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Grand Pacifica Code of Conduct

I try to run Grand Pacifica different than the mainstream regions, with a more laidback style of running to place. But still, even our region has rules. Unlike Pocket WA resolutions, which are just roleplay, these rules are enforced. The code of conduct should have already been outlined in the welcome telegram that was sent to you when your nation first moved in. You are expected to follow these rules at all times.

I. When using the Regional Message Board, anything posted should have more than one sentence. If it doesn't, edit your previous post instead. In other words, DON'T SPAM. I understand that this is not always possible, and this is the one rule I will be lenient with.

II. Please, just be respectful, it isn't that hard. Making jokes is perfectly fine, just remember, what you consider as a joke may be considered offensive by the nation you are joking about.

III. I honestly hope this never becomes a problem, but harassment won't be tolerated. I don't care if you thought it was a joke. If you happen to ever be harassed, please inform NationStates moderators and me, [nation]Hanatono[/nation].

IV. Be civil with what you are posting. Stuff like adult content or drugs or whatnot doesn't fly here. There are no exceptions to this rule you will get either an eject or ban.

V. If an officer, tells you to stop, say spamming the RMB, just listen, don't disrespect them. Doing that will just land you into more trouble. If you are told to stop, just stop.

VI. Don't impersonate the Founder, the Pocket WA President, or any of the officers. Seriously. We already have enough Hanatono clones and Pepsi nations.

If there is an obvious loophole in these rules that I missed, send me a telegram so I can fill it in.

[b][color=red]Failure to comply with these rules will result in various punishments that are at the Founder or PWA President's discretion, ranging from removal from government positions to a full ban.[/color][/b]