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Grand Pacifica Election History

Here you can find the election history of the region. That way, in a few months (years?) you can look back and feel nostalgic, or something like that. I don't know, okay? This whole thing will be work-in-progress, I'll continually add more to this, such as what the Presidents did during their terms, what their cabinets looked like, that kind of stuff.


1st Election The date of this election has been lost to history...

Yondora(A) vs. N/A

Alliance Victory
Yondora: 4 Votes

Notes: This election wasn't even really an election. It was more just getting Yondora to take office. I'm pretty sure that an election require there to actually be more than one candidate, but whatever.

Yondora Administration
President: Yondora
Vice-President: Ecania
Secretary of Defence: The land of pepsi Ousted according to PWA Resolution #2
Attorney General: Hanatono

Yondora Administration's Biggest Accomplishments

  • Drafting the region's first constitution.

  • Growing the region from a few core members to over twenty.

2nd Election Oct 11-14 2020

Yondora(A) vs. Terra-aboribus(C)

Conservative Victory
Yondora: 9 Votes
Terra-Aboribus: 10 Votes

Notes: This was the first "real" election, and was very close. This election had (as of 10/14) the largest voter turnout of any vote in the history of the region. This was also the first time a write-in candidate secured a vote, with Henry Stickmin getting a single vote.

Terra Administration
President: Terra-aboribus
Vice-President: San-andreas republic
Secretary of State: Ecania
Minister of Culture & The Interior: Yondora
Minister of Statistics and Interregional Affairs: Koobland
Chief Moderator: Pines-villa
Attorney General: Larento

Terra Administration's Biggest Accomplishments