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Lazarus Regional Map

Download Link: LinkDownload SVG File

Nation Map Area Statistics

If you want to see the land areas of a claimed nation you can view it here in this table in miles and km:

Lazarus Regional Map Claim

JPG version: LinkClick to View

Puppet Claim Policy

Since there have been several queries over puppet claims. Obviously puppet claims are not allowed, as it denies a place for other players on the map.

This is meant as a map to include as many players as possible, which is going to be an impossible task if everyone adds their puppets. RP wise, I could technically claim three nation spots, now multiply that by 10-20+ players and you get the picture. There won't be enough room.

There is nothing stopping someone claiming a place on the map, and making their own nation map that includes the puppets for RP purposes, and depending on the size of the map claim I can add spots together. So best to just ask me to claim more for your nation than put forward separate claims for puppets.


02/01/2021: New map uploaded, and nation statistics section added.
01/12/2021: Temporary regional map update created. To be replaced with new version later today.
01/12/2021: Claim map updated.
01/12/2021: Large parts of map merged to create larger countries, and dead nations removed.
2020: 160 and 159 removed as noted, and new spaces created.
2020: Spoiler removed to show all map claims, as folks weren't reading it.
9/20/20: Removed claimed areas from claimed map.
9/20/20: Noted claimed areas on map.
9/20/20: Noted more claimed areas on map, and got rid of error around 14 and 16.
9/20/20: Added v1 of map.
9/21/20: Renamed Northern Rosary Isles, added Bongrovia, and moved Ashoy.
10/12/20: Added more nations, and deleted map portions that won't able to be used.

Note: This is for display purposes of claiming land, as the map to be used will have more ocean space and be in slightly different locations.

To claim a location, send a telegram or Discord DM to New Rogernomics

Regional Map Claim Form

Reserved Spots

Read the list below before making a claim, it could be already claimed by someone else:

Claimed Spots:

Ethanialand: #55

Vlawarkay: #41

Hypola havilatate: #45

As above on map.

Pending Applications:

Your nation on NationStates:

Nation name you would like displayed on map:

Number on map (please select only a few, unless the spots are small):

Color you would like your nation to be on map (hex colors are used):

Help the Map Project

If you want to help with the map project, there are three areas that need help:

  • Adding map claims to the regional map,

  • Noting scaling of map claims in the google sheet (to be added soon),

  • Exporting national map areas to external files i.e. svg/png.

Editing the Regional Map

The regional map uses Inkscape, which allows the editing of SVG files on multiple platforms. Editing this file in other programs however risks breaking compatibility.


  • Inkscape:Linkhttps://inkscape.org/release/inkscape-1.0.2/

  • Knowledge of how to use the objects, text, and color functions of Inkscape.

  • The latest SVG file of the regional map, which is near the top of the page under the SVG regional map image, shown as Download Link.

Regional Map Contents:

  • Regional map layer,

  • States layer,

  • South/north pole layers

When you open the SVG file in Inkscape, you will need to click on Object -> Objects, to view the map areas.

The regional map layer contains the nation labels that are on top of each nation or beside it, these have names like NEW ROGERNOMICS, which are bolded and uppercased.

The states layer contains the land masses, which are either labeled by nation i.e. NEW-ROGERNOMICS, or by state ID, or by path ID. The order of object layers is the State ID, then the first path ID.

The south and north pole layers are a placeholder for now, and they might be re-developed at some point to be a bit better looking.

Editing the map labels, in the regional map layer:

  • When you edit the map labels, make sure to keep the same standard i.e. bold, and uppercase. If you are placing the label on top of a state, you want to make sure it can be seen easily. So the best idea is to make it white when placing it on a really dark color, and black on a really light color.

  • Make sure to keep the same style of label i.e. font size 34, bold, and uppercased, and make sure to label your label i.e. the "NEW ROGERNOMICS" label should be labeled NEW ROGERNOMICS.

1. Create a text label by clicking the A button, on the left side of the screen menu bar, label this whatever you can remember i.e. Test 1, as you will need to edit it anyway.
2. Edit the text by going into Text and Font, on a selected text label, this can also be found in the T button in the top menu bar, or through Text -> Text and Font.
3. Move the text where you want it to be positioned, and save the file.

Editing the states, in the states layer:

1. When you edit the states areas, the order is named state i.e. "NEW-ROGERNOMICS", then State-ID i.e. State-1, then path ID i.e. path1234, make sure to follow this order, or colors won't appear.
2. Some states are under other State IDs i.e. State-40, might have other land-masses under it called by a path ID.
3. When you have found a state to edit, whether it is by a State ID or a path ID, make sure to name it using a "-" i.e. NEW-ROGERNOMICS, so it can be shown as different to the map label text.

Editing the color of states:

1. Make sure you have selected the area you want to edit in the objects area.
2. Click the Fill and Stroke Tab, also found by the T button in the top menu bar, or under Object -> Fill and Stroke.
3. Click Fill if it is not already selected, then click the first button labeled Flat Color, which will open up the color edit area.
4. Click the color range you want to apply, or use the RGBA area to copy/paste in a Hex color.
5. Make sure you have done as above by labeling the state area you edited, and you can save the file.

Scaling the Regional Map

To scale the regional map we use a program called ImageJ, which auto-scales images by scales you set.

In order to do this a PNG file is used, which has no nation labels, and only flat areas to measure.


Using ImageJ:

1. Once you have unzipped the ImageJ download and opened ImageJ, you will need to Open the scaling map you downloaded from imgur.
2. Next on the menu bar of ImageJ, there is a fifth button labeled /, or Straight, which you will need to click on and select any blank sea area of the map.
3. Next you will need to click Analyze -> Set Scale, from the menu bar, which will open up the scaling area.

The scale for the map is as follows:

Distance in Pixels: 0.35
Known Distance: 1.00
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0
(Optional) Unit: miles

4. Select the Wand tool, or the eighth button, and select the land mass you want to measure.
5. Click Analyze -> Measure from the menu bar, which will then calculate the square area and the perimeter/border.
6. The Results window will open, and you can either select this data and copy/paste it somewhere or go file -> save as, and save it as a csv file.

Maps in Development



Development Roadmap

This map is to be used to allow nations to claim a space for their nation.

Stage One:

  • Reach at least 20 nations on the map, ✔

  • Make it conform to LinkWikipedia map conventions, ✔

  • Downloadable map can be used to make a nation map, and surrounding nations. ✔

Stage Two:

  • Make a globe map of the regional map,

  • Create specific orientations of the globe for each nation location for Factbook use,

  • Start collecting capital locations for each nation position.

Stage Three:

  • Create a template map style for use based off the LinkWikipedia map conventions,

  • Start requesting the location of major roads and rivers between each nation position or randomly generating where required,

Stage Four:

  • Complete the three map styles i.e. wikipedia style general map, wikipedia style globe map, and wikipedia style centered globe map for each nation position,

  • Create a directory of nation maps i.e. that nations have completed themselves based off the templates.

If you have a question, send a telegram or Discord DM to New Rogernomics