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Constitution of Grand Pacifica

I - The Founder

A - The Founder will serve as Head of State of the region and can advise, warn and encourage.

B - The Office of the Founder shall be permanently be held by Hanatono . However, in Hanatono s absence, the duties of the Founder will be taken by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

C - The Founder can join a political party and express political views, but cannot run for office.

D - The Founder is eligible to serve as WA Delegate.

I - The President

A - The President shall serve as Head of Government, Chief of the Cabinet and the highest official of the Pocket World Assembly.

B - The President is elected every 60 days and is only allowed two terms ( a maximum of 120 days). However, former Presidents can run again.

C - The President can be of any party or an independent. The current President and Vice President are Non-Partisan Independents.

D - The President can appoint a Vice President who serves as their deputy.

E - The President and Vice President can be removed from office by an Impeachment Trial. This shall be moderated by the Secretary for Justice and if a majority agrees, either official can be removed from office.

F - In the event that the President resigns then the Vice President, currently Ecania , will immediately take over. In the event of the President temporarily not being able to perform their duties, the Vice President shall serve as Acting President.

A - The Pocket World Assembly is Grand Pacifica's own WA. The principal organ is the regional House of Commons, in which resolutions are debated and passed.

B - The secondary organ of the PWA is the Court of Justice. This deals with constitutional and legal matters, and consists of the Secretary for Justice and two Assistant Justices.

C - Nations with a seat in the PWA are to be known as Assembly Members. These Members are elected every 50 days, and can run for unlimited terms.

D - The leader of the largest faction in the PWA is to be known as the Speaker of the Assembly and performs similar duties to that of the Senate Majority Leader in the US.

IV - Laws.

A - Laws shall be published in a seperate document once a Secretary for Justice has been appointed.

V - Roleplay.

A - RP shall revolve around an alternate version of Earth in the year 2000. More details coming soon,

VI - Officialisation

This constitution is nearby presented to Grand Pacifica by:

Yondora , President of Grand Pacifica.

Hanatono , Founder of Grand Pacifica.

Ecania , Vice President and World Assembly Delegate of Grand Pacifica.

The land of pepsi , Minister for Carbonated Beverages.

The United States of Yondora