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Grand Pacifica Telegram Templates

This Dispatch contains all telegram standards used by Grand Pacifica.

Before copying the text from each template, make sure to scroll to the bottom and click on the "Raw" link, which will bring up the proper code for the template.

Also, replace %%YOURNAMEHERE%% with your nation's name, obviously. Make sure you are using just your name, not with the title that goes in front. For example, I would put Hanatono, not The Democratic People's Republic of Hanatono.

%%INSERTANNOUNCEMENT%% should be replaced with the the announcement, and should be grammatically correct. You are allowed to modify the sentences leading into the announcement for it to make grammatical sense.

%%YOURGOVERNMENTPOSITION%% should be replaced with, well, your government position, if applicable.

Recruitment Telegram Template
Purpose: Used to recruit new members for the region.

Hello there, new nation. Welcome to NationStates!

I'm sure you are currently being bombarded with piles of messages from many different regions vying for your membership. They are most likely large rundowns of their complex bureaucratic systems and complicated rules. Iím not here to do that. Instead, Iíll give you a short rundown of our small island region: Grand Pacifica!

Grand Pacifica is a region known for many things, such as our Pocket World Assembly, various ideologies, but most importantly, our laid-back attitude. Unlike some bigger, more established regions, we donít have tons of rules. Just be kind to others, and youíll be just fine. If you need help with some aspect of the game, feel free to ask anyone! No one is going to bite, I promise.

Our region has lots of things to do, like roleplay or debating in regional politics, but you wonít be obligated to participate in any of it. Whether you want to be there to vote on the passage of every bill in the Pocket World Assembly, or just hang out and talk with some people, you can choose how your stay in our islands goes.

Last but not least, our region is still small, so you can get a unique opportunity to shape the growth of this region into something we can all be proud of. Hopefully you can see why our region is worth joining. Remember, Grand Pacifica is here for you!

-Best of luck on your adventure through NationStates,
Pocket World Assembly President Yondora
Pocket World Assembly Vice President/Co-Founder Ecania
Founder Hanatono

Regional General Announcement Telegram Template
Purpose: Used by officers to alert all region members of various news and important information, with the notable exception of the passage of Pocket World Assembly Resolutions.

The following is an official announcement from the Pocket World Assembly Regional Government.

Hello residents of Grand Pacifica!

The purpose of this telegram is to inform you of %%INSERTANNOUNCEMENT%%

-Thanks for your time, %%YOURGOVERNMENTPOSITION%% [nation]%%YOURNAMEHERE%%[/nation]

PWA Compliance Commission Telegram Template
Purpose: Mostly for role play purposes to mimic the World Assembly Compliance Commission telegrams WA members get whenever a proposal passes. I, Hanatono, will probably take care of using this template, I'm only putting it here for completeness sake.

The Pocket World Assembly wishes to notify you of the passage of a resolution to %%NAMEOFRESOLUTION%%.