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Treaty with Japan

This is an official Refugee Agreement between Japan and Region Name.

Refugee Status in Time of Crisis
Article 1: Defines Emergency As- a Raid, the loss of a Founder, a Political Insurgency that removes high-ranking members of the Region or a Government Collapse

Article 2: Defines High-Ranking Nations in Region Name as the King Regions set forth by the Second Charter of Region Name

Article 3: Declares that in the event of an Emergency in one of our Regions, members of one Region may seek refuge in the other with full protection by the Refugee-receptor Regions Government from whatever threat.

Article 4: Declares that the Refugee Receptor Regions Government will contact the High Ranking nations of the fleeing nation to determine if any threats cross into the Refugee Receptors borders


One Punch Meister of Japan,
North Saitama


World Assembly Delegate of Region Name,