worlds as a result of the Galactic Assembly passing laws that would hinder the empires ability to enforce its own laws. Some of which where made illegal and a breach of galactic law. 

The Great Crusade
        By the year 797 the Imperial Union of Osieana had become significantly weaker, and lost significant portions of its territory to independence movements that would cause large segments of imperial territory to break away. This would begin to change as Emperor Victor Krueger on the night of his coronation vowed that he would "Restore the empires greatness." He would start by rebuilding the imperial military against the more peace focused laws of the Galactic assembly which limited the size of a nations military to make them less offensive capable. The emperor would then begin to invade these worlds and regions that had successfully managed to breakaway from Osieanan control. This would be a period in Osieanan history as [i]The Restoration[/i]. This would be met with protest from the Galactic Council who would attempt to implement sanctions against Osieana but would face strong resistance from nations that were of similar mind to Osieana as well as Osieana itself. These sanctions would in the end pass but would fail to deter Osieanan resolve as it would go on to reconquer the lost worlds and continue its military expansion. Around this same time civilizations across the galaxy had started to report strange, unidentified ships making appearances in star systems that are at times thousands of light years apart. Along with these sightings various radio signals were getting picked up but were un able to be deciphered. It wasn't until 813 that the radio signals that were detected had finally been broken and it was discovered that the ships that were being seen belonged to an extragalactic civilization that called itself [i]The High Order[/i]. In the year 817 the invasion would begin and should have lead to the galaxy uniting but instead in their panic they would begin turning on each other or saying they would go it alone. This would prompt emperor Victor to stand before the Galatic Assembly and make a proposal that would change the galaxy forever. He would go on to propose the creation of the Galactic Consul who would be the defacto leader of the Galactic Union allowing them to give a single sense of direction rather then having multiple views on how to handle this emergency and time being wasted, making them more powerful then the Galactic Council and making it easier to make the necessary decisions to fight against this extra-galactic threat. This proposal would be met with fierce and almost violent opposition declaring that this was merely an attempt for the Osieanan emperor to take power. The most vocal against the proposal was the Torcaran Empire who naturally feared that if the Osieanan Empire ever got that much power they would use it to destroy them. There were also a large number of supporters who thought this would be their best bet at fighting this threat to galactic peace. Eventually after much debate the proposal would be voted on and succeed with the most narrow of majorities and would remain in that position for 40 years until either they have to run for re-election unless the crisis was resolved which would desolve the consul position. One of the new galactic consuls first moves was to create the Galactic Defense Fleet which would fall under the direct control of the galactic consul. He would also order the creation of the Galactic Defense Forces who would again only answer to the galactic consul. The ensuing conflict would claim trillions of lives and last for over a hundred years. Over those years with the Osieanan emperor filling the Galactic Consul position they would start granting themselves more and more power while also creating galactic organizations such as the Galactic Trade Bureau which was made responsible for trade standards. The most controversial act done by Galactic Consul Victor in his 24th year would make his position indefinite and make the position of galactic consul able to be passed down to the next Osieanan emperor. The reason given for this was that while the galaxy fights for its survival we should not be fighting each other for the position of leader. In the year 887, emperor and Galactic Consul Victor Krueger would pass away and his son Victor II would become leader of the empire and the galaxy. While he wasn't the most charismatic he was a great strategist often taking the leading position in the galactic defense fleet over seeing the war effort directly rather then in a war room in in the capital of Kruegaria. This would be followed by several major victories which would cause him to become increasing popular. In the year 924 the war would end with The High Order being eliminated and forced to leave the galaxy entirely and the Galactic Assembly was ready for the Osieanan ruler to step down and dispand the position of Galactic Consul and return power to the Galactic Council. On the day he was expected to stand down he gave a speech doing the opposite declaring "With the defeat of the greatest threat ever seen to galactic society it makes little sense to remove the very things that saved our civilizations from potential annihilation. So with the power that has been entrusted in me as your Galactic Consul, the Galactic Assembly will be reorganized into the first Galactic Imperium. With this declaration I hereby disband the Galactic Council to eliminate the bias of power that was placed onto those who sought to only further their own gains while leaving the rest of the galaxy to fend for itself which left our galaxy woefully unprepared when a threat to galactic peace reared its head. This is to ensure a safe and secure society, and let the enemies of this new galactic civilization that if they seek to destroy even one of us they must destroy all of us." This would be met with mixed responses though most would stand and applaud this move willing to give it a chance in order to secure a lasting peace through out the galaxy.